Update 39 Release Notes (Dead Harvest)

Updated: Nov 12, 2020


Cursed and Avartach melee attack damage reduction on heavily armoured structures now applies to all Base types as well

Cursed and Avartach movement speed reduced slightly

Avartach secondary attack range reduced slightly


Cursed and Avartach Melee attacks will deal significantly less damage to heavily armoured structures

Cursed movement speed reduced slightly

Cursed health increased slightly

Cursed night time duration decreased

Bug fix: Dead Harvest event "tutorial" screen not showing up for some users

Release Notes

Dead Harvest Event

The annual October Seasonal Event is back for War 63. This year the event features new features and special vehicles! Watch our recent Devstream for details on the events.

Dead Harvest Vehicle:

○ Name: Centurion MV-2

○ Class: Mech

○ Faction: Colonial

Designed for the soul purpose of fighting back the cursed undead, the “Centurion” Mechanized Utility Vehicle is equipped with two high powered, heavy machine guns and a deadly, front-facing cannon.

Dead Harvest Vehicle:

○ Name: Herne QMW 1a Scourge Hunter

○ Class: Mech

○ Faction: Warden

Built in response to the ongoing use of the Cursed in military skirmishes, the Scourge Hunter class Quadruped Mechanized Walker is equipped with a quad-barrelled rocket launcher, accompanied by a specially designed quad-barrel machine gun.

Cursed Soldiers:

○ Colonials and Wardens have weaponized the undying soldiers

○ Using Soulstones, players can resurrect as 1 of 3 Cursed soldier types

○ Shotguns deal extra damage to all Cursed Soldiers

Dead Harvest Soldier: Cursed

The vengeful soul of a long dead soldier. Twisted by the underworld, these undying Cursed have unnatural strength and are overwhelming in large numbers.

Dead Harvest Soldier: Avartach

The damned spirit of an unholy blood drinker. The Avaratach is quick and can spit gobs of cursed ichor, draining the lifeforce from those unlucky enough to become submerged in the substance.

Dead Harvest Soldier: Balor Spawn

The sinister brood of a great demon king. The Balor Spawn taints the very ground on which it walks. It conjures cursed obsidian spires to impale mortal flesh and feast their very souls.

Dead Harvest Structure:

○ Name: Font of Balor

A stablized portal to the underworld. Present offerings to entrap deadly spirits into obsidian stones.

Dead Harvest Item:

○ Name: Soulstone/Deadly Soulstone/Sinister Soulstone

Use the stone to accept a minor curse and become host to a spirit long dead

Gameplay Changes

Tech Tree Research

○ A level is unlocked when the total Research summed across all Tech in a level reaches a certain amount

○ Research is no longer wasted if it is performed in the Tech that isn't unlocked

Refinery Ordering

Resources can be submitted to Refinery queues even if the current order is complete

Materials in completed Private Refinery queues will be transferred to the public stockpile in 50h if no new resources are submitted by the owner player to the Refinery

■ Safe Houses now prevent decay

■ Prototypes are no longer less durable than the base version of the vehicle

■ Tech Tree Research can only be done on up to 3 levels above the current on rather than 4

■ Gunner seat entry point for the Halt Track has been moved to the rear

Game Balance

Silverhand - Mk. IV

○ 68mm Gun range reduced from 40m to 35m

HC-7 aka the "Ballista"

○ Inventory capacity increased from 5 to 10

○ Inventory can only hold 250mm

Other Changes

■ State of the War widget has been redesigned (to accommodate features in coming updates)

■ Input hints now reflect key mapping (i.e. Press 'E' will now show remapped keys)

■ There is now a warning shown if releasing a Reserve Stockpile results in lost items

■ Enabled Vivox advanced audio levels, which should reduce the volume of loud mic spam

■ New network replication back-end for improved performance and increased server capacity

■ Crash Reporter