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Update 33 Release Notes

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Release Notes


■ Bug fix: Player silhouettes not rendering when obstructed by camera

■ Bug fix: Some Sandbag structures aren't repairable

■ Bug fix: Umbral Wildwood map image artifacts removed

■ Bug fix: MG Garrison Tier 3 requires more than 1 connected Engine Room to activate

■ Bug fix: Landscape holes (caused by war rollover) resolved

■ Bug fix: Vehicles can drive into Tier 2 Trench Connectors and get stuck

■ Bug fix: Players can get stuck in a structure if they fail to exit the first time due to an obstruction

■ Bug fix: Neutral structures (i.e. Resource Mines) would always be considered in neutral/enemy territory resulting in an incorrect increase when submitting Upgrade Parts

Initial Release

New Content

■ New Modular Structure: Trench Connector

A special Trench that automatically joins two nearby Trenches/Bunkers

Must be placed between the connection points of two Trenches/Bunkers

■ New Modular Structure: Howitzer Garrison

An entrenched Howitzer manned by stationed troops

Returns fire against targets that attack connected Bunkers

■ New Modular Structure: Machine Gun Garrison

An entrenched machine gun manned by stationed troops

New Features

■ New Facility: Storm Cannon - Advanced Rangefinder Facility

Extends the Storm Cannon range by 33%

Enables firing at targets in other regions

Dedicated Logistics text chat channel & tab is now available

Gameplay Changes

■ Facility Efficiency changes

Starting Territory affects efficiency

• Reduces the effects of snowballing

Tooltip now shows the efficiency conversion rate and the factors that derive it

■ Starter Fuel

Vehicles built at the Vehicle Factory now start with 10% fuel

• Reduces the chances of stalling the factory

“Low Fuel” warning is shown to help new players

■ Repairing structures built with Shovels cost BMats

○ Fixes exploit that allows Bunkers to be repaired without resources

○ Makes the cost of repairing anything (vehicles/all structures) consistent across the game

■ When a Refinery is destroyed, refined resources are no longer lost when rebuilt

■ Resource/Shipping containers are now prioritized over vehicles when submitting driveway equipment

Map Updates

■ New water visuals

■ Patchy grass will no longer block forts/causes fast decay

■ Weathered Expanse

○ Updated fog effects with improved visibility and visuals

○ All new environment walls (Weathering Halls) that allow for more player interactivity

■ Tempest Island

○ Main island reconstructed to fix landscape hole issues

○ The Iris made more suitable for water logistics

○ Some towns were relocated for game balance reasons

■ Godcrofts

○ Bridges replaced with Drawbridges freeing up waterways

○ Refinery in Promithiens switched with Factory in Axehead

• This is to balance against Refinery/Factory locations in Fisherman's Row

■ Mooring County

○ Shipyard added to Ogmaran

○ Multiple landings added to the river

Game Balance

■ Light Machine Gun encumberance reduced by 10%

○ To be slightly lighter than the regular MG

■ Storm Rifle encumberance reduced by 25%.

○ To have a more competitive trade-off with the Light Machine Gun

■ Gunboat health increased by 10%

○ Gunboats are being destroyed too easily on average

■ Barge health decreased 10%.

○ Mitigate issue of Barges being used to blockade bridges, which isn't their intended purpose

■ Rifle Garrison (Tier 3) health increased by 12%

○ Makes it more consistent with the new MG Garrison

■ Landing APCs can now run over T2 Trenches

○ Makes it more consistent with other tracked vehicles in the game

■ AT Rifles can no longer be fired from a Barge

Other Changes

■ Updated descriptions of several Trench/Bunker structures

■ Global text chat mute

○ Any player can be muted by right clicking their name in the text chat window

■ ALL chat channel removed

■ Facility Efficiency details for the current region can be viewed by hovering over the Facility Efficiency icon on the "State of the War" widget on the map screen

Note: In the next update, this info can be viewed by hovering over a region in the map

■ Motorcycle is now easier to repair when standing on sloped landscapes

■ Tier 3 Garrison House AT shot SFX updated

Bug Fixes

■ Client can sometimes crash before executing a border travel

■ Screen can occassionally freeze after border travelling, locking input

■ Stockpile tooltip does not show sub-icon for Mortar/Artillery shell variants

■ Client can sometimes crash on exit

■ Certain structures can be built on top of trenches

■ Trenches/Bunkers can get destroyed when players are inside them

■ After a rollover into Resistance or Conquest, decayed/destroyed Trenches/Bunkers can leave behind holes

■ Player can abuse the faction lock timer to switch sides and spawn in behind enemy lines

■ Using a T1 Bunker section to repair T3 Bunker island is free (Basic Materials are now required)

■ Landing APCs can be placed ramp down on Barges, allowing illegal weapons to be fired from them

■ Barges in the home region (near water training area) can't be walked on

■ Dealing fall damage to yourself counts as team damage

■ Resource nodes sometimes exist without resources remaining

■ Disconnecting while traveling in water vehicles may result in the vehicle floating mid air

■ Players can use packaging to lift vehicles on top of structures

■ Spawning at a Home Base in another region with no Soldier Supplies is allowed if your Forward Base spawn has Soldier Supplies

■ Entering whisper mode and then border travelling causes player whisper chat text to be lost

■ Discord Rich Presence is broken for Loch Mor

■ Frontier Bases and Frontier Forward Bases can be built in illegal locations under certain circumstances

■ Players can fire certain weapons while mounted on a ladder

■ Facility can show 20/20 upgrade parts even when the Facility isn't fully upgraded yet (due to rounding up)

■ Landscape is inconsistent in some maps when it comes to enforcing road placement rules

■ Pre-placed vehicles can desync in home regions when moved significantly far away

■ Map Bugs

○ Linn of Mercy: There is a duplicate Relic Base at Hardline in Linn of Mercy

○ Callahan's Passage: Tall structures can't be built in northern area of the map

○ The Moors: Water volume is broken in some areas

○ Farranac Coast: Bone Haft Bridge has a hole beside it that players often get stuck in

○ Drowned Vale: There are a few areas near Wisps Warning that let structures be built under water

○ Viper Pit: Stone wall blocking Storage Depot


Feb 06, 2020

Next to singing serpent relic base, slightly east, about 2 truck lengths away, is a nasty hole in the rocks you can easily fall in and get stuck.

Please fill it in.

Not sure about apc running over t2 trenches.

Everything else sounds great.

Look forward to not being terrified of crossing borders lol.


Feb 06, 2020

thank you devs very cool

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