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Foxhole 0.8 Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.7 client by switching to the "Update-0.7" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​

New Content

  • New Vehicle: Light Utility Vehicle aka "Jeep"

  • A multipurpose off-road 4 passenger vehicle with 6 inventory slots

  • Automatically gathers Map Intelligence on nearby targets

  • New Equipment: Radio Backpack

  • Can be used to gather Map Intelligence on targets near a targeted and visible area

  • Press 'G' to scout an area

  • New Map: Tempest Island

  • A new skirmish map featuring a large central town and pre-existing Howitzer positions

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Map Intelligence

  • Scouted structures, vehicles, and infantry are now visible on player maps

  • Maps are time sensitive, meaning that target locations may be outdated depending on how recent the map was updated

  • Maps can be updated at Town Hall / Outpost or by equipping a Radio

  • Endless Shore

  • Revamped to include Draw Bridges, Shipyards, and some changes in layout

  • Fisherman's Row

  • Minor changes layout

  • Skirmish Mode Changes

  • 3x Technology Rate

  • 4 hour time limit is enforced

  • 3 end conditions: Victory, Defeat, or Stalemate (No victory after time limit ends)

  • Stalemate end condition can be manually triggered by a moderator on Campaign wars

  • New Gameplay Modifiers (Weekly War Games)

  • Encampment - Players can build Campsites, but not Outposts (Campsites act like a single player spawn point)

  • Stronghold - Town Halls are twice as resilient against all damage

Game Balance

  • Rifle damage reduced by 10%

  • Storm Rifle auto fire mode damage increased by 10%

  • Storm Rifle single shot mode damage increased by 8%

  • FMG Ammo Tech. Level reduced to Level 1

  • FMG is now disabled threshold changed from 60% to 30% health

  • RPG and RPG Ammo Tech. Level decreased from 3 to 2

  • Sticky Bomb Explosive Material cost reduced from 100 to 70

  • Watch Tower basic material cost increased from 35 to 60

  • Radio basic material cost increased from 60 to 120

  • Howitzer basic material cost reduced from 125 to 100

  • Radio cost increased from 120 for 10 to 100 for 5

  • Radio production time per item increased by 66%

Other Changes

  • Dynamic Map Grid

  • Grid overlay on the map screen now represents consistent distances across all maps

  • Letters and Numbers now huge the viewport, making it easier to identify coordinates

  • Keypad system is used to represent subcoordinates

  • Player coordinates can be retrieved by typing !coords

  • CTRL-LMB will insert map grid coordinates into text chat

  • Map UI improvements

  • Map centers on your player now when map is opened

  • Icons scaling is improved

  • Loading screens are now shown when trasitioning to a server

  • War end screen now indicates if a surrender occurs

  • Surrender alert/notification is only shown to your team

  • Chinese has been added to regional text chat filters

Major Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer get stuck in queues if they were in a queue during a war rollover

  • Mines can now be dismantled with a Wrench

  • Howitzer damage is now properly mitigated (75%) instead of passing right through armor

  • Draw Bridge material costs is now equivalent to normal bridges

  • Vehicles no longer get stuck on Heavy Gates when passing through them

  • Tanks no longer block damage from Green Ash

  • Using Binoculars no longers prevents local chat from working

  • Scrap nodes no longer interfere with aiming

  • Dropping no longer stops working sometimes after using a Town Hall

  • Shotgun can no longer be fired in quick succession when fully encumbered

  • Grenade Launcher can no longer be reloaded quickly while prone or crouched

  • Surrender timer no longer gets reset when rebuilding the last Town Hall

  • Player Profiles (portrait, bio, etc) are no longer wiped in really rare cases

  • Training Grounds servers no longer post to #war-is-starting

  • Throwing a Grenade close to a hedgerow on Upper Heartlands no longer causes the Grenade to fly high

  • Players can no longer build structures clipping with certain collisions

  • Items no longer disappear from structure inventories in very rare cases

  • Players no longer get stuck in Component nodes when they are depleted or respawn

  • Field Artillery and FMG now have proper destroyed meshes

  • It's no longer difficult to climb ladders if the camera was rotated

  • Barbed Wire no longer blocks area damage

  • Map fixes


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