Community Highlights 90

Hello Soldiers,

Every once in a while we make a post like this. It is meant to be a highlight of all the community content you guys put out, but there's just way too much of it! I tried to include as much of it as I could, but alas, this was all I could squeeze in. If you would like your artwork to be featured here, post it in the creative-highlights-submissions channel on our Foxhole Official Discord.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Aug 16, 2020. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.



By: Samsaturai

This is a drawing done to commemorate a grand heist conducted by GAS and RAID clans in which they stole a booster rocket from the Wardens during War 58. The rocket in his hand there is the goods they stole.

By: Sandrotsk

Really cool use of colours here.

By: Sarcastic

Buncha sneaky ninjas these CRG guys are. They're what James Bond would be if he was 3 guys in a world war 2 game.

By: Sarcastic

Maybar is pulling the strings.

By: Morrighan

This must have taken forever. It is phenomenal. I have a few questions about that purple-haired person though. I'm assuming that means s/he's the main character in this story.

By: Morrighan

Easily the most lore-centric clan in the game.

By: Buk

What Foxhole would look like if it was a 1980s Ghibli film.

By: Rickery

What Foxhole would look like if it was a 1990s Ghibli film.

By: Santrotsk

It's amazing how well that harvester blends in with the farmland. Like if there wasn't a war going on, this great machine would still be in use... farming.

By: Mummy

The determined, uncertain look of a man about to throw his life away to toss a stickybomb.

By: Pasta

Warden man hoards crate of much needed shirts by sitting on them.

By: Himawanabas

I want that scarf.

By: luiichan


By: Rickery

Yeah we know, we know. Uniforms. You want them. And if we had them, these would be great.

By: Souperior

That mustache is fantastic.

By: Dauntless1942

More uniforms! Also want these. Looks like winter clothing for both.

By: Agent Frost

I'd love to know if these pieces are standard or if you had to special order them or make them. In any case the resemblance is perfect.

By: Panzer4

Panzer4 does a great job arranging these assets.

By: Neptune

This would be the result if James from Team Rocket was a Warden revolutionary.

By: JangofettAlex


By: Presscorps, Miken, Trekker, Mothman & more

There are dozens more excerpts than these. This is just a small sample. The boys and girls over at Presscorps have been compiling nearly-daily reports of the events of the war.

Comics & Funny Stuff

By: luiichan

A good man always hears his lady.

By: Souperior

Accurate response by Superior.

By: luiichan

I consider it a full-time job delivering partisans via motorboat to the enemy shore. No return journey. Glory or death.

By: luiichan

This has happened to me more times than I care to admit.

By: Lisek

There's a video that accompanies this which accurately describes Akiira's displeasure.

By: Sir King Quarantine

Thinly-veiled 22ACR recruitment comic.


By: I Saw A Bear

I Saw A Bear once again coming in hot with a video to cover all of the changes to the game. I don't think we can promote this any harder if we tried.

By: Terran Marine & Credits

This must have taken ages to make. Mad props. I especially like the parts where its clipped foxhole footage. There's a lot of credit to spread around on this one. A lot of players collaborated here. But they are nicely credited at the end of the video.


It didn't work. But I'm glad they tried it. A play to see if the speed could outmatch the limited firing arc of the AT halftrack. Perhaps if there were fewer AT Halftracks...

By: Bob Semple Gaming

It is impossible to know when this fight happened. Battles over the Pits in Deadlands have been raging for many real-life days.

By: Akiira

Here's the video to accompany the comic posted above. WARNING: Strong language.

By: Low Tech Gaming

Want to watch a man just mow down enemies