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PAX East 2018

Photo Credit: Caspar

Want to attend the next one?

We're not sure if we'll have a booth at PAX West, but we will definitely be there in one form or another. If you want to join us, here's how you get tickets (It's tough). You'll need to follow the PAX twitter: @Official_PAX and also @PAX_Badges .

The tickets will probably go on sale in early June. I'll try to give you guys some warning on discord when to start checking your phones, but you'll want to start booking your hostels/hotels now if you want to have a place near the convention hall. It doesn't cost anything to book a hostel now, so just reserve it, and if you don't get tickets you can always cancel the reservation. If you wait until after tickets go on sale, you'll probably have a rough time finding a place.

PAX West takes place on Sept 1 - 4. Hit me up on discord if you have any questions.

Photo Credit: HB

This is a picture from PAX West 2017. This is what you'll be missing out on.


PAX East 2018 - The Setup

PAX this year was a complete turnaround from previous years (or so I'm told) because of the sheer number of people who came to our booth that had 'already played'. I would say about half the people I talked to had, at some point, played the game, or already own the game and just wanted to stop and say Hi.

If you've never been to PAX, here's a few pictures of the exhibition hall on Wednesday before opening day.


And here's us setting up on that same day. I made sure to capture only the best, most flattering angles. Notice our luggage on the floor. We also fumbled around with the remote for an hour trying to figure out how to raise the volume.


At the Booth

On opening day we met the enigmatic Caspar, the famous SCE_Handsome_Stalin, and FCL coordinator extraordinaire Goonboon, who test-trialed our booth. We also discovered that the convention hall had some newly installed wireless access ports which gave us an extremely limited connection to the internet... so we took full advantage of that. It was really hard to play with so much lag, but we found a bunch of really exciting ways to show off the game which we could never do before.

Photo Credit: Caspar

Here's the finished Booth.


This was only half the line to get inside. The other half was still outside going through the metal detectors.


Photo Credit: Caspar

We had discord up on the big screen there showing you guys live (thanks for keeping it clean...). Handsome Stalin also lookin' handsome on the right there next to Adam.


Caspar gave a literal high-five to you guys on the internet. The image under his hand reads, "Place Hand here".


Much coffee was consumed in the making of this PAX.


To you guys this is just a picture of Caspar in the home region. To us, it was photographic evidence that the limited wifi would support our game in a semi-playable fashion for the first time ever.


Photo Credit: Caspar

Photographic evidence that the moderators do, in fact, play Foxhole!


Photo credit: Caspar

No good con is complete without a selfie. I needed to include this to give someone the chance to meme Caspar.


The whole crew was gathered around the screens on Saturday watching the Colonials struggle to regain The Cut from the Wardens, in order to extend the war into Sunday. We were really hoping the Colonials would take this one, just so we'd have something to watch the next day!


Intel from both teams patched in live to the command center.


Yup. We were there.


The Whole Gang

A big part of PAX is the exhibitor after-parties, where you line up for 3 hours in the cold outside a big grey building for a chance to get some food and swag. This was ours. No line, no disco ball or streamers, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

The Foxhole After-Party




With Tags on closing day!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to lend your support! We had such an amazing time. I'm already getting excited for PAX West, where I'll be more in my home element. I live for these gatherings. If you guys come, maybe you will too.

If you're still waiting on the community highlights don't worry! It's coming up.


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