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Foxhole 0.1 Release Notes (Early Access)

New Content

  • Light Tank

  • Devitt Mark III - Warden Variant

  • Hatchet H5 - Colonial Variant

  • Field Machine Gun

  • A wheel mounted, high caliber, anti-infantry gun that requires two soldiers to transport and operate

  • Storm Rifle

  • A selective fire rifle that supports both semi-automatic and fully automatic

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Field Artillery and Howitzer now have only one inventory slot, but can stack their respective ammo item types

Game Balance

  • Technology levels have been increased by 1 for Field Artillery and Half-Track to account for the new level used for the Field MG

  • Salve amount per node decreased from 100 to 50

  • Technology Part yield rate increased by 25%

Other Changes

  • New help screens now get displayed when entering the game for the first time

  • Offensive language is now filtered for profile text

Major Bug Fixes

  • All throwable items (i.e. Grenades) can no longer be thrown through walls when standing right next to them

  • SFX is now played when locking/unlocking any vehicle

  • Server no longer crashes occasionally when loading a new map


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