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Update 55 Release Notes

Updated: Feb 13


Other Changes

  • Added additional tools to test Steam connection anomalies.


Other Changes

  • Added short-term mitigations to address a subset of recent Steam connection anomalies.

    • See more information about these issues here.

      • Dev Note: Additional mitigations are being worked on for another pending hotfix.

  • Temporarily disabled Reserve Stockpile public visibility on select regions to mitigate issues when the number of Stockpiles reach high amounts at a single depot.


Bug Fixes

  • Client would crash due to some rare errors.


Bug Fixes

  • Gate collisions are too large making placement difficult.

Initial Release

New Features

  • Tabs within some UIs, such as the Build Menu or Factory UI, can now be cycled with A and D.

Balance Changes

  • Resources from sorting Wreckage has been adjusted to increase the number of Refined Materials provided.

  • Advanced Coal Liquefier Modification cost reduced from 65 to 40 Steel Construction Materials

  • Coastal Guns now require a Construction Vehicle to build.

  • T5 "Percuito" cost changed from 5 Processed Construction Materials to 10 Construction Materials.

  • O'brien V. 101 Freeman

    • Health increased from 1000 to 1250

    • Reload speed decreased from 5.5s to 5s.

  • O'Brien v.190 Knave health increased from 1000 to 1250

  • Niska Mk. II Blinder has been reseparated from the Niska Mk. I Gun Motor Carriage Tech.

  • Ignifist 30 damage increased from 325 to 375.

  • Bomastone Grenade damage decreased from 150 to 125

  • Green Ash crate size reduced from 10 to 5

  • AEON Rocket

    • Health increased from 1500 to 3600

    • Armour type improved from Tier 2 to Tier 3.

      • Dev Note: This is referring to the Rocket that is assembled at the A0E-9 Rocket Platform not the Platform itself.

  • 85K-b "Falchion"

    • Health increased from 3000 to 3650

    • Armour Health increased by ~40%.

  • 85K-a "Spatha"

    • Health increased from 3000 to 3650

    • Armour Health increased by ~23%.

    • Reload speed decreased from 5s to 3s.

    • Firing duration decreased from 2s to 1.5s.

  • 85V-G "Talos"

    • Health increased from 3250 to 4000

    • Armour Health increased by ~13%.

    • Ammo capacity increased from 5 to 12.

  • Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II

    • Health increased from 2700 to 2950

    • Armour Health increased by 10%

    • Refined Material cost reduced from 165 to 150

    • Tier upgrade cost decreased from 465 to 450 Processed Construction Materials

  • Gallagher Highwayman Mk. III

    • Health increased from 2700 to 2950

    • Armour Health increased by 10%

    • Tier upgrade cost decreased from 480 to 465 Processed Construction Materials

  • Gallagher Thornfall Mk. VI

    • Health increased from 2400 to 2650

    • Armour Health increased by 10%

  • Silverhand Lordscar Mk. X ammo capacity increased from 6 to 12.

  • 945G "Stygian Bolt" added a High Velocity modifier of 50%.

  • Balfour Stockade 75mm added a High Velocity modifier of 35%.

  • Nakki Class Submarine Battery Charge consumed whilst submerged decreased from 0.14 to 0.1

  • Moray Torpedo moved from Heavy Arms to Heavy Ammo category.

Gameplay Changes

  • Crane arms are now obstructed from picking up or putting down shippables through the Bulwark.

  • Shippables transported by a BMS - Packmule Flatbed or BMS Longrider are now destroyed when the vehicle is destroyed.

    • The following Shippables are excluded from this rule: Fuel Container, Material Pallet, Resource Container, Shipping Container

  • The Engine Reversal mechanic for all Large Ships, excluding the Nakki Class Submairne, has been improved to more dramatically affect the turn rate of a ship in motion.

  • Titan Class Battleship rudder size has been increased which will increase base turn rate by ~33%.

  • Metalworks Factory Recycler modification

    • New recipe

      • Costs 15 Construction Materials, 1 Metal Beam, 10L Heavy Oil, and 8MW of Power.

      • Outputs 1 Processed Construction Material.

    • Modification cost increased from 25 to 150 Construction Materials.

    • Metal Beam recipe removed.

  • Materials Factory Assembly Bay modification now has a Metal Beam recipe similar to the Sandbag and Barbed Wire recipes.

  • Coal Refinery Coal Liquefier modification Concrete recipe now also produces 10 Sulfur.

  • Coal Refinery Advanced Coal Liquefier modification now has a new recipe

    • Costs 300 Coal, 100L Water, and 6MW of Power.

    • Outputs 1 Concrete, 15 Sulfur, and 100L Oil.

Map Changes

  • The Clahstra:

    • Added a Rail Bridge west of Watchful Nave.

  • Morgen's Crossing:

    • Added a Shipyard to Lividus.

  • Origin:

    • The western coastline has been reworked to allow more space for ship movements.

    • Moved Initium Pre-Placed Tracks to run along the south-western road instead of along the beach.

  • Tempest Island:

    • Port town moved from Liar's Haven to The Iris to match Eidolo in Fisherman's Row.

Other Changes

  • Bandages mesh visuals are now rendered when Bandages are used

  • Build Site Ghosts are now rotated to the player's camera orientation when selecting a structure from the Build Menu.

  • All gunner positions now show remaining ammo in the vehicle's inventory to be consistent with tank cannons.

  • Nakki Class Submarine's driver now receives low or empty battery warnings referring to Battery Charge instead of Fuel when the batteries are in use.

  • Improvements have been made to the Shippables section of UI within vehicles that can carry Shippables.

