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Foxhole Localization Plan

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

We are looking to translate Foxhole into five languages, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese. Due to the breadth of content and constantly evolving nature of Foxhole, we will be tackling translations with both a third party translation company and the international Foxhole player community.

We will be using Crowdin for the translations, an online translation tool that allows you to submit translations and review what other people have submitted, that has been used by many prominent game such as Rust, Minecraft and Eco.

Through a Reddit-style voting system the best translations can be highlighted and proofread by selected proof-readers. Crowdin also provides us and said proof-readers tools to assure the translations are accurate and relevant to the context of the game.

We have included already a portion of translations that has been done by a separate third party company that specializes in game localization. We have done this on a trial basis and will review it as a viable alternative to crowd-sourced localization. It is our hope that this two-pronged approach will provide us with the most insight into a sustainable solution to our evolving localization requirements.

How do I get involved?

If you fluently speak one of the aforementioned languages and want to help please read through this rundown of the Crowdin layout here then sign up and join the Foxhole project here.

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