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Moderator Policies Addendum

Moderator Policies - Addendum Nov 13

This addendum is intended to clear up some of the misunderstandings from the last dev blog about moderation, in response to the tremendous community feedback.

If you're in the minority, we care about you the most, not the least.

There is a misunderstanding where some players concluded we don’t care about them because they are in a minority of players who have played the game extensively (100s, or 1000s of hours). This is the opposite of what was meant. The mod team is rarely used by players with less than 20 hours, and is composed primarily of dedicated players to help the veterans with complex issues that they cannot solve themselves.

We aren’t playing favorites with our friends

Players are never given free passes. The purpose of this is to outline that our goal is to treat players like human beings instead of numbers. In this particular case, this player acted extremely out of character. We talked to the player directly out of genuine concern and found his reasons to be caused by frustration and personal issues outside-of-game, and we did not believe after talking to him that he would repeat the act. The supplies, in this case, were replaced discreetly. The player was banned, and has not to-date repeated the offense.

We do replace items lost by griefers.

Let me be clear: We DO replace items lost by griefers. In blatant cases such as the one described above, they are replaced.

What is the future of Foxhole Moderation

This devblog post has only succeeded in one one very important way. It has opened my eyes to a lot of different perspectives about the way we run the mod team. It is clear to me now that we need to change many of these policies. This has been a common theme for a long time, and I think now is the time to really shake things up.

I will need time to discuss some changes with my team, and make the necessary adjustments. Many of you will probably already have a list of changes in mind, and I encourage you to share them. I will return to this discussion in 2 weeks with a list of changed policies, and we will discuss them again to make sure it aligns with what you need the moderator team to be for you to enjoy the game.

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Unknown member
14. Nov. 2019

Thank you for this clarification and update. No one expects changes overnight, just that there is visible action in the right direction. We understand no policy will be perfect, all we ask is that you listen to the community when making the decisions that have consequences for all of us.

Gefällt mir
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