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Foxhole 0.0.8 Release Notes

New Content

  • New Vehicle: Transport Truck

  • Used to transport soldiers and items

  • New Item: Solider Supplies

  • Outposts/Campsites consume these when respawning players

  • New Item: Fuel

  • Vehicles consume these when they are in motion

  • New Buildable Structure: Concrete Wall

  • A near impenetrable wall that is used to fortify large areas

  • New World Structure: Oil Refinery

  • Provides resource nodes that can be extracted for Fuel

  • New World Structure: Vehicle Factory

  • Used to build vehicles

  • New World Structure: Supply Station

  • Produces Soldier Supplies

Gameplay Changes

  • New Feature: Fuel is extracted at the Oil Refinery and is required for vehicle operation

  • Player starts with the same starter kit, regardless of where they respawned

  • Starter kit now contains only: Rifle, Rifle Ammo (3), Pistol, Pistol Ammo (3), Hammer

  • Radio now uses the utility slot, instead of the tertiary equipment slot

  • Players can now manually set an Outpost or Campsite as their spawn point

  • Players will respawn at a random remote location if they have not set a spawn point

  • Players can no longer vault over build sites

  • Map changes

  • All respawn times have been decreased

Game Balance

  • Land Mines cost reduced from 20 to 10

  • Green Ash Grenade cost reduced from 15 to 8

  • Gas Mask cost increased frmo 5 to 8

  • Mortar range increased by 20%

  • HeavyMG range increased by 17%

  • HeavyMG ammo capacity increased frmo 32 to 50

  • SMG damage increased by 20%

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug that allowed Satchel Charges to damage friendly Outposts

Other Changes

  • Player character visuals change as they take damage

Known Issues

  • Mini-map in war mode does not show all Vehicle Factories and Oil Refineries

  • Soldier Supplies that appear in the initial Outposts can't be removed and don't show a stack size in the UI


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