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Foxhole Fan Art Contest 2024

Updated: Mar 25

Foxhole fanart has continued to impress us over the years so we wanted to do our third installment of the Foxhole Fan Art Contest. 


Sticking with the year of Naval Warfare the theme for the contest will be Naval Action. This could be a large naval battle, a convoy bringing supplies to an island, a ship resupplying at a Dry Dock, to name a few examples.


All valid submissions will be judged by developers at Siege Camp personally. Here are some considerations to be made:

  • A variety of mediums can be used! 3D models, digital art, hand-drawn art, anything that can be captured in one final image.

  • The stronger the theme relates to your art, the better.

  • Some examples of things we are not interested in:

    • Clan specific pieces

    • Portraits of individuals or “self-inserts”

Entry Deadline:

Entries start on March 19th and end on May 13th.

Winners will be announced on May 21st.


1st Place:

Custom, signed naval themed Foxhole diorama

Large Naval Warfare mouse pad

Colonial and Warden flag patches

Foxhole sticker pack

2nd Place:

Colonial and Warden flag patches

Foxhole sticker pack

5 Honourable Mentions:

Foxhole sticker pack


  • Your entry must be submitted within the dates listed above

  • You must provide valid contact information

  • You must provide an attribution name (what you would like us to call you publicly, for example your username)

  • A brief description of how the theme is reflected in your art

  • All personal information will be kept private

  • All submissions must be original content

  • All submissions must be made without the use of AI

  • All submissions must be in a PNG, JPEG, or Traga format.

  • If any conditions are not met you will be disqualified. Please read the submission form carefully

  • A member of the development team will contact the winners after they’re announced on May 21st regarding prizes.


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