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Foxhole Competitive League - Season 4

The Registration will OPEN on:

Aug 04, 2019

@ 00:01 (AM) ET

The Registration will CLOSE on:

Aug 14, 2019

@ 23:59 (PM) ET

Important: The following message comes directly from the FCL Staff. This is not an official clapfoot event.

FCL is officialy spreading its wings to fly for the 4th time in Foxhole's History! I'd like to inform you that we are now at a far enough stage in our development to search for teams to participate in this season! If you are a potential team leader wanting to have more info, we are organising 2 meetings with the Staff and all interested Team Leaders on Saturday 03/08 at 11AM EST and 6PM EST to review the rules of this season's FCL! PM Akiira#0050 or Marenova (Merijn#4581) if you want more info on the meetings. If you are a teamless player join our Subtitutes army and be available during future matches. If a clans doesn't have enough members present for a match (ex.17) we will pick the missing amount of players (ex. 3) in the available substitutes randomly, so you'll be able to participate even without a team!

To find out more, join the discord here.


The FCL Organizers


Roman Barthel
Sep 13, 2019

is the leauge offline or close when is the next leauge?


Sep 02, 2019


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