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Code of Conduct

  • Do not team kill, grief, or intentionally harm your own team in any way
  • Do not harass, threaten, or personally attack the development team or other players
  • Do not use hateful or offensive language
  • Do not use communication tools for purposes other than gameplay
       This encompasses icons displayed on the map. Violations may result in the removal of structures by moderators without warning.
  • Do not exploit bugs, modify the game client, or use external tools to gain an unfair advantage

        This encompasses things such as input broadcasting tools. Mods that do not provide the player an unfair advantage are not included                   in this rule.

  • Do not use alternate accounts to join the opposing faction or gain an unfair advantage
  • Do not abuse the in-game reporting tools

        For example, falsely reporting players.​

  • ​Do not attempt to circumvent account suspensions (bans)
Breach of code may result in a ban without warning. Bans are issued at the sole discretion of the development team. All incidents are investigated on a case-by-case basis.


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