Update 43 Release Notes

Updated: May 21, 2021

Release Notes

New Content

Noble Widow MK. XIV

○ Class: Destroyer Tank

○ Faction: Warden

○ This deadly tank turns predator into prey. A tank Destroyer, the Noble Widow specializes in ambush tactics, waiting for its quarry and striking with destructive high-velocity shells.

85K-a “Spatha”

○ Class: Assault Tank

○ Faction: Colonial

○ The “Spatha” assault tank features a special high velocity 40mm gun turret that is not as well suited to mass-production as its more refined counterpart, the “Falchion.”

New Weapons

“Lionclaw” mc.VIII

○ Class: Submachine Gun

○ Faction: Colonial

○ A heavier, modern variation of the Pitch Gun, the Lionclaw performs well as a decent, all-around submachine gun designed as a primary firearm in urban and close-quarters combat operations.

No.1 “The Liar” Submachinegun

○ Class: Submachine Gun

○ Faction: Warden

○ This unique, heavy-duty submachine gun is not very useful on the run, but with careful aim and adequate cover, becomes a razorblade in the night.

“Dusk” ce.III

○ Class: Assault Rifle

○ Faction: Colonial

○ This unique assault rifle includes a high-capacity drum magazine designed for sustained rapid fire.

Booker Storm Rifle Model 838

○ Class: Assault Rifle

○ Faction: Warden

○ The Booker is a high-impact three-round burst Storm Rifle for those who like to shoot first.

Hydra’s Whisper

○ Class: Explosive

○ Faction: Colonial

○ This unique demolition tool is a long, metal tube packed with explosives. The Hydra’s Whisper is designed to destroy out-of-reach movement impairing structures and detonate any mines along the length of the tube.

BF5 White Ash Flask Grenade

○ Class: Anti-Tank Grenade

○ Faction: Warden

○ An explosive flask used for melting enemy armour. This carefully designed liquid bomb explodes into a dazzling flash of molten debris upon impact.

Gameplay Changes

■ Gun Turrets and AT Garrisons will now counter attack deployed Tripod weapons

■ Firepits can now be built on Seaport decks

■ Radio Backpack transmit function now only works when the player is standing on landscape or a structure

○ Transmission won't work if standing on Barges, rocks or other environment objects

■ Added dedicated key for dropping large items (defaults to V, but can be remapped)

○ Default key for Callout changed to H

○ Default key for Transmit changed to J

■ Ammunition Rooms now provide a Power Connection and can be built inside Storm Cannon grids

■ Landing Ships are now reservable at Storage Depots/Seaports

■ Frontier Bases have been removed from the game

○ NOTE: Border bases are the new standard way to gain a foothold across contested borders

■ Seaport AI now require the same Base Upgrades as other Garrisoned Houses before it can fire