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Update 43 Release Notes

Updated: May 21, 2021

Release Notes

New Content

Noble Widow MK. XIV

○ Class: Destroyer Tank

○ Faction: Warden

○ This deadly tank turns predator into prey. A tank Destroyer, the Noble Widow specializes in ambush tactics, waiting for its quarry and striking with destructive high-velocity shells.

85K-a “Spatha”

○ Class: Assault Tank

○ Faction: Colonial

○ The “Spatha” assault tank features a special high velocity 40mm gun turret that is not as well suited to mass-production as its more refined counterpart, the “Falchion.”

New Weapons

“Lionclaw” mc.VIII

○ Class: Submachine Gun

○ Faction: Colonial

○ A heavier, modern variation of the Pitch Gun, the Lionclaw performs well as a decent, all-around submachine gun designed as a primary firearm in urban and close-quarters combat operations.

No.1 “The Liar” Submachinegun

○ Class: Submachine Gun

○ Faction: Warden

○ This unique, heavy-duty submachine gun is not very useful on the run, but with careful aim and adequate cover, becomes a razorblade in the night.

“Dusk” ce.III

○ Class: Assault Rifle

○ Faction: Colonial

○ This unique assault rifle includes a high-capacity drum magazine designed for sustained rapid fire.

Booker Storm Rifle Model 838

○ Class: Assault Rifle

○ Faction: Warden

○ The Booker is a high-impact three-round burst Storm Rifle for those who like to shoot first.

Hydra’s Whisper

○ Class: Explosive

○ Faction: Colonial

○ This unique demolition tool is a long, metal tube packed with explosives. The Hydra’s Whisper is designed to destroy out-of-reach movement impairing structures and detonate any mines along the length of the tube.

BF5 White Ash Flask Grenade

○ Class: Anti-Tank Grenade

○ Faction: Warden

○ An explosive flask used for melting enemy armour. This carefully designed liquid bomb explodes into a dazzling flash of molten debris upon impact.

Gameplay Changes

■ Gun Turrets and AT Garrisons will now counter attack deployed Tripod weapons

■ Firepits can now be built on Seaport decks

■ Radio Backpack transmit function now only works when the player is standing on landscape or a structure

○ Transmission won't work if standing on Barges, rocks or other environment objects

■ Added dedicated key for dropping large items (defaults to V, but can be remapped)

○ Default key for Callout changed to H

○ Default key for Transmit changed to J

■ Ammunition Rooms now provide a Power Connection and can be built inside Storm Cannon grids

■ Landing Ships are now reservable at Storage Depots/Seaports

■ Frontier Bases have been removed from the game

○ NOTE: Border bases are the new standard way to gain a foothold across contested borders

■ Seaport AI now require the same Base Upgrades as other Garrisoned Houses before it can fire

■ Craters will no longer spawn on roads in urban town areas (e.g Abandoned Ward)

■ Rockets now cause No Man's Land at the target location

Game Balance

■ Storage Depots/Seaports inside logistics towns now start with 30 instead of 10 trucks at the start of Conquests

■ Field Hospital, Bandages, First Aid Kits, and Trauma Kits no longer require tech

■ All Assault Rifles class weapon production times have been reduced by 20%

■ Improve Shotgun's ability to hit targets at point blank range

■ All L.U.V. variants (both factions) damage mitigation against small arms drastically reduced, but health increased by 125-180% to account for it

NOTE: This is to resolve an oversight made in Update 42, which caused L.U.V.s to have tank level mitigation against Light Kinetic Weapons (e.g. SMGs 99% damage mitigated). They are now restored to roughly what they were pre-Update 42

■ All Mortars (vehicle or infantry) long range accuracy increased by 30%

■ Green Ash crate size reduced from 20 to 10

■ Infantry Support Gun rate of fire decreased by an overall 75% (reload time increased%)

■ Mounted Bonesaw MK.3 rate of fire increased by an overall 75% (reload time increased slightly, but the long post fire delay has been removed)

■ Aalto Storm Rifle 24 range reduced by 10%

NOTE: Reduction to further contrast this with the other new Assault Rifle

■ All Warden Light Tank class variants rate of fire increased by 10% (reload decreased)

■ HH-d “Peltast” rate of fire decreased by 20%

■ Devitt-Caine MK-IV MMR rate of fire increased by 25%

NOTE: Rate of fire slightly slower than HH-d “Peltast”

