Dead Harvest Reckoning Cheat Sheet

The Dead Harvest Reckoning has begun! Here's a couple of tips:

  • Soulstones must be equipped (Press '3' key) before they can be used

  • If you have a Soulstone equipped, you will resurrect upon death automatically

  • All Cursed soldiers become faster in the late hours of the night

  • Shotguns deal significantly more damage to Cursed Soldiers (all 3 types)

  • Avartach and Balor Spawn have secondary attacks that can be activated by holding down RMB to aim and then pressing LMB

  • Balor Spawn attacks are effective against armoured targets like tanks

  • Balor Spawn's secondary attack has a very high chance of disabling Tracks on tanks

  • All items are dropped on the ground when resurrecting as a Cursed

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