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Update 23 Release Notes

Initial Release

Release Notes

NOTE: This update introduces a new experimental feature called Resistance Phase that is meant to replace Skirmish mode and make the game feel more cohesive and continuous at all times. Please note that this feature is currently bare bones and a work in progress.

New Content

■ Armoured Fighting Tractor

○ A Colonial tracked vehicle from the old era used for escorting infantry and larger armoured vehicles at the front

○ Very durable, 100 clip ammo, slow reload, slow movement

■ Storm Tank

○ An armoured mechanized vehicle from the Great Wars that was commonly used in wide line formations to overwhelm enemy forces

○ Heavy frontal armor, fast reverse speed, fast reload, slow turret movement

■ Repurposed Truck

An old agricultural truck that has been repurposed for military use

○ 25 item slots, slower and more frail than normal Trucks

■ Resistance Camp

○ A campsite used by resistance soldiers. Players can spawn from here and stockpile items.

○ Fundamentally a Forward Base that can be built with Hammers

Gameplay Changes and Features ■ Relic Vehicle System

○ Rare vehicles from the old wars that can be procured by

• Excavation - Find them in the world and use Hammers to excavate them

• Blueprints - Find Blueprints while gathering Components

○ 3 random Relic Vehicle types are available each war (rotated every time) ■ Resistance Phase

○ A new phase of the war that replaces Skirmish mode

○ Defeated faction converts to the Resistance after World Conquest

○ Gameplay differences between World Conquest and Resistance Phase

• Resistance faction gains access to the Resistance Camp structure • The Tech Tree declines over time, resulting in Lost Technology

• Uprisings will randomly occur at towns held by the Conquest victor

• Uprisings will only occur for the few few hours of the Resistance Phase

• Uprisings will cause the town base and garrisons to flip to the Resistance

• Uprisings will cause all other AI defenses to be instantly disabled

World Changes

■ All regions are now connected (you can walk from anywhere in the world to anywhere else)

○ Reaching Trail is now connected to Mooring County, Callahan's Passage, and Weathered Expanse

○ Great March is now connected to Westgate, Heartlands, and Umbral Wildwood

○ All the maps mentioned above have had their layouts expanded or changed to accommodate the new connections

Game Balance

■ Satchel Charge damage increased by 50%

■ Concrete Draw Bridges now have 25% more health

■ Sticky Bombs are no longer stackable

■ Sticky Bombs no longer require a Technology unlock ■ AT Rifle location has been moved on the Tech Tree ■ Cargo Ship Tech Part requirement reduced from 600 to 200

■ Light Tank Ammo no longer requires a Technology unlock

■ 7.92mm Ammo no longer requires a Technology unlock. ■ Civic Center requirement is lowered from 500 Upgrade Parts down to 350.

■ Encumbrance value of Tech Parts changed to match Upgrade Parts

■ Sunken Pillbox damage mitigation when in sunken state reduced from 95% to 66%.

Other Changes

■ Component resource nodes have new visuals

■ Rifle reload and equipping animations have been revamped

■ Heavy Machine Gun reload, emplacement, and firing animations have been revamped

■ Railroad assets on Deadlands have been updated

■ Region border visual effects have been improved.

Bug Fixes

■ Road on Umbral Wildwood at grid space N7 has been drawn in

■ Players can no longer pass through the map boundary in Endless and Umbral

■ Trees on the road in Great March I5k8 have been removed

■ Vehicle item storages now stack ammunition properly

■ Mountain on the South-East side of Jade Cove is no longer climbable

■ Specific faction unlock issues have been addressed.

■ Players can no longer build on coastlines where sand meets water.

■ You can no longer ping enemy players on your friendlist by Commending them.

■ Travelling from deadlands-J1k3 to Callahan's Passage will no longer place you in a mountain.

■ You will now be able to access vehicles that are under closed bridges.

■ Factory queue order UI has been repositioned ■ Press E to travel prompt no longer overlaps Barge and Cargo Ship deploy prompts ■ Fixed some buildings in Jade Cove that were unreachable by Construction Vehicle. ■ Howitzers in the home region are now usable.

■ Containers can no longer be accessed through walls.

■ Fixed a variety of buildings that could not be interacted with using the Shift E interaction menu

■ Dropped backpacks should no longer prompt you to repair them when damaged.

■ Red border outlines have been added to Umbral Wildwood, Weathered Expanse, and Great March.

■ Textures on beach in Farranac Coast have been normalized.

■ Fixed some layering issues with map icons

■ Entering water while switching detail level will no longer cause the treading effect to appear behind the player on land.

■ Smoke Grenade now triggers the visibility indicator.

■ Gunboats should no longer move at high speed when interacting with shallow landscapes.

■ Port Base Shipyards are now invulnerable to being scorched by a Rocket. ■ You should now be able to step onto a low sandbag in front of a sandbag wall more easily.

■ Vehicles will now leave off-road tracks on Fisherman's Row.



Can the camp power defenses?



I dont like this update. Tanks from day 1. What a fail :(





- Custom squad name

- Squad creation and permissions work in global mode, not only in region

- Show squad name as TAG next to name

- Squad members marked on different colour inside the game (name and on map)

- Add an separate list player when press F1 to show squad members.


I Love You Devs! Thank you in advance!



OH MY GOOOOD, 20 mins to new cute tank :)

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