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Naval Warfare Arrives Oct 26

Foxhole’s next major update arrives this fall and expands its persistent online war from land to sea, enabling thousands of concurrent players to join player built fleets and engage in full fledged naval battles. In this massive overhaul, players will step onto the decks of battleships, invade distant shores in high stakes beach landings, conquer new island based territories, and more.

Foxhole Naval Warfare arrives on October 26th!


  • Fleets of Ships - Build and deploy impressive fleets of Gunboats, Destroyers, and massive, screen-spanning Battleships with dozens of players on deck.

  • Massively Multiplayer Crews - Operate new classes of large naval vessels with crews that must work in tandem above and below deck, taking control of engine rooms, sonar, navigation, and other ship systems.

  • Naval Tactics & Strategy - Coordinate with shipmates to deliver and load ammunition, launch depth charges, and deploy sea mines in nail biting, tactical naval battles.

  • In-Depth Ship Simulation - Ship subsystems can be individually destroyed and compartments may become flooded. Seawater must be bailed out and leaks repaired to stay afloat during naval engagements. In critical moments of battle, players must decide between sealing off flooded rooms or risking the total loss of a ship.

  • Submarines - A new threat emerges from the depths. Invisible to conventional intelligence equipment, Submarines can traverse the seas undetected, ambushing convoys and thwarting naval invasions before they begin.

  • Beach Landings - Players can now deploy directly at sea onto Base Ships and storm beaches using new amphibious landing craft designed to ferry both infantry and armour. Portable harbours can be constructed to supply beachheads and support inland troops after a successful invasion.

  • Island Warfare - The world of Foxhole has been expanded with new water-based regions. Complete with strategic islands and offshore oil platforms, these new territories set the stage for thrilling new naval campaigns.

  • Towing - Trucks, Half-Tracks, and other specialized vehicles can now attach and tow field weapons and other equipment, increasing mobility on the battlefield.

  • Trailers - Three specialized types of transport trailers allow additional resources, materials, and fuel to be hauled on cargo runs to the front.

  • Additional New Content - Naval Warfare also includes a new Heavy Duty Truck class, deployable field guns, heavy mobile artillery, player built ballistic rocket sites, and more.



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