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Update 45 Release Notes

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Release Notes

New Content

■ Silverhand Chieftan - MK. VI

○ Class: Assault Tank

○ Faction: Warden

○ The Chieftan assault tank is fitted with asymmetrical armaments, including a 250mm mortar cannon and a twin-barreled 12.7mm turret.

■ HC-2 "Scorpion"

○ Class: Light Infantry Tank

○ Faction: Colonial

○ The "Scorpion" HC-class tank is a moderately armoured infantry support vehicle with twin, high-powered heavy machine guns and short-ranged radios for improved intelligence support. In addition, exterior seating is available for infantry.

Gameplay Changes

■ The majority of combat vehicles have been drastically balanced.

○ Health values have been reduced.

○ Armour values have been increased.

○ Deflections do not degrade tank armour.

■ Armoured vehicle visuals now dynamically change according to the status of tank armour, giving players more feedback on penetration chances.

■ Increased the chance of incapacitating soldiers deteriorating into critically wounded soldiers.

○ Getting shot again while incapacitated can now result in the player becoming critically wounded instead of killing them outright. ○ Reduced the number of soldier supplies generated by critically wounded soldiers at hospitals (quantity over quality).

■ Armoured vehicles mitigates demolition damage.

■ Abisme AT-99 (AT mines) damage has been reduced.

■ BF5 White Ash Flash Grenade and Anti-Tank Sticky bomb damages have been reduced.

■ New resource: Wreckage can now be found and returned to a refinery for sorting.

■ O'brien v. 110 cost reduced from 45 to 35 refined materials. ■ H-8 "Kranesca" cost increase from 145 to 160 refined materials.

■ Bunker Base's Garrison AT turret damage increased. ■ 14.5mm ammo has been removed from the game. All associated weapons now reload using 12.7mm and are considered high velocity turrets to maintain their current weapon damage values.

■ All field weapon forward ballistic shields have been elevated to prevent the occupants from getting shot from the front on flat terrain.

■ Vehicles will warm slowly in garages, at seaports, storage depots, and shipyards.

■ Noble Widow MK XIV can now reverse up hill. ■ When entering the commander seat of a vehicle: the player will start with the hatch closed to prevent getting shot.

■ Tier 3 Garrison House, Relic Base, and Seaport anti tank damage increased.

■ Diesel and Petrol item weight now accounts for how much fuel is left in the can.

■ Garrison and Bunker Supply production times reduced to mitigate clogging of the Factory.

■ Ignifist 30 assembly time reduced.

■ Ignifist 30 movement penalty reduced.

■ Both Bonesaw’s penetration chance increased.

Map Changes

■ Salt March in Marban Hollow has been renamed to The Claim. ■ Kofteri Channel renamed to Lion's Head in Oarbreaker Isles and has been moved beyond a bridge to the West.

Other Changes

■ U is a new hotkey to toggle voice chat on or off. This keybind can be changed in the options menu.

■ V is now default key to pickup large items.

■ Snow accumulates and melts on all vehicles.

■ All grenades now spin while traveling through the air.

■ Regional fauna go quiet during snow storms.

■ AA-2 Battering Ram, Collins Cannon 68mm, and H-10 "Pelekys" gun barrel models have been updated. ■ A tooltip icon has been added to the respawn screen to give clarity to respawn timer mechanics.

Bug Fixes

■ Players crashing when deploying to a location with no man's land.

■ Under rare conditions players rejoin invisible and invincible.

■ Snow vanishes and materializes when driving up or down a slope.

■ Ignifist 30's aiming line is red when aiming from a trench.

■ Border bases are available to be claimed when the war rolls over into resistance mode.

■ Incapacitated players are worn as fanny packs when being carried.

■ Cyclists can use their slim figures to fall under the map near bunker base ramps.

■ Bunker base ramps built into slopes allow players to fall under the map.

■ For weapons with a 45m range the weapons aiming line continues beyond maximum range.

■ Field weapons can carry a player on its foot and by backing into a wall: insert the player on the other side.

■ The deployment queue can be artificially inflated visually by attempting to deploy multiple times.

■ Flatbed top speed moving up hill slows to a crawl.

■ Map Bugs

○ Oarbreaker Isles: Cliff climbing location North East of Skelter Course.


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