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Community Highlights 64

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Hello Soldiers,

Remember to get your submissions in for the Art contest. You can read more about the requirements for it by clicking this link. You have until Apr 28, so get your submissions in!

Eureka! I have done it. I have found a way to properly create the community highlights in only half the time it used to. After careful research and development I have devised a concoction alcohol and coffee that will keep me focused and debilitatingly dehydrated throughout the process! So enjoy this, the labour of my love; that has cost me only my precious liver.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Mar 18, 2019.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Red Donut

It took me entirely too long to realize he didn't mispell 'disabled!' and the man was in fact shot.


By: Souperior

That solemn feeling when you first return home.... to a Wardie burger.


By: JANEza

Smoke all around, still manages to look glamorous


By: TheHoodiedThief

All you need is a few blood splotches on the floor and you've got the concept of a good game here. Resident Evil... in World War 2. Like that Overlord movie. So good. Go watch.


By: Souperior

The Great Inquisition of the missing Banana Loaf, circa War 23.


By: JANEza

"Oy look 'ee 'ere! A wild Colonial. I'm gonna sneak up on it with this 'ere sledgehamma, and shove it right up his bung hole!" ((That's a southpark reference for you uncultured Nerf herders)).


By: Cmdr_Engi

Looking really great man! Love the drybrushing.


By: OverDose

Looking innocent while your brothers in arms fire shells and end lives. Cool girls don't look at explosions.


By: TurtleAndRabbit

The twist here in the warden artilleryman is looking through his binoculars backwards. That's why they're so close together. Poor unsuspecting Collie.


By: JANEza

Still waiting on that reversal. There's always a comeback. Just you wait.


By: TheHoodiedThief

These are cool. Just the art style in general is really nifty. Also, that old colonial logo... what the hell. Dayum that's old.


By: Rickery

*Plays Hellmarch*


By: Rickery

*Plays Pokemon Theme Song*


By: BladeRikWr

Needs fewer guns to make room for the more guns I want to add onto it.


By: JANEza

Postergirl is inadvertently recruiting soldiers to the cause. Make no mistake,the propaganda ministry is well aware of what they do here.



Anyone else a little off-put by the face in the sun? Weirdo.


By: JANEza

Jade Cove was.... intense. Every battle there is always pretty epic.


By: Rickery

I got giddy because I thought he was fighting in a cave at first.

Can you do me another suggestion like the first one except this time I want you to draft me up a map of an underground cave network operated by the unannounced third faction of Mole People.


By: TheHoodiedThief

I like it! Print it. Ship it.


By: JANEza

Notice how slowly but surely its becoming less apparent that these are foxhole images. You see what JANEza is doing here, right? Sucking us into the anime world. Grabbing hold of us with Foxhole imagery, and then slowly weening us out into a much larger world of anime.


By: Psirojohn

Trading cards. I dare wager Psirojohn has a good 50 of these on his harddrive.


By: JANEza

The last battletank. The beginning of the end.


By: Toasty

Man that scrawny dude is struggling *hard* to get that flag up that hill. Poor guy.


By: Sathoryn

Noice. Noice.


By: Psirojohn

Ancient technology and ancient philosophies. Like healing your wounded soldiers instead of just letting them die then and there on the battlefield like the glorious soldiers they are.


By: Trisha The Owl

That little warden flag hanging over the door doe. Hehehe.


By: Lercas

Ahh yes. Bombercrew. So cute and cuddly.


By: TheHoodiedThief

The calm.... before the storm...... of builders... to yell at you for placing all this shit in the wrong place and demand you do it over.


By: TheVoiden

Oh yes. This document is very top secret. Read it carefully, soldiers for this may be stricken from the record. Can't let everyone know how evil their enemy truly is, no sir! Not in this gentleman's war!


War Stories

By: Commisar_Jimbo

Commisar Jimbo's entire personality matches this front page picture of him perfectly.


By: RobotSpark and Souperior

Stellar journalism. There's like 19 pages here...


By: Colonial Press

PSYOPS sounds like a team of X-Men dispatched to the field to project fear into the hearts and minds of the enemy.



By: Freerk

I'm excited to see where this goes!


By: CaptainInArms (PressCorps)

I was a guest on the second episode of this. It was *a lot* of fun. I really love the role play aspect of it.


By: I Saw A Bear The all-important I Saw A Bear update video!


By: Mulon

I think we already shared this one. I'm sharing it again. Whata you gonna do?


By: Duncan (Yogscast)

I've never heard of these guys before but i'm told they're a pretty big deal.


By: TheHoodiedThief



By: Rickery

This is the video he created to support his city suggestion. So cool.


By: Rickery

The same thing from the warden side.


By: Fury

This is excellent! I had heard rumour there would be vocals added. Looking forward to it.


By: Eliops

Just the intro... for videos from the Russian Community. Which is mega cool. These guys (Eliops especially) has been around a long time. Show em some love.


By: Sosiska

That epic soundtrack though.... hahahaha


By: Patrickmen11

Definitely the Collies. Errytime amirite?


By: Deluxe Duck I love these highly coordinated pushes.


By: Spots_05 Oh man that's always embarrassing.... it happens to the best of us though. Ambush gone wrong


By: Razzoorr

Clan moments from the most recent war, and the new 82DK emblem! It's all shiny and chrome and spins and shit!


By: Alarsin

Get this guy in the PSYOPs division. No, the Psi-ops division.


By: Takku

Roadside assistance services


By: Hero Luka Good. God. That's a lot of tanks. And some terrible, terrible music.


By: Wren Ducks in a barrel.


By: Infin That happy dance at the end.


By: Pie(2) I'm actually super pleased to see that hilltop getting used. For once.


By: Deluxe Duck Man there's a lot of action taking place on that tiny little map... I like how everyone around the spotter is dead at the end.


By: Red Donut The amount of enjoyment you get out of sticking players with stickybombs is.... a little high.


By: Medic_Here Random Acts of Kindess should never go unpunished.


By: Leo I want to know how to participate in that speedback game :(


By: Leo Man... this is a great little festival. I have no idea how they set it up. I don't think I gave them a server? I'm not sure.


By: Wooshie

That was a textbook clear too.


By: Patrickmen11

You found the wrench too. Embarrassing.


By: SuperVinc3nt

LMAO. That's an excellent soundboard...


Ok get outta here y'darn nerds. Nothin' else to see 'cept the gaping chasm of waiting until the next community highlights. Do not be swallowed whole by your devouring lust for more Community Highlights. They shall be soon.

Until next time!



By: BladeRikWr



Even as a loyal argentinian, even I was weirded out by sun... for the first year. I am happy to see those 30 guys are important enough to get a poster here. Cuando tenga una buena compu veo si me acerco ;)

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