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Update 55 Dev Branch Released

Updated: Dec 1, 2023


Dev Branch is an experimental build that contains bugs and unfinished features. Please read the TESTING NOTES below to get a feel for things in the build that are known to be missing or broken.

How to get the build

  • Go to the BETAS tab on the Foxhole Steam Properties window and select "devbranch"

  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab and click "Verify Integrity of game files..."

  • On the "Join War" screen, select "DevBranch" from the drop down at the top right corner of the screen.


  • Please post any bug reports or feedback to the devbranch-bugs and devbranch-feedback channels on the Foxhole Discord. Do not report bugs that are already known issues. Release notes will be updated as new builds are applied to the branch. Thank you!

Known Issues

Release Notes

IMPORTANT: The following release notes are preliminary and in draft form. Some features/changes will change or be omitted before final release.

Orange bullet points are new as of the latest devbranch update.

New Features

  • Tabs within some UIs, such as the Build Menu or Factory UI, can now be cycled with A and D.

Balance Changes

  • Resources from sorting Wreckage has been adjusted to increase the number of Refined Materials provided.

  • Advanced Coal Liquefier Modification cost reduced from 65 to 40 Steel Construction Materials

  • Coastal Guns now require a Construction Vehicle to build.

  • T5 "Percuito" cost changed from 5 Processed Construction Materials to 10 Construction Materials.

  • O'brien V. 101 Freeman

    • Health increased from 1000 to 1250

    • Reload speed decreased from 5.5s to 5s.

  • O'Brien v.190 Knave health increased from 1000 to 1250

  • Niska Mk. II Blinder has been reseparated from the Niska Mk. I Gun Motor Carriage Tech.

  • Ignifist 30 damage increased from 325 to 375.

  • Bomastone Grenade damage decreased from 150 to 125

  • Green Ash crate size reduced from 10 to 5

  • AEON Rocket

    • Health increased from 1500 to 3600

    • Armour type improved from Tier 2 to Tier 3.

      • Dev Note: This is referring to the Rocket that is assembled at the A0E-9 Rocket Platform not the Platform itself.

  • 85K-b "Falchion"

    • Health increased from 3000 to 3650

    • Armour Health increased by ~40%.

  • 85K-a "Spatha"

    • Health increased from 3000 to 3650

    • Armour Health increased by ~23%.

    • Reload speed decreased from 5s to 3s.

    • Firing duration decreased from 2s to 1.5s.

  • 85V-G "Talos"

    • Health increased from 3250 to 4000

    • Armour Health increased by ~13%.

    • Ammo capacity increased from 5 to 12.

  • Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II

    • Health increased from 2700 to 2950

    • Armour Health increased by 10%

    • Refined Material cost reduced from 165 to 150

    • Tier upgrade cost decreased from 465 to 450 Processed Construction Materials

  • Gallagher Highwayman Mk. III

    • Health increased from 2700 to 2950

    • Armour Health increased by 10%

    • Tier upgrade cost decreased from 480 to 465 Processed Construction Materials

  • Gallagher Thornfall Mk. VI

    • Health increased from 2400 to 2650

    • Armour Health increased by 10%

  • Silverhand Lordscar Mk. X ammo capacity increased from 6 to 12.

  • 945G "Stygian Bolt" added a High Velocity modifier of 50%.

  • Balfour Stockade 75mm added a High Velocity modifier of 35%.

  • Nakki Class Submarine Battery Charge consumed whilst submerged decreased from 0.14 to 0.1

  • Moray Torpedo moved from Heavy Arms to Heavy Ammo category.

Gameplay Changes

  • Crane arms are now obstructed from picking up or putting down shippables through the Bulwark.

  • Shippables transported by a BMS - Packmule Flatbed or BMS Longrider are now destroyed when the vehicle is destroyed.

    • The following Shippables are excluded from this rule: Fuel Container, Material Pallet, Resource Container, Shipping Container

  • The Engine Reversal mechanic for all Large Ships, excluding the Nakki Class Submairne, has been improved to more dramatically affect the turn rate of a ship in motion.

  • Titan Class Battleship rudder size has been increased which will increase base turn rate by ~33%.

  • Metalworks Factory Recycler modification

    • New recipe

      • Costs 15 Construction Materials, 1 Metal Beam, 10L Heavy Oil, and 8MW of Power.

      • Outputs 1 Processed Construction Material.

    • Modification cost increased from 25 to 150 Construction Materials.

    • Metal Beam recipe removed.

  • Materials Factory Assembly Bay modification now has a Metal Beam recipe similar to the Sandbag and Barbed Wire recipes.

  • Coal Refinery Coal Liquefier modification Concrete recipe now also produces 10 Sulfur.

  • Coal Refinery Advanced Coal Liquefier modification now has a new recipe

    • Costs 300 Coal, 100L Water, and 6MW of Power.

    • Outputs 1 Concrete, 15 Sulfur, and 100L Oil.

Map Changes

  • The Clahstra:

    • Added a Rail Bridge west of Watchful Nave.

  • Morgen's Crossing:

    • Added a Shipyard to Lividus.

  • Origin:

    • The western coastline has been reworked to allow more space for ship movements.

    • Moved Initium Pre-Placed Tracks to run along the south-western road instead of along the beach.

  • Tempest Island:

    • Port town moved from Liar's Haven to The Iris to match Eidolo in Fisherman's Row.

Other Changes

  • Build Site Ghosts are now rotated to the player's camera orientation when selecting a structure from the Build Menu.

