Foxhole Holiday Events

The holidays are approaching soon and the dev team will soon be taking a short break after delivering 23 game updates in 2017. Don't think this means Foxhole will be slowing down over the holidays. In our soon to become annual tradition (we did the same last year), we are bringing you some special events before the year end!

2017 was a big year for Foxhole, the community, and the dev team. I hope we can all take the next two weeks to celebrate and enjoy these events.

Dev Skirmish Details To kick off our holiday event schedule, you will be able to play Foxhole with the devs!! The event will be a 3 hour skirmish that starts at 3PM EST, but the lobby will open at 2:30 so be ready to join in!



- Map: Tempest Island

- Modifiers: Technology will be increased, Town Halls will be stocked with Explosive Material

- Devs, mods, and community helpers will be joining the Colonials (anyone is free to join if there are extra slots)

- Player count will be limited to 32vs32 initially, but we'll open extra slots if needed

Holiday Live Discussion Stream Details Tune in on our Twitch Channel at 2pm EST on Dec 27th for a live stream discussion with the developers of Foxhole a variety of topics including features planned for 2018.

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