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Update 20 Release Info

The biggest update in Foxhole history will soon be upon us. Update 20 : Foundation of War releases on Dec 12th! Here is some important things to know about the days leading up to release.


Catch up on all the new features and content coming to Update 20:


1) Winding down War #18

To ensure that World Conquest completes before Update 20 releases, we will be reducing the number of required victory towns by 1 or more each day leading up to Dec 11th. Remember that this is the last time you will be able to play in classic Caiova before the entire world is transformed.

2) Devstream 52 - Tues Dec 11th 2pm

We will be doing one final preview for Update 20. Tune in on our Twitch channel for some last minute surprises!

3) Pre-release Update - Tues, Dec 11th

The day before the official update goes out we will be patching the game with an initial version of 0.20 to ensure that everything is stable ahead of the official release date.

4) Official Release + Conquest - Wed, Dec 12

The first World Conquest in the new world of Foxhole will be starting at 11AM ET and a final patch for Update 20 will be issued beforehand if necessary. Also look out for the official Foundation of War trailer, which will be going live in the morning!

3 Yorum

07 Ara 2018

I cannot explain how excited I am for this update, if only it wasn't on a Wednesday...


07 Ara 2018

This is a BIG leap for foxhole and the update we have all been waiting for. Great work!!


07 Ara 2018

this is great. I am excited. the only one of these 620 people. Except the ones who show excitement on discord.

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