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Streamer Spotlight: HelpingHans


A Huge Thanks

HelpingHans has been a longtime fan and streamer of Foxhole. Many of you have probably seen him running around inside the game world killing Colonials and giving Foxhole a tonne of visibility in a space where Foxhole has indeed benefited, and we are indebted to him. If you haven't already subscribed to his stream, twitter, or other social media I strongly suggest you check him out. If you liked Foxhole, then you will definitely like a lot of the other content he puts out (as well as he's a phenomenal Company of Heroes player).

The video below we brought to PAX in place of our own trailer. It was that good. Check it out.


About Helping Hans

Hey guys, I'm HelpingHans aka James. I am 24 years of age and a top tier 1v1 player in Company of Heroes 2. I have been streaming for a few years and it all started because of my love for this great game. In VCoH I was a high level player on the first page of the leader-boards with many factions. My favourite faction was Panzer Elite where I used to love trying out inventive strategies and using the mighty armored car. Now a new era has begun with the dawn of CoH2. My aim is to attempt to become one of the most feared players out there, crushing all in my path.

Please join me on this adventure by sitting back, relax and by enjoying some high quality CoH2 action.

Interest: WW2, Japanese Culture, Anime, Vocaloid (music), Competitive Gaming, Badminton, TV Shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Also for those wondering about the animation on my stream it is Girls Und Panzer which I highly recommend if you love WW2 and animation.

Schedule: Pretty Random really, I normally start streaming after 4pm every day.


  • 1st Place CoH2 1v1 ESL March Monthly

  • 1st Place CoH2 1v1 Kickoff Cup ESL

  • 1st Place CoH2 Competitive Mod Tournament

  • 1st Place CoH2 The British Fronts Tournament

  • Crowned King of the Hill January Season 1

  • CoH2 2v2 Pro/Am Tourney 1st place with Relic Dev Ben


How does supporting HelpingHans support Foxhole?

Foxhole is not an easy game to stream. It has limited visibility and a lot of stuff happens very slowly. If someone manages to capture an audience while enjoying our game we know we've found someone special. Many aspiring streamers would learn a lot about engaging their community and enjoying the game just by watching him play. Your support of HelpingHans, by streaming or by donating, is letting him know that our community wants to see more of him. Obviously we won't be able to take him away from Company of Heroes too much lest he gets rusty, but if his audience grows to include more of the Foxhole troupe he'll maybe be able to find some time to play with us more often.

Give him your love and check him out in any of the links below

Thanks guys!



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