What is Foxhole all about?

Foxhole's goal is to make players truly feel like they are working together to direct the outcome of an open ended war. Some games have attempted to pull this off in the past, but many of the have been hindered by gameplay affecting micro-transactions or mechanics that hold the player's hands too much, resulting in wars that feel artificial instead of truly organic and player driven. Our mission is to be uncompromising in delivering this experience.


In Foxhole, hundreds of players coordinate in large scale operations over the course of days and even weeks. We want players to be setting up supply lines, executing missions behind enemy lines, and banding together to defend key strategic locations throughout the world. Players are free to play any role they can imagine on the battlefield without the restrictions of a prefabricated loadout. From a field medic to a logistics officer or simply a front line soldier, players should be able to inhabit any role they desire on the battlefield. 


These ideas are extremely ambitious, but we are confident that we can achieve them if we work together with the player community over the long term.

When will the full game be released?

Foxhole is currently available on Steam "Early Access" which you can find here. Given the ambitious goals we have for Foxhole, we imagine it will be quite a long time before we're ready for a "full release".

Will the game be pay to win?

We'd rather shut down the project than introduce any form of pay to win mechanics.

Is the game really going to have a single shard universe?

This is the long term goal for us. In the meantime, we may have to settle with multiple "universes" if our technology isn't ready to support having all players in the same shard. So it depends on how many people are playing the game, and the state of our networking technology.

How many players will be supported in the full game?

Our goal is to support as many simultaneous players as we can and we believe that we can reach several hundred with our current technology. Eventually, our dream is to support way more of this (in Foxhole or a future project), but we aren't focusing too much on this problem until we have the player population to justify it.

What platforms will be supported?

We are focusing first on Windows PC. In the further future we may consider other platforms like Mac, Linux, and consoles.

Where do I go if I have a problem with another player in game?

Read this post for our Code of Conduct here.

What is the developer's vision for Foxhole?

Keep in mind this document was written almost 4 years ago, and has not been edited since then. This has, is, and always will be the vision for Foxhole. The GREEN text is Foxhole's vision. The RED text beside it is what we are most willing to trade-off to achieve that goal.



Does Foxhole have Single Player?

Foxhole is an online multiplayer sandbox war game. The design is such that it simply couldn't work in a single player setting.

Can you play with bots?

There are no bots in Foxhole. Part of the core philosophy of the game is that everything you see was created, manufactured and built by players. We are committed to delivering the best possible version of that experience. 

Do you need to play with friends, or can you play alone?

There are plenty of opportunities for a lone player to make a huge impact on the war effort. We recommend using the in-game voice chat to communicate with players on the fly, ask questions about the current state of the war in chat, and if you really want to find people to play with, there's no shortage of players at all times on our official discord which you can find here. 

Do I have to craft my guns to use them? I just want to shoot on the front line!

Absolutely not! If crafting and logistics is not your thing, that's okay! Weapons are mass produced, so there's always weapons available at Town Halls and Outposts for use. Feel free to grab what you need and head to the front line! 

World & Theme
Does the game take place in WWI or WWII?

Neither. While the game is inspired by early 20th century warfare, weapons and tactics, the game is set in an alternate universe and is entirely fictional. 

To be clear, our goal is not to make a WWI/WWII simulator, but rather to make the player feel like they are fighting a war where the combat and strategies are grounded in the world wars.

Who are the Wardens and Colonials? Do they represent the Allies or Axis from WW2?

The Wardens and Colonials are fictional factions from the alternate universe that Foxhole takes place in. They are not representative of any nation/group from real history and neither faction serves as the "good guys" or "bad guys" in the world.

Is there a story in Foxhole?

While there isn't a narrative story mode to follow along while you play, the world is rich and complex. The history of the world of Foxhole is hidden across the world contextually.

Developer Livestream FAQ

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that have appeared during the Developer Livestream. Catch us on alternating Tuesdays at 2PM EST at http://www.twitch.tv/foxholegame.

Livestream Questions and Answers

Uniforms, role bonuses, custom clothing.

Uniforms are coming to Foxhole at some point in the future. We have some of the systems already in place for this to be implemented, we’re just getting around to it. However what kind of role/benefits these uniforms will play in the game is still being decided.

Will Foxhole ever be Free-to-Play, or incorporate some form of micro-transactions?

It is one of the core tenets of the game that you should only pay once and play forever. We may look into doing some kind of free-weekend, but that’s all. More on this in our general FAQ.

Foxhole T-shirts and clothing:

We do sometimes have a T-Shirt or two stowed behind the table at our trade shows like PAX East and West… no promises though! Or you can buy them by visiting the merch store here.

What time period is Foxhole set in?

An alternate timeline! We try not to be too specific, and instead let players piece it together using the many clues sprinkled around the world. More on this in our general FAQ.

You gave us player profiles, but where’s my character progression?

We don’t want to implement any kind of progression that gives one player an innate advantage over the other. We want it to be that the only way to gain a clear advantage over your enemies… is to work with your team. Expect any progression system we implement to reflect that.

I’d really like to see my Kill/Death ratio, and other relevant stats.

We do track a lot of statistics in all of the ongoing wars, but we have to make sure the ones we show will encourage the right kind of behaviour. Amount healed, scrap mined, or trucks built are all great. Something like a Kill/Death ratio is a hard no.

How do you feel about classes and roles for each individual player?

Foxhole is a sandbox game, so we don’t want players to feel shoehorned into pre-set loadouts… even popular ones. In our vision, we want players to constantly re-evaluate their loadout for the situation at hand.

Plans to increase the player limit?

We want to! But there are risks. Every time we increase the player limit we increase the strain on some players’ lower-end systems, and the network, and the servers! That’s why the last few times we’ve increased the player count, it was only by an incremental amount. More on this in our general FAQ.

Support for Clans or player groups.

We want to support players working together as much as possible. First we want to implement squad tools more completely, then we’ll look at making these player groups distinguishable from their peers.

Mod Support?

Maybe… we’ll see!

Livestream Frequently Suggested

Trains when?

Trains are definitely coming to Foxhole, but there is no timeline yet. We would not consider Foxhole complete without trains.

Planes, Paratroopers, call-in bombing runs.

Right now it’s way too early to start conceptualizing how this will work in Foxhole.

Dragging wounded soldiers

We think this adds a lot of value to combat in the game. Really cool idea. We’d like to implement this, it’s just a matter of finding the time.

Urban-environment map

We need to do a revamp of the existing towns first, then we can explore the possibility of an urban map. Expect to see this, though.

Vehicle insignia’s and customization

I am certain the artists in our community would love this. Still a long way off though.

Flamethrowers, Flares, Flashlights, and Searchlights.

These would be amazing, but if we do ever get around to implementing these items, we would want to make sure they get implemented correctly, and not as some tacked-on feature.

Weather effects

We’ve been wanting this for ages. But it might add some undue strain on lower-end systems so it needs to be done with careful consideration.

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