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Foxhole 0.0.10 Release Notes

New Content

  • New Structure: Heavy Gate

  • A gate that prevents the enemy from accessing an area

  • New Item: Salvage

  • Can be salvaged into Building Materials at the Manufacturing Plant

Gameplay Changes

  • Material Production

  • Building Materials can only be obtained by salvaging at the Manufacturing Plant

  • Salvage can be extracted from Salvage nodes (using the Hammer) that exist in the world

Game Balance

  • Campsite starts with 1 instead of 3 Soldier Supplies

  • Increased damage of Land Mines (it's no longer possible to Sprint over them unharmed)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that allows Soldier Supplies to be removed from the Outpost via dropping

  • Fixed bug that allows players to keep a Truck's inventory UI open after it drives away

  • Fixed bug that causes passive defense structures to fire at destroyed Vehicles

Other Changes

  • Added key for hiding the HUD

Known Issues

  • Truck snaps to a different direction upon entry sometimes


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