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World Conquest Test Event Results

Test Event Results

First off, we want to thank everyone for participating in the first of many World Conquest test events. The test event is currently winding down and if it does not conclude on it's own, then we will be suspending it by the end of the day (as part of our originally planned Monday re-evaluation). Remember that since this is was a test, the results should not be based on who won or lost the war, but on what we learned about what works and what doesn't in World Conquest.

We had roughly 2000 players participate and we we're able to gather invaluable data that will help us build World Conquest and One World. While there were several technical issues, the 2-3 day long test validated much of our back end server architecture and has given us the foundation to push forward with more World Conquest features in the coming weeks and months. Remember that the reason why we run these tests in such a raw state is to accelerate the development of World Conquest and to gather data to make better design decisions.

Top Known Issues

Here are some of the top issues that negatively impacted the test. This isn't an exhaustive list of all issues.

  • Spawn Points were broken on T2+ bases that were rebuilt

  • Starter Garrisoned Houses weren't active, potentially throwing off early game balance

  • Starter bases were unintentionally stocked with HE Grenades, potentially throwing off early game balance

  • Port Base Bunkers had incorrect health values (they were too weak) and this allowed the enemy to overrun them

  • Some players were spawned in as Colonials instead of Wardens after selecting Wardens on the faction select screen

How To Give Feedback

We are currently collecting feedback so that we can begin work in another iteration. The best way you can contribute is to leave your feedback on the #wc-formal-feedback channel on Discord OR on this Reddit thread.

What's Next?

The development team has worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to deliver World Conquest V1. We are going to be evaluating all the feedback tomorrow and will hopefully be able to deliver the next version as soon as possible. Stay tuned!


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