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Update 29 Release Notes

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Release Notes

New Content

■ Transport Bus

○ A transport vehicle used to shuttle personnel to the front line.

■ Frontier Base

○ A special Forward Base that can only be built near a region border that's adjacent to friendly territory. This structure decays quickly

■ Howitzer Smoke Shell

○ A shell that emits a thick cloud of smoke that lingers for a prolonged period, providing cover for massive infantry pushes. The impact also unleashes a barrage of shrapnel to nearby infantry.

■ Howitzer Green Ash Shell

○ A shell that emits a large amount of lethal gas, poisoning nearby infantry.

■ Artillery Armour Piercing Shell

○ Anti-armour shell that is designed to penetrate heavy armour.

■ Artillery High Explosive Shell

○ Anti-structure shell that detonates a high yield explosive charge on impact.

■ Mortar Shrapnel Shell

○ A shell that explodes into shrapnel on impact, devastating nearby infantry.

■ Mortar Flare Shell

○ A shell that ignites midair and illiminates a large area, revealing enemy targets.

■ Field Artillery now has faction specific variants

■ Field Machine Gun now has faction specific variants

New Features

■ Region Zones

○ Regions are now broken up into zones, which allow incursions into neighbouring regions

○ Zone Bases have been added, which must be claimed to own the zone

• Zone Bases are Town Halls or Zone Forts (Border Forts repurposed)

• Zone Forts have different stats from the old Border Forts

■ Deployment System (Replacement for old Spawn System)

○ Travel Screen has been replaced with Deployment Screen

○ Players can deploy to any Zone Base, Frontier Base, or Cargo Ship from the Deployment Screen IF the base has a non-zero Garrison Size

○ Deployment is affected by:

• Garrison Activity - Determined by # of players stationed at a Base

• Garrison Size - Grows at a rate determined by Garrison Activity

• Small & Large Garrison Facilities increased that rate of Garrison Size growth

Logistics Improvements

■ Production Parts are no longer required to produce vehicles ■ Factory, Ammo Factory, Refinery, and Storage Depots have much larger "use" areas

■ Crate icons now have a subicon that identify the contents within

■ Stockpile UI now shows it's current capacity and limit

■ Hover tooltip now shows the quantity of items contained in a crate

■ Logistics towns (e.g. Lonestone, Weathering Halls) have had their layouts optimized for better traffic flow for logistics drivers

■ Crane movement speed increased by 30%

Gameplay Changes

■ Damage from all Shrapnel ammo types now have a 100% chance to cause bleeding

■ Border Forts have been removed

○ These have been repurposed as Zone Bases

■ Home Town mechanic has been removed

○ No more infinite spawns

■ Resistance Camps have been removed

■ Players now always have a 3 second invincibility timer after spawning at any base

■ Green Ash damage no longer stacks

Game Balance ■ Resource Container limit increased from 4000 to 5000

■ 40mm Round now costs 120 Explosive Materials instead of 60 High Explosive Materials to produce

■ 75mm Round now costs 400 Explosive Materials instead of 200 High Explosive Materials to produce

■ Storm Rifles now cost 20 Refined Materials to produce

■ Production Parts are removed from the game

○ All vehicles that previously required Production Parts have their build cost changed from Basic Materials to Refined Materials (amount is equal to what their Production Parts used to cost). Exceptions to this are noted below:

○ Freighter Refined Material cost decreased from 70 to 50

○ Armoured Car Refined Material cost increased from 25 to 40

○ Landing APC Refined Material cost increased from 15 to 20

■ Landing APC health increased by 100%

■ Half-Track health and damage increased by 20%

■ Increase Light Tank health by 20%

■ Resource container capacity increased to 5000

■ Gun Nest health decreased by further 15%

Other Changes

■ Home Region designs have been refreshed to provide a better experience for new players

○ Tutorial areas have been fully updated

○ More tools for players to help train new players

■ Spindly, leafless bushes no longer conceal.

■ Ambient SFX change depending on whether it's day or night time

■ Various SFX improvements

■ Border Travel has been optimized to be faster on certain low end machines

Bug Fixes

■ Servers suddenly experience intermittent lag spikes, causing players to skip

■ Relic vehicles showing up in Stockpiles even though they aren't part of the game

■ Retrieving Soldier Supplies from Stockpiles sometimes yields a single item instead of a crate

■ Destroyed Fuel Tanker model is using an incorrect texture

■ Rocket sites could end up in an unusable state if a server restarts while launching

■ Players can place Forward Bases near Resource nodes, preventing access to the nodes

■ Town Halls have extra collision that prevent players from getting too close

■ Sometimes spectate screen will read 'Spectating is over. You are ready to spawn.' when you can't select spawn

■ Tempest Island map image: Small portion of road not drawn in

■ Godcrofts map image: Road to Endless Shore not aligned

■ Raw materials can't be submitted to Shipping Containers, but are still in the UI

■ Player settings not saving for user with name containing special characters

■ Reviving via Trauma Kit always succeeds, even if medic is killed before it finishes

■ Player inspect function (Alt key) can't be remapped

■ Players can swim indefinitely on borders by traveling back and forth, restoring stamina

■ Foxholes and Gunnests under rare circumstances may fire at the wrong faction


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