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Update 0.17 FAQ

We've made quite a few big changes to Foxhole in 0.17. We know that not everyone will be comfortable with everything, so we've tried our best in this post to provide answers to the common questions that might be asked. Remember that we're constantly updating Foxhole so if there is something we've broken then we can always have a discussion with you guys on Discord or Reddit and make changes if necessary!

1) Why are Tech Parts no longer stackable? Isn't this just going to be a big pain for logi players?

Ultimately we want Upgrade Parts to not be stackable, which requires the same for Tech Parts since Tech Parts can be converted to Upgrade Parts at any town once it's Refinery has been built.

We made Upgrade Parts non-stackable because we want activities like claiming a victory town, building a permanent base, or establishing a major logistics center to be monumental achievements done by groups of players. We want areas of high strategic value to exist and this can't happen if building these areas doesn't require effort over time that can be visibly countered by the enemy (i.e. trucks on the road that can be ambushed).

In addition, we want to eliminate "cheap" tactics that might be employed to win the Conquest. For example, if Upgrade Parts were stackable, one individual could sneak through a back route with hundreds of Upgrade Parts in their backpack and then use them to claim a victory town without anyone knowing. Contrast that with the requirement that Trucks must deliver in the Upgrade Parts and these Trucks can be blockaded or hijacked.

To also help mitigate change, Research Parts ARE stackable. This means that any Tech Parts collected near the front can be converted to Research Parts, stacked, and then delivered in large quantities back to the Tech Centers.

We understand this is an uncomfortable change, but we ask that you try it out and then give us your feedback. If we find through real world play testing that this change doesn't work, then we'll be happy to find alternatives in future updates.

2) With Tech Parts being required to Build Facilities, isn't there going to be a major shortage?

There's several changes we've made to mitigate this. First, the overall drop rate for Tech Parts has been increased by 30%. We've also made Scrap Mines have a high chance of dropping Tech Parts on Scrap orders.

3) Isn't there going to be a major logistics bottleneck at the start of the Conquest?

Each Port Base is stockpiled with 500 starter Upgrade Parts. This will allow players to quickly build up Refinery and Factory facilities right at the start of the Conquest. This will essentially allow players to build their own starter logi towns at the start.

4) Is just going to add more work for logistics players?

In some specific areas of the game (claiming Victory towns), more logistics work will be necessary but we feel that it's a good player driven alternative to waiting on timers. However, we feel that the overall logistics has a chance of being more efficient. Previously, players had to potentially travel over two regions to do a deliver supplies to the enemy Port Base regions since production didn't exist in the center. Players now have the power to create logistics centers anywhere and this will especially help with the logistics "grind" in the end game since it won't be necessary to drive all the way back to your friendly Port Base for production.

5) The new UI is harder to use than the old one, Why did you do this to us?

Using a new UI always takes time to get used to. Give the new UI a few days and if there are certain workflows that are harder to perform with the new UI let us know on Discord or Reddit and we'll address them.

6) Why are major gameplay mechanics being changed when they don't seem broken in the first place?

Foxhole is in Early Access. We have every intention to make sure that Foxhole is being made according to our vision for it. Changes will be made frequently, and sometimes dramatically to ensure that Foxhole reaches it's end goal.


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