  • All gunner positions now show remaining ammo in the vehicle's inventory to be consistent with tank cannons.

  • Nakki Class Submarine's driver now receives low or empty battery warnings referring to Battery Charge instead of Fuel when the batteries are in use.

  • Improvements have been made to the Shippables section of UI within vehicles that can carry Shippables.

    • When hovering over an Empty Shippables Slot a tooltip is shown informing the player a Shippable can be stored.

    • A tooltip for the Shippables section has been added explaining what Shippables are.

    • The quantity of Shippables that a vehicle can store is now shown.

  • Entering a friendly vehicle with a recently disconnected driver removes the post-disconnect protections on the vehicle.

  • Vehicles in Post-Recovery Mode or protected by a recently disconnected driver can no longer be Wrenched by enemies.

  • Maximum build distance has been increased from 14m to 18m.

    • This allows Navy Piers to be easily constructed to their full length.

  • Improved Navy Pier placement logic.

  • Blumfield LK205 spawns are now rotated so the exit position is unobstructed. This will reduce cases of players become stuck when the Blumfield LK205 is frozen.

  • Player and vehicle temperature will now return to normal when outside of a Snowstorm.

  • Physics simulation improvements.

  • Region Event Log timestamps now show days for logs over a day old.

  • Build Ghosts can no longer be placed when the player is on the deck of a ship, excluding deployables.

  • Players that are AFK in a Region that is queued by friendlies will be kicked after a period of time.

  • Transferring a shippable from a vehicle crane to a BMS - Bluefin now opens up the UI

Bug Fixes

  • Localisation language is reset to the OS language the player has selected when launching the game.

  • Aegis Steelbreaker K5A and O'Brien Warsmith V.215 subsystems cannot be disabled.

  • Neutral Garrisons found at the start of the war prompt the player to mount garrisonable windows with Q.

  • Neutral Garrisons found at the start of the war shoot at either team.

  • Silverhand Lordscar Mk. X front external hitbox is inaccurate.

  • UV-24 "Icarus"'s gunner uses a rifle firing animation.

  • Destroyed Train Bridges have incorrect textures in some areas.

  • A0E-9 Rocket Booster has hard edges when damaged.

  • Concrete Bridges destroy vehicles when the bridge is destroyed.

  • Minimum order size is not enforced on some Mass Production Factory categories.

  • BMS - Bluefin has some propeller and rudder animation issues.

  • BMS - Bluefin creates a hole in the water to the side of the ship when the rear is flooding.

  • Nakki Class Submarine has some interior parts slightly clipping outside of the vehicle.

  • Female characters' right arm becomes fractured at best, broken at worst, when carrying a Large Item.

  • Players are able to stand in unexpected areas of Type C - "Charon" and 74b-1 Ronan Gunship.

  • "F to cycle ammo" is still present on Engineer seats.

  • Nakki Class Submarine is missing rudder, propeller, and dive plane animations.

  • Ship and Rocket Shippables are in the incorrect tab in the Maintenance Tunnel.

  • 120-68 "Koronides" Field Gun reload animation has some issues.

  • Gravel refunded by demolishing Foundations is put underground in some cases.

  • AB-11 "Doru" MG plays two SFX when firing.

  • Field Weapons can be pushed into Bunker pieces.

  • AU-A150 Taurine Rigger's track movement animation is too slow.

  • BMS - Bluefin Spotter can switch to front MG positions unintentionally.

  • The driver of the Nakki Class Submarine cannot hear sonar pings.

  • Field Bridges and Navy Piers do not check for angle restrictions in some cases.

  • Observing a player climbing up a ladder on a moving Large Ship does not synch the observed player's position with the true position of the ladder.

  • An Emplacement cannot be packaged if an occupant is killed.

  • AEON Rocket launch timer is not paused during Recovery Mode.

  • Power Poles and Power Switches have Stockpile Logs.

  • Maintenance Status tooltips is Bases refers to Small Garrison.

  • SMGs reloaded whilst prone does not animate the right hand, and both hands become detached from the arms.

  • KRN886-127 Gast Machine Gun and Malone MK.2 produce a muzzle flash and smoke too far from the end of the barrel.

  • KRN886-127 Gast Machine Gun is too far forward when held whilst standing.

  • Catara mo.II produces no shell casings whilst firing.

  • Bane 45 standing reload animation pushes the shield through the player's head.

    • Dev Note: it is known that this still happens on the crouched reload animation.

Map Bug Fixes

  • Allods Bight:

    • There is a terrain spike north of Mercy's Wail.

  • Callum's Cape:

    • There is a hole between the road and canal wall leading down to the Seaport in Callum's Keep.

  • Drowned Vale:

    • There are some stuck spots along rocks north of Singing Serpents.

  • Endless Shore:

    • The landmass around Brackish Point and Sídhe Fall was too low, meaning some craters act as if they're filled with water.

    • Sídhe Fall Relic Base is floating slightly.

    • Old Jack Tar Relic Base is sunken slightly.

  • Kalokai:

    • Baccae Ridge Shipyard has a rock beneath it that can be obstructive to boats.

  • The Moors:

    • Visual effects are inappropriately placed above Morrighan's Grave Town Hall.

  • Morgen's Crossing:

    • The Bastard Sea Road Bridge has a stuck spot on the south.

  • Stonecradle:

    • Pebbles are floating in two spots at Daihbi Point.

  • Warden Home Region:

    • BMS - Grouper spawns in the Naval Training area are Colonial when spawned.

Dev Branch Specific Bug Fixes


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