Community Highlights 68

Hello Soldiers,


Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, May 13, 2019.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


By: Souperior

That guy on the tank is goin, "pew pew. pchchchcpachoo!"

By: Janeza

Is it just me or are these skirts getting shorter?

Composition By: However & Yashi

This is a compilation image of a number of different artists. But the compilation must have taken a great amount of work as well. Nicely done.

By: Asagirii

Hey at least it isn't tunnel networks.

By: Souperior

Absolutely stunning.

By: Asagirii

lol... we really need to rename these wrenches to 'bolt cutters'. It does literally no wrenchy things, and practically all bolt-cuttery things.

By: Mathias Gaming

Click the picture of the colonial fist to visit Mathias' newsletter page! Or click here.

By: Janeza

Girl just be watchin that other girl cry. If that girl on the right was a guy that'd be creepy as heck. But no. Double standards.

By: Souperior

Look at that giant explosion in the background. Noooiice

By: Janeza

No more skirts. Back to pants. Ain't nothin' hotter than a girl in pants with a flamethrower.

By: Big Mac Gaming

Hehe... did that tank strap on extra track sections as extra armour?

By: Asagirii

These are so good.

By: Asagirii

Like... soooo good.

By: Morrighan

Okay we're definitely moving away from the miniskirts. Good job guys. Im proud of you.

By: Dat Other Peep

*Plays 90s SNES gaming music*

By: PsychoFr

Picture this guy, standing on a riverbank looking out across the water at two raccoons having sex. Notice how his expression looks different now? Not the thousand-yard stare you thought it was. No sir.

By: Pin Clock

This was a commission for Big Boss Teef, done by Pin Clock (his twitter handle)

By: Janeza

AAHH MINISKIRTS. "Morale Officer"

By: Turtle And Rabbit

Done for the Foxhole draft, a collective of players who organize the neutrals to balance each war!

Funny Stuff & Propaganda

By: Colt Bolt

The animu is on the downturn. Community Highlights is safe for now.

By: Janeza

That's a weird way to ask me out.

By: Wren

There is no decay in Ba Sing Se

By: Colt Bolt

I hate you.

By: Janeza

This is a weird saturday morning special.

By: Subway

No don't choose Subway. Don't. It's terrible, i'm telling you!

By: eat_pantsu

lol at the edited-in gunboats.

By: eat_pantsu

Could you imagine being the soldiers who pioneered paratrooping? And then imagine the germans when they saw it. Like... what kind of crazy guys would jump out of a plane?! You're screwed!

By: eat_pantsu


By: However

Is it weird that i can actually hear the sound effect of that red light in this image? It's like a... "Kkkkkschying!" and then "Pacchoooo" as the camera pans out and an explosion fills the background.


By: I Saw A Bear

And they say Armoured cars are useless. Look at this bad boy tearin' up Jade Cove!

By: I Saw A Bear

This was cool for the impressive defensive line. It gave me an idea to use for later. You should totally put those AT turrets right beside those pillboxes, so any tank trying to hit the pillbox might accidentally splash the AT turret and trigger it.

By: Razzoorr

Hey! I was present at some of this. You can even see me in the overlay :)

By: Razzoorr

If we nerf howitzers it's going to be your fault.

By: Souperior

Well. The animation is extremely good. You gotta give it to him.

By: TheHeadhunter444

I think we need to ask I Saw A Bear for his verdict on the matter. He is, i do believe, the authority on bears.

By: Razzoorr


By: Razzoorr

Except I bet bottom dollar this was on Saturday. SATURDAY. Callahan didn't take breaks on Saturday!

By: Beans

That one guy who welcomes Alice with a stickygrenade.... lol

By: Beans

Someone should really fix that hole. Get on it, someone.

By: Beans

If everyone just keeps increasing the howitzer count by 1 every video, we're going to be witnessing 100 howitzers firing at once before long. And it won't be the townhall they'll be obliterating. It'll be the servers.

By: Morocco

For those that don't know, Morocco has been fisting people since the pre-alpha. He's OG fight-club. He's been here since the very first one.

By: Morocco

He does 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and runs for 10 kilometers every day.

By: Spots_05

There was a brief truce. Not on christmas. That ended with killing the guy and stealing his stuff. Y'all are in charge of the worst. truce. ever.

By: Takku

Goshdarn sneaky arse colonials. That's some beautiful SMG spray though. I've often wondered..... If you get enough players with SMGs, all shooting in the same direction, will it essentially melt players instantly in a large cone in front of your platoon? Scientists would like to know.

By: Takku

It takes forever to find the one HMG spot that gets you kills, and simultaneously makes you hard to kill. This is one of those spots. And it is always worth the 10 lives it takes to find it.

By: Deluxe Duck

We need to go back and fix umbral wildwood. The trees are just everywhere and makes it impossible to drive through. And that wouldn't be so bad because, you know, trees, except that they block everything. Freaking battletanks don't care about no trees!

By: mothman47

Excuse me, can someone execute this man? Pretty please?

By: Death

Another perspective from Beans' 11 howitzer video!

Man... Past-KFC is a dick.

I hope you guys enjoyed the devstream last tuesday. Let it inspire many-a-meme for the next community highlights. I want enough to plaster the whole office wall. Kthx.

Edit: Ok if you pinged me because of the opening description before getting to the bottom here to realize it was a joke, shaaaame. You know who you are. Jerks.



By: However

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