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Community Highlights 81

Hello Soldiers,

I told you I'd get back on schedule, didn't I? If you guys haven't seen our Clapfoot After Dark video podcasts yet, check it out. This most recent week we had a tonne of fun. Its especially fun for me because I so seldom get to just relax with everyone on stream. Its a good opportunity to talk about things that aren't Foxhole (although don't get me wrong, I do love to talk about Foxhole).

For example, I hope you guys are as excited for the connecting trench piece as I am. It's really going to open up the possibilities for these bases y'all are building. And I hope to see some really creative designs for the next highlight.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Jan. 13, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.




By: Mummy

That garrison house reminds me a lot of the old garrisons. The ones where you could go up onto the second floor. Man I miss those.


By: Jacklessthanthree

There was a cool reddit thread where players were writing up the backstory/lore behind this particular design. Check it out here.


By: Velo

I like how there's no white chess pieces. But that warden is thinking way too hard about his first move. Come on, man. Pawn to B4.


By: Janeza

As always, great work.


By: Jacklessthanthree

I love you.


By: Big Mac Gaming

This actually blew me away. I think when anyone thinks trains, they think logi. But how cool would it be to have this sucker riding around at the head.


By: Mummy



By: General Iron Head KR

I want those goggles.


By: Terrento

This looks... oddly familiar.


By: General Iron Head KR

Yup. Need this.


By: Michel

He coloured the Callahan statue. Looks surprisingly good.


By: Big Mac Gaming

I think I posted this before. Screw it.


By: Red Donut

This looks like something out of Little Rascals.


By: Orangang

Ok but like... lets just start with one plane.


By: Sunny

If this is a real battleplan, I have some criticism. Like why tether your APC to your armoured car. And why the armoured cars offroad? That's a death sentence.


By: Eagle18101



News & Propaganda

By: PressCorps

I'd swear the quality of these just keeps going up.


By: Marenova, Madssolini, Dredd

I actually really like these a lot. Don't get me wrong I love the PressCorps ones as well, but this has a flavour that I really like. I'd love it if it went full propaganda.



By: I Saw A Bear

Ok what the heck is up with your voice? This isn't really you is it? You've become such a large youtube star that you're paying someone else to film your videos for you like some kind of ghost-videographer.


By: Marenova

I thought this was just another propaganda video. But actually, there's a segment of this where a real-life cosplayer comes on-screen to fill in the voice over which is just.... just cool as shit.


By: Red Vipre

That's a war crime.


By: mwsoldier

The truly horrific side of war.... waiting to bleed out.


By: Morocco

Super annoyed that you got some relic APC footage and then cut it before anything interesting happened. What the hell happened to it?


By: Swoopster Jay

A genuine PvP video.


By: Trekker

There are those on the team who think this kind of APC gameplay is stupid. But they're wrong.


By: Hamon Hazo

Nice to see some new streamers out there. I even caught Tassen in one of these scenes. Good 'ol Tassen.


By: Stattikk

Look at all these trenches. Just wait till the new trench piece comes out. It's going to make a battlefield like this sooooooooo much better. You won't believe it until you see it. Trust me. It's good.


By: I Saw A Bear

Daaamn this is cool. This is exactly what this tank was made for. Supporting infantry, and absorbed a shit load of fire. The light tanks just dont cut it in this environment. Too many ambushes. Battletank though is just... Perfect. Street fighting is just cool too. I love hearing the infantry just scream at each other.


By: Bob Semple

Sigh... and I still get reports about these spots.


Alright get out of here. Crazy kids.



By: A. Soldier


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