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Foxhole Fan Art Contest 2024 Winners

We were absolutely blown away by the incredible artwork submitted to our 2024 Fan Art Contest. The art produced by the community always sparks conversations amongst the dev team and the submissions to the contest were no exception.

After careful deliberation, we are thrilled to announce the selected winners.


1st Place - Micko

"I am a big fan of submarines and submarine sims. So, I found it fitting to have my submission be a convoy escorted by Destroyers at night and a Submarine makes a surprise night attack but is spotted by one of the destroyers before it could send off any torpedo".

We were stunned by the impressive display of technical skill in this piece. Micko's adept use of their medium to create distinct textures throughout the piece is beyond impressive. The lighting in the piece is exceptionally well-executed - the way the light interacts with various surfaces is beautifully done. The piece conveys a compelling narrative that's nothing short of amazing.

2nd Place - Sored

"The Ronan Gunship reminds me of the kind of patrol ship we can see in movies like Apocalypse Now. And as a player I really loved naval operations along the coast. I chose to paint something to show that, with a bit of craziness to bring a bit more "life" into the picture."

We adore the way this artwork captures the movement of water and the intricate interactions between various objects. Additionally, the colour grading gives it a nostalgic feeling, reminiscent of old travel postcards.


It can't be stressed enough how beautiful and inspiring the art from the community has been. We were so impressed with all the submissions that we've decided to increase the number of honourable mentions from five to six!

Without further ado, here are your six honourable mentions, listed in no particular order.


Red Donut

"My art piece shows the vastness of the sea and in it a naval duel between the two current naval titans of Foxhole. Black smoke coming from destroyed naval vessels both - Warden and Colonial - rendered the once blue sky into darkness.".

The composition of this piece is very well done. The roaring storm and its impact on the waves adds to the intensity of the battle raging between these two Battleships. Beautifully done Donut!


"“Judgment Day” - This artwork presents a huge, epic and panoramic scene of a naval battle. The work started in March, I organized all existing ships at that time and lined them up to devote them into a fierce combat with battleships firing against each other and gunboats circling around. I think it will be the best way to present the theme of “naval action”".

Behold the impressive scale of these boats! We admire how this artwork accurately captures the true grandeur of the Battleships.


"Foxhole is set during a sort of interwar period, the place in time where tactics and machinery from WW1 were still in their infancy. The ships that I display here are an example of that interwar theme for the ships, these vessels still duke it out in a line—sending out powerful broadsides to bash the enemy. However, the ships displayed here are still dreadnoughts of sorts, gifted with the heaviest guns and most advanced naval technology that their homeland can supply".

The use of watercolours and pens really made this piece stand out. Watercolours are a challenging medium to use, but this piece nails it and shows the power of ships firing. Well done Comrade!


"A Callahan-Class Battleship and it's escort duelling with a Colonial Destroyer at night".

This piece conveys a lot of emotion and the characters in the scene each have their own personality. It also a great use of simplified art style - the team has always been really fond of these sorts of pieces.

Foxy ♥

"Colonials launch a full-scale naval invasion to capture and destroy assets critical to the Warden war efforts. I wanted to make something that showed the scale of foxhole, how multiple engagements and tasks can be happening at the same time. Not accurate to one map, most inspiration is from Conclave, Origin and the real world".

We love how this piece captures the true scale of a naval Landing. Everywhere you look in this piece there's another cog in the machine performing their task. The piece truly shows off the spirit of Foxhole.


"A lone soldier looking at the remains of a destroyed naval ship".

This piece conveys such a profound sense of sadness and prompts contemplation about how we arrived at this point, wondering what great battles took place. Great stuff Snowfall.


And that has been the winners and honourable mentions for the Third Foxhole Fan Art Contest! Congratulations to all the winners!

We'd like to express our gratitude to all those who submitted pieces to the competition and also our thanks to everyone who creates art to share with the wider community. We're always monitoring the foxhole-creative channel on the Discord. We truly believe we have one of the most talented communities in gaming. Sincerely, Gabriel


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