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Community Highlights 89

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Hello Soldiers,

Its been a minute. There was a tonne of artwork sent to us over the last month and a half, but there was no way I could include all of it. Instead, I went and collected the best of the best. However if you did send us something and you don't see it here, please, please send it to us again. We'd be happy to include it in our next issue.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Jul 6, 2020. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.



Foxhole Community Census

By: Leo

This unofficial survey was run by Leo, who does one every year. We really do appreciate everyone giving their feedback through the form, and taking the time to fill out the questionnaire. It is quite enlightening.


Foxhole Competitive League

Video by: Duri89

If you didn't hear me gushing over the organizers of this tournament, you can find that here.



By: Lisek Original concept by: Kamil

Phenomenal art, as usual.


By: Sarcastic

Thank you Sarcastic for the exceptional anime. We almost didn't have any this time around. Think of it. A community highlight without anime.


By: Souperior

It astounds me how many different styles Souperior can effectively pull off. This is Thea Maro.


By: Pasta

Liking that gas mask. This is what the tank commander uniform would look like (if we had uniforms).


By: BlinkingPlace

Incredible 3d printing of the Colonial battletank. Time to get together with Klaus and assemble the whole set.


By: Souperior

Souperior again with his unique style.


By: SirGraveson

UBGE has been one of the longest-running clans of the game. Celebrating 4 years.


By: Vaxsin

The issue is those wardens are lookin' for army guys.


By: Souperior

Attack on Titan... I mean Caovia


By: Comrade Green

Comrade Green has built quite a few of these. You're going to have your work cut out for you when you do the rest of the vehicle post update 37.


By: Lercas

A combination of artwork from Lercas. I'm guessing that's Viper to the rear left.


By: Dauntless1942

Don't shoot these guys.


By: Souperior

Another dramatically different art style.


By: Hot21841

More bloody anime girls. You guys.


By: Lily Hotomutsu

I want to know more about the guy with the propeller hat.


By: luiichan



By: Lisek

Based on a real photo of another player (who I won't name).


By: Skaj

He's got a knife behind his back there.



By: Ferendris

This is a french guide to foxhole. We always appreciate it when players take the time and effort to create tutorials. This is, by and large, the best, most effective way for our playerbase to help development of the game. Thank you.


By: I Saw A Bear

I remember when this particular part of Jade Cove was under so much scrutiny we almost changed it. I'm really glad we didn't. This is one of the most iconic battlefield areas in the game. Tough on the Colonials if they ever lose Jade Cove.


By: Duri89

The final match of FCL is here. Duri does an excellent job capturing the highlights of each match.


Thanks for stopping by. We'll try to get back to a more regular Community Highlight schedule... at least until issue 100. Then maybe we'll stop forever!

But don't count on it.



By: Soy Basura


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