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Update 50 Dev Branch Phase 1

Updated: Sep 14, 2022


Dev Branch is an experimental build that contains bugs and unfinished features. Please read the TESTING NOTES below to get a feel for things in the build that are known to be missing OR broken.

How to get the build

  • Go to the BETAS tab on the Foxhole Steam Properties window and select "devbranch -".

  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab and click "Verify Integrity of game files...".

  • On the "Join War" screen, select "DevBranch" from the drop down at the top right corner of the screen


  • Please post any bug reports or feedback to the devbranch-bugs and devbranch-feedback channels on the Foxhole Discord. Do not report bugs that are already known issues. Release notes will be updated as new builds are applied to the branch. Thank you!


This Dev Branch will be rolled out in phases. Only content and changes related to Phase 1 are listed in these notes. Do not test or give feedback on content that isn't included in these notes. Read our Dev Branch Details post for more information.

IMPORTANT: Before beginning to test, please read our Devblog, which gives an overview on how Facilities gameplay works

The following release notes are preliminary and in draft form. Some features/changes will change or be omitted before final release.

Known Issues

  • Visual effects are missing for building fires spreading due to wind.

  • Train movement might be choppy for some clients.

  • Trains are not destroyed when underlying Tracks are destroyed.

  • Building foundations over water has unresolved bugs and may not work properly.

New Features

  • Facilities

    • A new logistics player activity that allows players to construct industrial bases. Read our latest Devblog for more details.

  • Gravel

    • Resource used for building Roads and Foundations.

    • Refined at logistics towns Refineries using Coal.

  • Provisional Roads

    • A temporary road used to enable vehicle access between main roads and remote bases.

  • Foundations

    • A foundation for building out areas suitable for Facilities construction.

  • Construction Materials

    • Construction Materials are the most basic Facility resource. It will be used to construct basic Facility buildings and can be further refined into more advanced resources as Facilities progress.

    • Water Pumps are used to collect Water to be used in Facility recipes. Water Pumps can be placed at any body of water.

    • Salvage and Coal Harvesters can be constructed at their respective resource fields to automatically harvest resource nodes.

  • New Resources

    • Coal fields have been added and Oil fields have been reworked. Both resource fields are used in Facilities production and power generation.

  • Materials Factory

    • Used to create Construction Materials. Can be modified to produce additional materials.

  • Light Vehicle Assembly Station

    • Allows production of a wide variety of vehicles and equipment. Production can takes time and can be halted if resources are depleted. Some variants require a base vehicle to be present on the Assembly Station before production can be begin.

  • Diesel Power Plant

    • Generates a small amount of power from Diesel.

  • Power Pole

    • Used to connect Power Lines together. Up to 4 Power Lines can be attached to a singe pole.

  • Coal Refinery

    • This Facility refines Coal into other useful materials for the purposes of production and power generation.

  • Oil Refinery

    • This Facility refines Oil into other useful materials for the purposes of production and power generation.

  • Transfer Stations

    • Resource Transfer Stations can store raw resources for importing and exporting.

    • Liquid Transfer Stations can store Fuels for importing and exporting.

    • Material Transfer Stations can store Large Materials for importing and exporting.

  • Fuel Changes

    • Fuel Tankers have had their fuel holding capacity decreased as a part of the balancing for Power in Facilities. Fuel Tankers no longer stack Fuel items but have had their inventory capacity increased from 2 to 25.

      • Note: To minimize the impact this change will have on the economy, we have reduced the input requirements of Salvage, Sulfur, and Component mines. As a result it should now be possible to keep these mines fuelled without player interaction for a longer period of time. In addition, all vehicles have had their fuel consumption rates reduced by 50% (meaning vehicles can drive twice as far on a full tank). Lastly, Players will be able to produce Petrol at their facilities and be much more abundant, but will require more effort to move around.

    • World Resource Mines have had their Diesel consumption greatly reduced to account for the reduction of Fuel transport capabilities. This means that mines will produce the same amount of resources but will need to be refuelled less.

    • Engine Room Bunker Modifications have had their Diesel consumption halved to account for the reduction of Fuel transport capabilities.

    • Fuel Containers

      • Stores a high volume liquids, supporting a variety of fuel types. Nearby structures or vehicles can be refuelled directly from this container.

  • Fire System

    • Flamethrowers will be available in handheld and vehicle mounted variants.

    • Lit buildings can reach a Blazing state. Once this state is reached surrounding buildings have a chance to catch on fire. The impacted area is influenced by the wind direction.

    • Accurate Flamethrower bursts on players will set them on fire.

    • Many of the buildings in the world can be burnt, including Garrison Houses and Bunker Bases. Extinguishing fires can be done by throwing Water on fires with Water Buckets. Water Buckets can be filled from any body of water, including from wells in towns.

    • Some lighter vehicles can be burnt and destroyed by Flamethrowers.

