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War #11 Lifecycle

Throughout the Early Access period, there's going to be times when we have to intervene with the lifecycle of a war. The current Conquest has gone on much longer than we anticipated, which has caused a two week long delay in the release of the 0.15 Update. As a result, we are going to be making some adjustments that will impact the remaining length of the war. The changes are listed below. After the war ends, we will be rolling out 0.15 and all the quality of life changes that come with it. Our goal is to minimize the amount of intervention we have in wars in the future.

On the bright side, it's exciting that wars are able to last this long. This now gives us the ceiling we need to extend the Tech Tree in the future with a lot more end game content! Imagine the possibility of high end super weapons becoming available at this late stage of a war. We're looking forward to the opportunities that long wars like this will enable in the future.

Changes to War #11 Conquest

1) Starting Thursday July 19th, we will be increasing the Garrison Size growth rate by 3x.

2) Starting Friday July 20th, we will be reducing the # of required victory towns to win the Conquest by 1 per day. The required # of victory towns will not drop below three more than that claimed by the faction with more victory towns at the moment.


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