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Update 56 Release Schedule

Pre-Patch War

To facilitate the release of Update 56, a Pre-Patch War will commence on Thursday, March 28 at 1PM ET and run until Monday, April 1st. The goal of the Pre-Patch War will be to perform stress testing on the update and online infrastructure in the live environment ahead of the official release. The Pre-Patch War will have unique starting conditions and a significantly accelerated Tech Tree progression.

Release & War 112 Start

The full Update 56 release and War 112 start will be on Tuesday, April 2nd at 1PM ET. Additional bug fixes and changes may be applied before the full release.


Wednesday, March 27th

  • ABLE shard will be taken offline

  • Update 56 Pre-Patch will be deployed to the live environment

  • PREPATCH shard will come online in Resistance Phase

Thursday, March 28th @ 1PM ET

  • Pre-Patch War will commence at 1PM ET on PREPATCH shard

Monday, April 1st

  • The Victory Town requirement will be reduced until one side is victorious in the Pre-Patch War

  • PREPATCH shard will be taken offline

  • ABLE shard will be brought back online in Resistance Phase

Tuesday, April 2nd @ 1PM ET

  • War 112 will commence at 1PM ET on ABLE shard


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