  • Train System

    • Tracks are placed by players via the build menu. Tracks can be manipulated with the right mouse button and the scroll wheel, allowing for players to change the direction and elevation. Railways can be constructed across Region borders by placing Tracks near the Region border. The Track will appear on the neighbouring Region border.

    • All maps have been reviewed and Train Bridges have been added in strategic locations.

    • If Train Cars are closed enough to one another they can be coupled by going between the two Cars and pressing E.

    • Negotiate rail yards with Track branches controlled by switches. Switches are automatically placed a branch is broken off from an existing Track.

    • Several types of Train Cars have been added for transporting resources, crates of supplies and for combat purposes.

  • Small Trains

    • Small Trains are short-distance locomotives that are efficient for resource collection and material distribution within a Facility.

    • BMS Mineseeker

      • Class: Small Train Locomotive

      • The Mineseeker is the Bassett Motor Society’s mechanized mule. This small 0-4-0 locomotive can haul tonnes of weight over short distances with little overhead. Ideal for a mining operation or short-range supply chains.

    • BMS Railtruck

      • Class: Small Container Car

      • A low profile flatbed car for transporting large resources and munitions over short distances on small gauge tracks.

    • BMS Linerunner

      • Class: Small Flatbed Car

      • A small gauge container car for transporting raw materials.

New Vehicles.

  • T14 “Vesta” Tankette

    • Class: Tankette

    • Faction: Colonial

    • The first T-class tankette to utilize this sturdier frame and versatile treads, the Vesta also represents the Velian’s first foray into fire weapons. The “Vesta” boasts a light flame turret and ample storage for the additional fuel supply required.

  • O’Brien v.130 Wild Jack

    • Class: Armoured Car

    • Faction: Warden

    • While the Noble Firebrand Mk. XVII is a deadly flamethrower tank, a more efficient means of employing flame weapons was needed. Enter the Wild Jack. Named for the fiery idols made by children for Dead Harvest, the Wild Jack is a variation of the Highlander.

New Emplacements.

  • DAE 1b-2 “Serra”

    • Faction: Colonial

    • Built like a saw blade, the DAE 1b-2 emplacement gun is fitted with three cascading machine gun turrets. What the Serra lacks in power, it makes up for in sheer rate of fire for a weapon of its size.

New Content.

  • Fuel Container

    • Faction: Neutral

    • Stores various types of fuel including Heavy Oil, Petrol, and Crude Oil.

  • Willow's Bane Model 845

    • Class: Flamethrower

    • Faction: Warden

    • Named for the unfortunate trees harmed in the development of this highly destructive weapon, the Willow's Bane utilizes flammable chemicals and fires them into a concentrated stream through an open flame. This liquid flame ignites Colonial emplacements and garrisons to route infantry while reducing their defences to a pile of ash.

  • "Molten Wind" v.II Flame Torch

    • Class: Flamethrower

    • Faction: Colonial

    • Using a deadly mix of flammable gasses and chemical compounds, the "Molten Wind" is the Colonial Legion's most devastating infantry weapon. Employing ancient techniques, Mesean chemists developed a technique to stabilize and weaponize liquid flames, which quickly transform any flammable structure into a raging inferno.

  • Water Bucket

    • Produced at the Factory and used to put out fires

    • Can be refilled at bodies of water or wells

    • Can also be refilled using Water resource item

  • Storage Rooms (repurposed from Ammunition Room)

    • Can store a wider variety of Large Items including: Metal Beams, Sandbags, Barbed Wire, Tripods, Tripod Weapons, Artillery Shells, and other ammo types.

Balance Changes.

  • All vehicle variants have been removed from the Garage and are now made at player facilities.

Gameplay Changes.

  • Material Pallets are now constructed empty at the Construction Yards or Facilities.

  • Material Pallets now serve the role of transporting Facility Materials and heavy ordinance.

  • Small Shipping Containers have been removed from the game.

    • Note: When we shipped Entrenched a year ago the Small Shipping Container was added (and the Shipping Container 50% capacity was increased) as a temporary solution to a transport problem that we had always intended to resolve with trains. Now that we’re finally here, the Small Shipping Container is being removed (but the Shipping Container buff is remaining). Pallets will instead be used to make direct deliveries from player facilities to the frontline. This will include certain hard-to-move items such as 120mm, 150mm, 250mm, and 300mm Ammo types, as well as some new ones. For more details on this decision please read the Devblog

  • Sandbag, Metal Beam, and Barbed Wire materials can no longer be produced at the Construction Yard. Players will instead be able to produce them at Facilities, and in crates at Factories.

    • These crates can then be submitted to material pallets for easier transport.

  • Bunker base add-ons cost Sandbag, Barbed Wire, and Metal Beam materials again.

  • The old Crude Oil has been removed from the game as it has been replaced with the Oil item.


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