■ Field AT (both factions) rate of fire increased by 13%

■ Devitt-Caine MK-IV MMR cost reduced from 180 to 150 Refined Materials

■ High Explosive Grenade crate size reduced from 25 to 20

■ War Achievements have been updated as follows

○ Major Offensive: Hold more 75% (instead of 80%) of zones at some point in the war

○ Offensive: Hold more than 60% (instead of 65%) of zones at some point in the war

○ Hold the line: Survive for longer than 1 day when your faction holds less than 25% (instead of 20%) of all zones

○ Last Stand: Survive for longer than 2 days when your faction holds less than 25% (instead of 20%) of all zones

○ Fortified: Survive for longer than 4 days when your faction holds less then 40% (instead of 45) zones

Map Changes

■ Updated the landmass in the north of The Moors

■ Added an additional landmass to Fisherman's Row

■ Added an additional landmass to Tempest Island

Added an additional landmass to Stonecradle

■ Added new Map Layers to several logistics hubs to support a larger variety of starting conditions

Other Changes

■ Squad & Regiment Map Posts

○ Map post visibility can now be restricited to just your Squad or Regiment

■ Deployment Screens now indicates when a contested region requires reinforcements (is undermanned)

■ Frame rate can now be customized on the options screen, allowing for greater than 60hz

■ Offline characters in the F1 player screen can now be reported again

■ Shard selector UI changes

■ Stockpile logs now support Shippable structures

■ Added animation interpolation system to smooth out turret rotation, crane rotation, etc

■ Optimized map screen frame rate when there are a lot Map Posts

■ Optimizations to region travel to prevent network stalls during large war starts

■ Overall improvement to Trench/Bunker interactions with landscape, resulting in drastically less chance of holes

Bug Fixes

■ Deployment sometimes fails with the message "Spawn point is no longer available" even though the deployment point still exists

■ Vehicles on Barges can't be repaired due to collision detection issues

■ Vehicles can get into a state where players can walk through their collisions

■ Trenches can still cause holes to appear in the landscape with certain layouts

■ Harvester treads are not animated

■ Motorboats can prevent destroyed bridges from being rebuilt

■ Tooltips In The Refinery Flash Intermittently

■ 00MS "Stinger" doesn't Have A Horn

■ Client can in rare cases crash when flag visuals are changed based on wind

■ No "Whooshing" sound when punching air

■ New Drawbridges Missing Animation For Lever Flipping

■ Shipyard Full Repair action can be used to repair land vehicles

■ Kivela Power Wheel 80-1 icon shows a Colonial Motorcycle variant

■ Transmit hotkey remapping reflect in hints

■ Using Binoculars can momentariliy make the player appear somewhere else in the world

■ Ladders for certain bridges can't be climbed after the bridge is built

■ Items get dropped into the water when retrieving from the Seaport with a full inventory

■ Destroyed concrete bridge can be climbable on one side but not the other (neither can be climbed now)

■ Tread animation for in-place rotation is only animating for the driver

■ Fire Pit model is floating when built on slopes

■ One Drawbridge type is missing animation for lever flipping

■ Upgrading a Bunker Corner to Tier 2 will remove the door/firing port modification on the short end

■ Typo in 7.62 ammo description

■ Vehicles that rotate on the spot can rotate into walls, causing physics issues

■ Certain R.P.G. class weapons will clip with Trench walls when standing right next to them

■ Very rare crash can occur when Bunkers are destroyed

■ Graphics flickering can occur on Trenches connected to each other

■ Anti-Tank Mines on roads would sometimes be invisible to players in vehicles

■ Gunners on the Drummond Spitfire 100d are difficult to hit with small arms

■ Map Bugs

○ Endless Shore: Rocks creating unintended high ground

○ Oarbreaker: Freighters getting stuck at seaport

○ Great March: No River collision near The Swan

○ Allod's Bight: Players getting stuck at Mercy's Wail shipyard after submitting

○ Great March: No Safehouse in Sitaria in some Map Layers

○ The Moors: Rocks blocking naval passage in the river

○ Great March: Flatbeds getting stuck in Sitaria

○ Shackled Chasm: Old bridge underneath new bridge

○ Viper Pit: Can get stuck in crevice

○ Drowned Vale: Grass overlaps the road

○ Marban Hollow: Drawbridge ladders Aren't low enough to the water

○ Oarbreaker: Wall blocking access to Factory

○ Oarbreaker: Construction Vehicles/Cranes can't be built on beaches at Integrum


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