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Update 26 Test Rollout

An early test build of Update 26 is rolling out soon. It will start in Resistance Phase and will last until the official full release of Update 26 on Wednesday.

The test rollout will have a limited number of regions open and the tech tree reset. We may artificially advance the tech tree at certain stages of the test if necessary.

Due to the size of this update and the scope of what has changed, please expect a higher than usual possibility for bugs and other issues. If you find any issues, please post them into the #bugreport channel on the Foxhole Discord to ensure that we can get eyes on them. Thank you!

Release Notes (Draft)

New Content

■ Crane

○ A heavy mobile Crane used to lift vehicles and very heavy equipment.

■ Flatbed Truck

○ A heavy shipping vehicle that's used to transport large objects and light vehicles.

■ Freighter

○ A massive shipping vessel that's used to transport large objects and heavy vehicles.

■ Shipping Container

○ A container that can carry large quantities of crates or resources and can be transported by certain vehicles.

■ Production Parts

○ A large crate of parts used to produce vehicles

■ Construction yard

○ An area where certain structures can be built and prepared for shipping.

■ Component Mine

○ An old mine that automatically gathers Components.

■ Fuel Tanker

○ A truck modified to transport large amounts of Fuel.

■ Oil Well

○ An old well that automatically gathers Crude Oil using Fuel.

■ Crude Oil

○ Unprocessed oil that can be refined into valuable fuel.

■ Salvage

○ Salvage that can be recycled into other resources at a Refinery

■ Heavy Explosive Material

○ Resource used for producing heavy explosive weapons.

■ 6x New Garrisoned Houses for the new “Village” theme

■ 8x New map regions

New Persistent World

■ The world has been completely redesigned

■ World is one continuous landscape precisely divided into hexagon shaped regions

■ Port Bases no longer exist

■ Starting conditions (victory towns, starting front line, resource distribution) are completely reconfigurable on a per war basis

■ Resource Field and Mine distribution are randomized every war

■ Immersive border travel

○ Neighbouring region landscape is streamed, allowing you to see the destination area before travelling

○ Travelling experience is more seamless, as a blurred in-game view is now shown instead of a separate load screen

○ Travel mechanic is more robust, resulting in less bugs and issues when traversing between regions

Unified World Map

■ Region and World map have been combined into one continuous unified view

■ Worldwide map intelligence is visible from any region

■ Pans and zooms like “Google Maps”

■ Map features fade in and out dynamically

■ Added new map filter for map location names

Gameplay Changes and Features

■ Advanced Construction Technology

○ When unlocked in the Tech Tree, enables Construction Vehicles to build all defensive structures, and walls

■ Refinery changes

○ Refinery now has a stockpile for holding resources

○ Refinery orders can now be made public, which puts refined materials into the stockpile

○ Refinery can now refine the following resources

• Salvage to Basic Materials, Diesel, and Explosive Materials

• Components to Refined Materials

• Sulfur to Heavy Explosive Material

• Crude Oil to Petrol

• Tech Parts to Upgrade/Research Parts

○ All refine speeds and rates have been updated to reflect the new economy

■ Production Parts

○ Production Parts must be submitted to the Vehicle Factory or Shipyard in order for certain vehicles to be built (they are a replacement for Blueprints)

○ Production Parts are built at the Construction Yard and must be shipped to a destination via Crane/Shipping vehicle

■ Fuel changes

○ Vehicles no longer consume fuel from it’s inventory, but have a fuel tank instead

○ Fuel items (Diesel/Petrol) must be equipped and “used” on the vehicle (like a First Aid Kit) in order to refill it’s tank

■ Resource Field changes

○ Resource fields have new visual designs, layouts, and mechanics

○ Salvage, Component, and Sulfur Nodes all look and work the same way now

○ Fields contains a large quantity of resource nodes

○ Fields eventually deplete and take a significant amount of time to replenish

• Salvage fields take 80-140 minutes to replenish

• Other fields take 6-10 hours to replenish

○ Contains central structures that displays the amount of remaining resources nodes before replenishment is necessary

■ Resource Mine changes

○ Mines are now public structures and not “Factories”

○ Mines now have two fuel tanks (Diesel/Petrol) and will continue to produce resources as long as they are kept fueled

○ Mines are now directly fueled by a Fuel Tanker or by an equipped Fuel item

○ When filled with Petrol, mines produce a higher number of resources per cycle

■ Garrisoned House Tiers

○ Garrisoned Houses can now be upgraded through 3 tiers

• Tier 1 - Reduced armour

• Tier 2 - Increased armour

• Tier 3 - Increased armour, fires AT Rifle shots at vehicles

○ Tier 2/3 can only be built if House is connected to a Tier 2/3 Town Base

■ Refinery/Factory/Storage Depot/Ammo Factory must now be faction claimed before they can be used