    • When hovering over an Empty Shippables Slot a tooltip is shown informing the player a Shippable can be stored.

    • A tooltip for the Shippables section has been added explaining what Shippables are.

    • The quantity of Shippables that a vehicle can store is now shown.

  • Entering a friendly vehicle with a recently disconnected driver removes the post-disconnect protections on the vehicle.

  • Vehicles in Post-Recovery Mode or protected by a recently disconnected driver can no longer be Wrenched by enemies.

  • Maximum build distance has been increased from 14m to 18m.

    • This allows Navy Piers to be easily constructed to their full length.

  • Improved Navy Pier placement logic.

  • Blumfield LK205 spawns are now rotated so the exit position is unobstructed. This will reduce cases of players become stuck when the Blumfield LK205 is frozen.

  • Player and vehicle temperature will now return to normal when outside of a Snowstorm.

  • Physics simulation improvements.

  • Region Event Log timestamps now show days for logs over a day old.

  • Build Ghosts can no longer be placed when the player is on the deck of a ship, excluding deployables.

  • Players that are AFK in a Region that is queued by friendlies will be kicked after a period of time.

  • Transferring a shippable from a vehicle crane to a BMS - Bluefin now opens up the UI

Bug Fixes

  • Localisation language is reset to the OS language the player has selected when launching the game.

  • Aegis Steelbreaker K5A and O'Brien Warsmith V.215 subsystems cannot be disabled.

  • Neutral Garrisons found at the start of the war prompt the player to mount garrisonable windows with Q.

  • Neutral Garrisons found at the start of the war shoot at either team.

  • Silverhand Lordscar Mk. X front external hitbox is inaccurate.

  • UV-24 "Icarus"'s gunner uses a rifle firing animation.

  • Destroyed Train Bridges have incorrect textures in some areas.

  • A0E-9 Rocket Booster has hard edges when damaged.

  • Concrete Bridges destroy vehicles when the bridge is destroyed.

  • Minimum order size is not enforced on some Mass Production Factory categories.

  • BMS - Bluefin has some propeller and rudder animation issues.

  • BMS - Bluefin creates a hole in the water to the side of the ship when the rear is flooding.

  • Nakki Class Submarine has some interior parts slightly clipping outside of the vehicle.

  • Female characters' right arm becomes fractured at best, broken at worst, when carrying a Large Item.

  • Players are able to stand in unexpected areas of Type C - "Charon" and 74b-1 Ronan Gunship.

  • "F to cycle ammo" is still present on Engineer seats.

  • Nakki Class Submarine is missing rudder, propeller, and dive plane animations.

  • Ship and Rocket Shippables are in the incorrect tab in the Maintenance Tunnel.

  • 120-68 "Koronides" Field Gun reload animation has some issues.

  • Gravel refunded by demolishing Foundations is put underground in some cases.

  • AB-11 "Doru" MG plays two SFX when firing.

  • Field Weapons can be pushed into Bunker pieces.

  • AU-A150 Taurine Rigger's track movement animation is too slow.

  • BMS - Bluefin Spotter can switch to front MG positions unintentionally.

  • The driver of the Nakki Class Submarine cannot hear sonar pings.

  • Field Bridges and Navy Piers do not check for angle restrictions in some cases.

  • Observing a player climbing up a ladder on a moving Large Ship does not synch the observed player's position with the true position of the ladder.

  • An Emplacement cannot be packaged if an occupant is killed.

  • AEON Rocket launch timer is not paused during Recovery Mode.

  • Power Poles and Power Switches have Stockpile Logs.

  • Maintenance Status tooltips is Bases refers to Small Garrison.

  • SMGs reloaded whilst prone does not animate the right hand, and both hands become detached from the arms.

  • KRN886-127 Gast Machine Gun and Malone MK.2 produce a muzzle flash and smoke too far from the end of the barrel.

  • KRN886-127 Gast Machine Gun is too far forward when held whilst standing.

  • Catara mo.II produces no shell casings whilst firing.

  • Bane 45 standing reload animation pushes the shield through the player's head.

    • Dev Note: it is known that this still happens on the crouched reload animation.

  • The ocean floor is used for distance measurements when using Binoculars from within a Large Ship.

  • The Maintenance Status UI within Bases incorrectly shows that Bases without the Small Garrison tech aren't preventing decay.

  • The Change Fuel action cannot be performed on a Reserved vehicle when the claiming Squad is an Inactive Squad.

  • Structures that are protected from friendly fire cannot be destroyed by a friendly AEON Rocket impact.

  • First Aid Kits can be used on incapacitated players.

Map Bug Fixes

  • Allods Bight:

    • There is a terrain spike north of Mercy's Wail.

  • Callum's Cape:

    • There is a hole between the road and canal wall leading down to the Seaport in Callum's Keep.

  • Drowned Vale:

    • There are some stuck spots along rocks north of Singing Serpents.

  • Endless Shore:

    • The landmass around Brackish Point and Sídhe Fall was too low, meaning some craters act as if they're filled with water.

    • Sídhe Fall Relic Base is floating slightly.

    • Old Jack Tar Relic Base is sunken slightly.

  • Kalokai:

    • Baccae Ridge Shipyard has a rock beneath it that can be obstructive to boats.

  • The Moors:

    • Visual effects are inappropriately placed above Morrighan's Grave Town Hall.

  • Morgen's Crossing:

    • The Bastard Sea Road Bridge has a stuck spot on the south.

  • Stonecradle:

    • Pebbles are floating in two spots at Daihbi Point.

  • Warden Home Region:

    • BMS - Grouper spawns in the Naval Training area are Colonial when spawned.


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