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Community Highlights 44

Hello Soldiers!

So we've got a few new sections for this Highlights because there's some stuff getting put out there that really deserves its own category. First, we have the War Stories category, which I've populated with some of the War Stories tha we have out there in the #war-Stories channel in the discord.

I've also included a screenshots section--but this one comes with some rules. Because you guys put out so many of these, I am only going to upload them if they're in an album. That means you need to upload them all to imgur or some other sharing site first. That way I can easily link it here.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, May 29, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Twildion

The fabled harvester we keep hearing about! This is the stuff of legend and myth. Such a vehicle could only have been imagined in a fevered dream. Some of you may think you remember some kind of concept art for it waaaay long ago, but you'd be wrong.


By: TurtleAndRabbit

So some of you have been speculating about some kind of water map... well TurtleAndRabbit took it another step and made that speculation into a reality. The 3D render is actually the island on the top left of the map (second image). And the render/island appears to closely resemble Pearl Harbour. Love it!


By: Freerk

I want to believe there's a comic book floating around out there, but I didn't see it. So you'll have to bug Freerk for it. Do it.


By: Freerk

During the last devstream we challenged Freerk to make a smaller painting...Challenge accepted. Mission Accomplished.


By: Overdose

I want to say he's holding the gun wrong... but I don't know enough about shooting to be that kind of judge, so I'll leave it up to you guys. Looks really good though, great proportions!


By: Overdose

It's Warden-chan!


By: Freerk

This came after Freerk convinced Matt to divulge that the name: "Eapoe" was inspired by the famous poet Edgar Allan Poe.


By: Pale

Cute lil' fella. Probably a spy.


War Reports

By: Freerk

The perfect thumbnail image for Big Mac Gaming's Caoica Times war reports, and the perfect way to start in on this section of the Community Highlights


By: Big Mac Gaming

This covers the ladder half of War #7


By: Big Mac Gaming

This covers the ladder half of War #8


By: CaptainInArms

This one comes a little late (it covers War #6) but it's so good. We (the devs) played quite a bit in this war so it was really cool to see the events drawn out from a top-down perspective.


By: Valiant Ghoul

A great little map for planning your strategies!


Time: 5/28/18, 11:30 PM GMT to 2:32 PM GMT

Location: Callahan's Passage

Report by: Stryker Ben

A couple of tanks, crewed by EDGE and @[Morale QM] Handsome Stalin were able to effectively destroy much of the enemy armor and material, with a severe loss of life for the Colonials. We were later assisted by 6 other tanks in liberating most of Southern Callahan's To sum it up, as a group we took out ~8 tanks, an APC filled with infantry, around 40-50+ infantry and more than a few trucks. As an individual tank, we raided a couple major FOBs by ourselves. I personally managed to snipe a few infantry from the commander's seat. Our operation was unfortunately halted by a massive Colonial anti-tank unit, and a need for sustenance in the real world.

This operation was very reminiscent of my time in Callahan's in WC2. I hope from here, we can finish the liberation of this region. Please enjoy the images provided below.

The only regret here was that Stalin wasn't streaming.


Propaganda Posters

By: Nordic Chaplain

Viva la Veli! ... hey that sounds pretty good. Someone write that down.


By: Hardnailz

You realize you just aged yourself, right? The next generation isn't going to know that that is a symbol of a phone. He should be holding, like, a Nokia flip phone, or something.



This looks incredible! I have this feeling 3rd is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming FCL season.


By: Konrod

This is the banner for CAW. I don't know what it stands for. I'm going to assume they're based out of Crow's Nest though.


By: Rosa & FoE Fanboys (and girls)

I mean I had to credit someone, but I think the bulk of the credit goes to the Fanboys. When does it not?


By: Konrod

Darn straight.


By: The Amarikano

Trenchfoot, what is it anyway? Sit in a trench and find out!


By: Hateball-Kanex

Ooooh, Callahan's Armoured Wolves. And they even spelled Armoured right!


By: Maybar66

As in the song? Because if the Wardens ever used it that'd qualify as an attrocity by international law.



By: Leo Freitas

We got into an argument the other day over who was the oldest Foxhole Colonial clan. I'm sorry to everyone who disagreed with me, but it's definitely UBGE. Here's some video clips to prove that I'm right because IToldYouSo, that's why.


By: George Michael

Foxhole Stunt Driver in training.


By: George Michael

... I think we're going to call that the 360 Michael Jackson punch. I hate people like you. So much.


By: Jaywoosh

"He stopped me to tell me that he doesn't speak english.... in english." Lmao.


By: Jaywoosh

Pfft... those are rookie numbers! Pump those numbers up.


By: Potato

Some super shill tunes to do logistics to... with some footage set on a loop because why the heck not!


By: Jonat 818

I don't condone this at all but... I love the unique arena. That looks like a lot of fun!


By: Overdose

Oh my goodness that's a lot of blood on your bayonet...


By: Colt Bolt

I had to put the meme below so that you would get the context. He's mad at ATGolden for the video from the last Community Highlights. Hahaha.


Funny Stuff

By: Colt Bolt

If you don't get the context to this one, look at the video above this.


By: Freerk

Because Freerk doesn't discriminate. The wardens get a battle ram, so the Colonials should get a battle boar. I think Freerk thinks these armies are descendant of the Dwarves from Lord of the Rings.


By: Acquilius & Sir

I'll let you guess which one belongs to whichperson...


By: Big Mac Gaming

Shhh... it's rare to see the majestic Warden tank find a mate in the wild...


By: Hayden

"Kind of" -- Hahahahahahahahaa



By: Camper21

Click the link to see his album! Want to get your screenshots added? Read the intro text to this Community Highlights


By: Camper21

Click the link to see his album! Want to get your screenshots added? Read the intro text to this Community Highlights


That's it. Don't be strangers. Hang out with us on discord and post your stuff. We even created an off-topic art channel because of the high demand for our artists' time. So check that placeout if you want to interface with some of these amazing people.



By: Trap


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