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Last updated on June 16th, 2023
Does the game have moderation?

There is a dedicated moderation team at Siege Camp that responds to player reports submitted through the in-game interface or browser. Players that are found to be in violation of the code of conduct will be issued a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the action.

While our moderation system isn't perfect and we can't guarantee we'll catch every violating player, we have invested heavily in back end tools and analytics to aid moderators when investigating reports. As part of our regular development cycle, we are constantly developing new tools and processes to reduce griefing and other malicious behaviour in Foxhole.

If a reported player is found to be in violation of the code of conduct. What kind of punishment can they expect?

Bans can range anywhere from a 24h suspension to permanent ban. Any player that is found to be cheating or violating the code of conduct through an alternate account will be issued a permanent ban without chance for appeal.

I heard that malicious players can't be permanently banned from Foxhole. Is this true?

Permanent bans are 100% issued for severe enough infractions or repeat violations.

I heard that the developers are ok with alternate accounts violations because it results in more sales. Is this true?

The cost of moderation and griefing far outweights any gain from additional sales that may come from alternate accounts. Besides the cost of maintaining a moderation team, a significant amount of development time and effort is spent on maintaining and improving tools and processes. The amount of sales gained from the alternate accounts is a tiny fraction in comparison. 

Does the game have anti-cheat?

Cheating is a constant back and forth battle between game developers and malicious users. While there are no perfect solutions (even big AAA games haven't completely solved this), we employ a variety of techniques to mitigate cheating including VAC integration and other behind the scenes tools that are hidden from players. When combined with our moderation team's efforts, we have been able to successfully identify and ban many malicious users. We understand that players want to know more details about what happens behind the scenes, but unfortunately the more details that are exposed, the higher the chance that malicious users can circumvent our anti-cheat systems.

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