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Development Update: June 2024

I wanted to take a quick moment to update everyone on what the Foxhole development team is working on, what to expect for the rest of this year, and some additional information that's hopefully helpful to some of you.

From the big picture perspective, the team is currently executing on the plan outlined in our devblog from late last year. If you don't have time to read that post, the summary is that the plan for 2024 was to take a break from major updates like Naval Warfare and Inferno and instead focus on refreshing past gameplay systems that are either out of date or have loose ends that need tying up.

To that end, in Update 56 we went back to refresh Facilities and Decay mechanics. In Update 57, we will be going back to refresh the Weather systems and follow up on another Facilities loose end. Given this is the year of Naval Warfare, there will be some additional content here as well. There will also be some targeted, small improvements to the new player experience and main menu user interface. Update 58 will largely be a maintenance update where we tackle the most urgent game balance/quality of life issues and put forth a focused effort on bug fixes before the next annual update. There may be some minor content here as well, but that's still being sorted out.

That brings us to 2024's annual update. This year's annual update won't be a large scale expansion like Naval Warfare or Inferno, but will still bring some significant changes in terms of gameplay and content. Beyond that, development will continue into 2025 with new updates and other big exciting things to look forward to.

We know there are many other things the community is highly interested in seeing such as changes to infantry gameplay, a review of bunker meta, more QoL, and improvements to moderation systems. These are all on our radar and will be included within the framework of the roadmap shown above. We typically avoid talking too much about what we're working on in advance since conditions can often change during development which can cause disappointment and unmet expectations. As much as possible, we prefer to listen, keep our heads down, and work on updates to deliver them into the hands of players as soon as possible. We hope to touch base again in the near future with more information on Update 57. Stay tuned!


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