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Foxhole 0.9.26 Hotfix Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.9 client by switching to the "Update-0.9" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​

IMPORTANT: This update is a hotfix that contains bug fixes and game balance changes for the next World Conquest test event which is started shortly after this release.

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Previously claimed bases that are rebuilt by the other faction now revert back to Tier 1

  • Port Base defensive structures (Bunkers & Pillboxes) are now invulnerable

  • Soldier Supplies can no longer take up anymore than 5 item slots in bases

Game Balance

  • Prebuilt bases in coastal regions now start at Tier 2 with maxed out Garrison Sizes (nearby Garrisions are now active as a result)

  • Foxholes, Wooden Pillboxes, Encampments, and Garrison Camps health increased by 50%

  • Frag Grenade Explosive Material cost increased from 0 to 40

  • HE Grenade Explosive Material cost increased from 40 to 80

  • HE Grenade no longer requires Blueprints

  • Rifle Grenade Launcher requires Blueprints

  • Scrap node resource amount and gather rate decrased by 50%

  • Component node resource amount decrased by 50% and gather rate decreased by 40%

Other Changes

  • A notification is now shown worldwide to the team when a new technology is unlocked

  • A HUD notification is now shown when a player is firing at an invulnerable structure

  • Squad lock automatically is removed after 45 minutes instead of 80 minutes

  • Discord Rich Presence no longer shows player counts in World Conquest mode

Major Bug Fixes

  • Destroying and rebuilding a T2 base no longer prevents players from using it as a spawn point

  • HE Grenades are no longer stockpiled in coastal region starter bases

  • Passwords work again on community servers

  • Home Base status no longer switches to another base after an upgrade occurs in enemy port regions

  • FMG and Field Artillery repair collisions have been fixed

  • FMG collisions have been fixed so mounted players can be damaged from behind again

  • Fixed issue with travelling not occurring after the countdown, but instead happening at a much later point in time after the player has left the travel aree

  • Fixed issue that caused players to spawn at the border instead of at the Port Base at the start of the war

  • Enemy Blueprints can now be properly submitted to the Vehicle Factory

  • Items inside a vehicle can no longer be duplicated at the border by destroying the vehicle before it travels

  • Fixed one issue that caused players to lose their vehicles when travelling between regions

  • Join Last War button on the server browser screen now properly works with World Conquest mode


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