Holiday Events 2016

We got a couple of special events planned for the holidays! Check out the calendar above for the dates and below for the details.

1) Dev War - Dec 20th @ 1:00 PM ET To introduce Foxhole's brand new map (Callahan's Passage) and to kick off the holiday season, there will be a special war on Tuesday that the entire dev team will be participating in. We will be fighting on the side of the Colonials. No favourites here. It was a coin toss decision!

2) Christmas Event - Dec 25th (All Day) There will be a special feature enabled on Christmas day that should provide some extra fun for anyone dropping in.

3) Holiday War - Dec 28th @ 4:00 PM ET We will be running an extra war between Christmas and New Years so more Foxhole fun can be had for those of you with extra time over the holidays. Matt will be joining in on the war and also doing a live stream and Q&A on our Twitch channel.

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