○ Stockpile is decimated by 50% when structure is rebuilt by the other faction

○ Facilities are destroyed when structure is rebuilt by the other faction

■ Facilities

○ Facilities no longer lose Upgrade Parts when they are destroyed and rebuilt by the same faction

○ All bases now use Operating Posts and Radio Facilities

○ Operating Post is no longer required for spawning or downloading map intel

■ Win Condition

○ To claim a town towards the victory condition, a Civic Center Facility must be built

○ Upgrading town bases to Tier 3 is no longer required

○ If the majority of towns/regions in the world are claimed by one side without the win condition triggering, there will be a chance of an uprising at a town of the dominant faction

This is to prevent one side from pushing the other completely out of the world instead of triggering the win condition

■ All resource gather rates have changed

■ Scrap is no longer a resource in the game (it has been replaced by Salvage)

■ Drawbridges now have ladders on both sides, enabling water logistics players to activate them during water supply runs

■ Storage Depot now has a vehicle wing that can store vehicles

■ Blueprint mechanic is no longer in the game (they are replaced by Production Parts)

■ Certain vehicles now get a speed bonus if their inventories are empty (Truck, L.U.V., Flatbed Truck, Barge, and Freighter)

■ Rocket is now directly fueled by a Fuel Tanker or by an equipped Fuel item

■ Tech Center has been removed and the Tech Tree is now accessible from any Town Base

Game Balance

Important Note: The entire economy has changed, so many changes listed here are not relevant in the context of the game prior to update 26

■ Buildable Structure costs

○ Bunker changed from 120 to 75 Refined Materials

○ Gun Turret changed from 70 Refined Materials to 80 Basic Materials

○ Gun Nest changed from 50 Refined Materials to 100 Basic Materials

○ Keep changed from 400 Refined Materials to 300 Basic Materials

○ Town Hall changed from 200 Refined Materials to 200 Basic Materials

○ Outpost changed from 100 Refined Materials to 100 Basic Materials

○ Tank Trap changed from 15 Refined Materials to 25 Basic Materials

■ Item Costs

○ All Light Tank and Battle Tank ammo costs have been updated and now require Heavy Explosive Materials

○ All items that previously required Blueprints to produce no longer require them

○ All items that previously required Blueprints to produce have had their costs slightly adjusted to account for this

■ Starting conditions

○ Starter town base stockpiles now contain more items than before

○ Starter town Storage Depots start with 10 Trucks each

○ Starter town logistics structure facilities now start built

■ Facilities

○ All facility costs for Refineries and Factories have been reduced to 20 Upgrade Parts and no longer increase as each facility is upgraded

○ All Ammo Factory facility costs have been reduced to 25

○ Town Base

• Small Garrison Facility cost changed to 25 Upgrade Parts

• Large Garrison Facility cost changed to 50 Upgrade Parts

• Civic Center cost changed to 25 Upgrade Parts

• Advanced Mining Facility cost changed to 15 Upgrade Parts

■ Water Vehicles

○ Barge speed increased by 25%

○ Landing Ship speed increased by 25%

○ Gunboat speed increased by 25%

■ Garrison Camp health decreased by 50%

■ Garrison Base health increased by 50%

■ Town Hall health increased by 50%

■ Fortress Wall health increased by 50%

■ Bunker health increased by 50% and now fires AT Rifle shots at vehicles

■ Damage required to disable a truck has been increased by 50% (making it far more durable)

■ Retrieving items from a Cargo ship is now 100% faster

■ Soldier Supply production time has been reduced by 33%

■ Garrisoned Supplies production time has been reduced by 50%

■ Positions of Fort and Metal Wall have been swapped in the Tech Tree

■ Town Base & Fort map intelligence detection radius increased by 50%

■ All vehicles that previously required Refined Materials to build at the vehicle factory now require Basic Materials instead (at the same cost)

■ Armoured Car, Half-Track, Light Tank, and Battle Tank inventory size reduced by 1 since they no longer require a Fuel slot

■ Sulfur now requires a Sledge Hammer to gather

■ Resource Mines are no longer part of the Tech Tree

■ Salvage (previously Scrap) encumbrance has been significantly reduced

■ Classic Salvage Mines (Upgrade Part) have been removed from the game

Other Changes

■ Cargo Ship has been renamed to Landing Ship

■ Many help tooltips have been updated to reflect the latest changes in the game

■ Home regions have been updated to reflect the latest changes in the game

■ WarAPI has been updated to support the new world map and icons

Bug Fixes

■ Coming soon!

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Jun 18, 2019

heh. so landing ship runs aren't completely ruined

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