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Devblog 31: Autumn Update Preview

I'm going to break traditional a bit and instead of doing a write up of what we're working on, I'm going to turn this post into preview for the upcoming Autumn Update (0.5) for Foxhole. Some of these features were already covered in the last devblog so please bear with me.

The Autumn Update is coming on Oct 12th and will feature a new game mode, a refresh on some vehicles and their functionality, and many major quality of life improvements. Additional bug fixes, game balance, and tweaks will also be included.

Disclaimer: The release date and feature set are subject to change depending on internal and dev branch testing. There are always last minute issues that may push back the release or cause features to be cut.

Vehicle Refresh

This update will feature three new vehicle models in the game: Warden Landing APC, Colonial Half-Track, and Warden Half-Track. In addition, the Half-Tracks are redesigned so they have a physical walkable area at the back that players can vault onto. This allows an additional passenger (besides the gunner) to ride at the rear of the vehicle and provide cover.

Colonial Half-Track finished in-game model

High Poly work in progress model for the Warden Half Track

Warden Landing APC finished in-game model

Quality of Life Improvements

Structure Visual Damage States

Structures will now change their appearance when they take enough damage. This will help players attackers identify weak points in a base and allow defenders to easily identify what needs to be repaired.

Visual Damage States

Treading Water

Players will now be able to tread water for a few moments instead of instantly dying. This addresses two issues we've had for awhile. Firstly, players will be able to survive being in water for quick periods of time which should reduce the strain in certain situations, such as jumping off a Landing APC prematurely or accidentally walking off the edge of a shore. Second, falling into water right now looks visually very buggy (the camera just falls right through the water and landscape) so this should add a bit more polish to that experience. To be clear, players will not be able to swim across a river and circumvent bridges.

Treading water

Character Context Menu

The character context menu will help players access functionality like squads, whispering, muting, and more by simply clicking on a character with the ALT key held down. Players can avoid having to scroll through the F1 screen to find players, which should make working with others nearby easier.

Character Context Menu


We're also working on a bunch of other quality of life improvements including:

  • Item inventory stacks of 100 instead of 99

  • Switching seats inside the cabin of a vehicle without exiting

  • Robust server queue resulting in less "stuck" queues and reduced wait times

Weekly War Games

The Weekly War Game mode will offer players a fresh take on wars every week. One or more gameplay modifiers will be applied to these wars, which will change one or more rules in the game. Modifiers will change on a weekly basis. There are two goals we have for this mode:

1) Brand new and experimental ideas can be tested without impacting the larger game

2) Regular players will have new gameplay to look forward to every week!

Here is a list of potential gameplay modifiers we are working on:


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