Community Highlights 80

Hello Soldiers,

We're finally getting over the holiday spike, which means back to business as usual. Lots of new content coming down the pipe, and lots of new faces. The community art is no exception. We saw a whole bunch of newer artists display their work, as well as a lot of older ones.

I'm especially a huge fan of the comics, but there's some really good videos this time around too. I tried to keep the list short, but if you have a video you dearly want featured please let me know and I'll try to squeeze you in the next one.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Jan. 13, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.



By: Valo

If this was truly foxhole, his hand would be a garbled mess trying to hold those binoculars.

By: Red Donut

Argh... next time give this to me without the border. Makes it really hard to scale. But its really good.

By: Gereneral Iron Head KR

Gereneral is a new artist! But he did quite a few. I like this one the most. Very different art style than we're used to.

By: Panzer4WithAKeyholeTurtleneck

Mark challenged Panzer4 to make a battleship next. I'm writing that here to make sure that challenge was properly ratified.

By: Souperior

Yes this is Foxhole. For all you new guys, we had mechs in the game back in October for our halloween event. And no. You can't have them back.

By: Klaus Von Reinherz

3D printed, painted, based, and flocked. These are always amazing.

By: Jaenza

Happy New Year!

By: Gereneral Iron Head KR

It is actually terrifying to think about how many nuclear-missile-capable submarines there probably are in the world.

By: JangoFettAlex

This is really solid. Well done. Nice colouring.

By: Wakato

I want to see a whole bunker network. I especially love the stairs. I want something like this for our game.

By: Mummy

I believe Mummy made this for Trisha. Super nice of him.

By: Gereneral Iron Head KR

Our medics have a green cross. Jus' saying in case there are any lawyers out there.

By: Berkley Toreno

Give me a full panorama. Hundreds of models. One epic battle. Do it.

By: Reindeerman

This makes me uncomfortable for like 5 different reasons.

By: Overshock


By: Eagle101

You remember that scene from Band of brothers where he runs into his own grenade? This reminds me of that.

By: LibertyPrime

Not sure what this is but it looks great

By: Janeza

Hehehehe.... Dercas.

By: Mummy

The snow reflected in her eyes is a nice touch

By: Eagle101

A lot more death in this one than you usually have.

By: Janeza

Ahem! Green cross again!

By: Gereneral Iron Head KR

Fire would be sick.