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Overview of World Conquest Gameplay

With World Conquest version 1 arriving into the dev branch today, I wanted to give an overview of everything that's different and new about this new way to play Foxhole. Remember that World Conquest will initially be in a highly experimental state, which means that game mechanics and balance will be a work in progress. Also expect bugs.

What is World Conquest

World Conquest is one component of the upcoming One World Revamp. It is a large scale war that takes place over all regions in the world simultaneously. Players can walk or drive between regions via travel portals along border roads. Since the war is persistent across all regions, player activity in one region can have a direct impact on others.

One of the goals of World Conquest is to enable wars that last for many days (possibly weeks). Inevitably, the pacing of the game will be much slower. Players won't be able to build up their weapons and vehicles as instantly as before. More effort will have to be put into planning before a major operation can occur.


  • The Manufacturing Plant has been replaced by the Refinery

  • Resources that are submitted to the Refinery take time to convert to materials

  • Resource node respawn times have been reduced across the board

The new Refinery UI


  • Technology Levels for structures no longer exist

  • Technology is now unlocked on a per item/vehicle/structure basis at the Technology Center at the Port Base for each faction

  • Technology is unlocked by submitting Tech Parts to the Technology Tree

  • After a Technology is unlocked, the corresponding item/vehicle/structure will be available

  • Certain items & vehicles also require Blueprints to be printed before they can be produced


  • Blueprints are printed at the Technology Center

  • Blueprints must be submitted to a Workshop/Weapon Factory/Vehicle factory, before the corresponding item/vehicle can be produced

  • Producing an item/vehicle consumes 1 Blueprint

Technology Tree & Blueprint UI


  • Instead of being able to build Town Halls and Outposts directly, lower tiered versions of these structures must be built first

  • There are two types of bases

  • Static Bases - Fixed locations like Towns and Farms

  • Forward Bases - Location determined by players

  • Only some static bases can be upgraded to all the way to Tier 3 (Town Hall)

  • Each base has a Garrison Size, which dictates the radius at which defensive structures will be manned by AI

  • Garrison Size also must be maxed out before a higher tier version of a Base can be build

  • For example, an Encampment (Tier 1 forward base) must first be built

  • The Encampment Garrison Size must grow to 50 before it can be upgraded to a Field Base (Tier 2 forward base)

  • The Garrison Size currently grows automatically at a very slow rate

  • Note: We are looking into ways to influence the Garrison Growth rate in the future

Bases take time to upgrade to Town Halls or Outposts

Port Base

  • Port Bases are special areas in the coastal regions (e.g. Farranac Coast and Endless Shore) that act as the fallback points for each faction

  • Port Bases are heavily fortified and contain special structures like the Technology Center and more powerful versions of defensive structures

Port Bases are safe fallback points for each faction

World Map and Communications

  • The World Map can now be accessed from the Map screen by pressing 'W'

  • From the World Map view, clicking on a region name will display the local map for that region

  • In text chat, '/w' can be used to send a message to the entire team across the world

  • Special alerts are now sent to the world when

  • A base is under attack

  • A location has been claimed by either faction

World Map View allows any regional map to be viewed from anywhere

World Notifications will alert factions when a base is under attack

World Travel

  • Players can travel between regions by following a road that leads to a border. We intend to support travelling via water passageways in the future but this feature is disabled for now.

Player Visibility

  • Enemy players will no longer be visible on the F1 player screen

Win Condition

  • The war is now won by the faction that builds all available Town Halls

  • Static bases that can be upgraded to Town Halls appear visually distinct on the map screen (they have a gray background)

Towns that are part of the win condition now have a circular gray background on the map


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