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Community Highlights 85

Hello Soldiers,

Welcome to Community Highlights 85 which is our eighty-fifth step on the road to 100 community highlights. 15 to go, which means only 30 more weeks. I'm going to have to think of something to do to commemorate it.

There was no devstream today so I have very little to say. Instead, I'm going to post some music. At the office we sometimes share what we're listening to to help liven up the day. Can you guess who posted which song? Can you guess our taste in music? Do you even care?


Selected at random from 3 different members of the team without their consent. If you guess accurately who suggested all 3 songs, I'll let you give me a backrub. Really, free of charge.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, April 6, 2020. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.




By: Mummy

I wasn't sure at first if either of these characters were women, but then I noticed the discrete line on their chest. Its subtle. It is there to denote cleavage, even if no such cleavage is visible such as from a baggy shirt. So yes, these are both women. You can trust me on that. I'm an expert on this sort of thing.


By: Luii

This is adorable.


By: Valarag

I think what he did was start with the profile image of the armored car and convert it to a drawing? I could be wrong. Looks great.


By: Klaktrak

Spot 'o tea for ya, 'gubbnah? Tip Tip Cheerio.


By: JabbaTheTrump

Jabba claims he drew this during a zoom meeting. Priorities are set just right.


By: Valarag

Superior Colonial Engineering at work here.


By: Marenova

The great church of HB is missing. What. The hell.


By: Mummy

I think I showed this before. But screw it. Tronks.


By: Bubbadeek

Bonks? Gunbonks?


By: Wren

Cheems memes.



By: I Saw A Bear

Some say the sniper rifle is weak. Maybe it is. But sitting on a hill and sniping baddies like this makes it all worth it.


By: 2foul

What is up with that filter?! This looks like it was shot by a grainy 1940s camera! I don't know if I hate it or love it but the footage is great. Love the piracy.


By: Geoffrey111995

This is excellent! An unbelievable amount of work went into this.


By: Duri89

Great match! Unlucky.


By: Duri89

Two of the best teams in the season face off. Not saying that because I'm biased or anything. No sir.


By: Duri89

And so begins the great APC debate!



I can't believe you guys have been around for two years.


By: Wolfie

Geeze Wolfie. There are parts of this video where it looks like you bound the 'cut video' button to mousewheel and just let 'er rip.


By: Eagle18101

These animations are getting better and better.


That was a super short community highlight. Which is fine by me. Means less work, and I can focus on the more important work. Like cleaning my desk. But who am I kidding i'm not going to clean my desk.



By: Nate


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