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Community Highlights 40

Hello Soldiers!

This is a reminder that not all of your work is going to be featured here. This Community Highlights only encompasses everything up to March 20. If your work was posted after that, it'll be on the next highlights. I tried to get as many of your art pieces as I could, but not all of it is featured here. Much of the work you see here is from the Fan Art contest, so you can see what a tough decision it was for us to choose.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Artwork & Events

By: Milkydromeda

This was stunning art produced for the art competition, and later shared on our discord. Both of these would make great posters.


By: filth Smell

Another stunning piece by Filth Smell. I love the little warden flag in the back there.


By: TurtleAndRabbit

This is how it felt during that 2-day interlude between wars...


By: Passionate Boi

This would go great with our "Pickers" winner in the written competition! If you haven't read that yet, go do that now.


By: Twildion

These are spot on. Believe it or not art like this accompanying suggestions goes a long way to helping us visualize it. Check out the Sketchfab link here.


By: Hanz Sheibe

Another great concept of a more robust gunboat. I love boats. Check out the Sketchfab link here.


By: Arkan

The Doki Doki Foxhole Club is leaking.... you know who you are.


By: The Amarikano

This is a great start! Don't stop though. Keep going and get the rest of him complete, then start the background!

By: TurtleAndRabbit

I'm not sure my post office would accept this stamp, but they should.


By: Богди

I like the style used in this piece. Very simple but strong.


By: Kilowner

We shall fight on the seas and the oceans.


By: 500Xatka

War never changes, but Foxhole does! Seemingly every week...


By: Sir

This was an old one but has been recently updated with new information!


Propoganda Posters

By: Icanari

Been a while since we've seen a 27th poster!


By: The Amarikano

This is cool. We need one of these leaflets for every major town takedown...


By: Icanari

Freedom for us, anway.


By: 2Thotty

This dude scares me a 'lil.


By: KL ^_^

Go ahead and surrender. We'll take you all to the Warden summertime fun camp!


By: Old Man Jenkins

Okay we get it, the weird vertical walking bug is still in there! We're trying to fix it!


By: Vladdy

Freedom costs a buck o' Five!


By: Acquilius

FFL has been taking the field by storm these past few weeks.


By: Akiira

That's one heck of a selfie stick. Can't even see the bar!


By: Sunchips

Because they deemed me unsuitable for combat. How dare you.


By: Sunchips

That dude is firing his pistol the wrong way.


By: Icanari

This image and tagline gives me a strong soviet feel.



By: Padfoot

This is great! Save this idea for the next written competition!


Prologue: Why We Fight

Day 1

Island Staging Grounds

I hear the sirens going off. Colonial boots are clankering down. We are about to hit the ground. It was only a short while ago I was wearing my warden uniform, and now I have went from a Warden Lieutenant to a Colonial Lieutenant. I am turning on my brothers for belief in a cause I know is true. Towns may fall, people will die and yet this is what we, the soldier class, have been born to do. I suppose it is an international brotherhood founded on hostility yet with the bonds of courage and honor keeping us nit like a community. Logistics might be down, supplies might be short, and no matter what uniform we wear we all face these problems. We are a society of our own, a society warriors, a society no amount of time can ever extinguish. Our art is humanity. We are soldiers.

By: Ovarix

They don't call it the art of war for nothing.


Oh Callahan Oh Callahan Upon your horse you did ride Leading the warden empire with Dallahan by your side A man of great might and fame You led our empire into a new age

Oh Dallahan Oh dallahan Brother you are to he He that leads our glorious nation And spreads our might from sea to sea Forever in his shadow If you stay by his side You will be forgotten in history Whence you die

To war with the colonial dogs Dallahan stuck with you almost through it all But at the crest His pride did fall For he could not see the light Could not feel the warmth of a brotherly love Through the shadow of your might He betrayed you and tried to slay you But only you remain Forever the hero, while Dallahan was your bane


By: GreyOfTheHounds

We needed more poetry like this for the art competition!



By: Zontarz

Well its good to see the new player experience isn't as bad as they all say (with heavy editing, at least!). Glad you had fun!


By: Sunchips

The Harrowing journey of a man on a mission; a man in a tank.


By: CapnSostre

Wait wait, hold the phone. A beached landing that was successful? I call shenanigans.


By: Marin

There we go. Here's the kind of Beached landing I remember.


By: Marin

Got to kill that queue wait time somehow. I'd love to see an actual race like this!


By: Lightning

10CCCE vs. 404th & STR. A brutal struggle for Tempest Island in the Foxhole Competition League.


By: I Saw A Bear

The 0.9 Update video by I Saw A Bear! We've been blasting this everywhere. Give it a watch


By: Sethfire

Don't want to watch the full 3 hours of this amazing game? Here's a hilarious recap from the 10CCE perspective.


By: Dzargo

Straight up, I tried to pull this kind of HMG gameplay this past weekend and failed horribly...


By: Icanari

You know that feeling when all you want to do is blast your whole clan away with an RPG? Well Sir does!


By: 500XaTka

Thank you for capturing this game on stream and in Russian!


By: Perry Danvers

I'm not entirely sure this belongs here... but lol.


Funny Stuff

By: Akiira

Ahh yes. Exactly how I remember this match ending.


By: Jabba The Trump

Could be wrong but I'm fairly sure those statistics aren't right.


By: 500XaTka

Agreed, sometimes fighting the Colonials can feel a bit like being hunted.


Okay that's all I got. There actually was a whole lot more than this but there's getting to be so many submissions, we really had to trim it down a little. This is really only a fraction. The meme machine is still hard at work, and trust me when I say that even if your work wasn't featured here, we have seen it all. The memes about the sale especially. Those made the rounds in the office pretty much all week. We love it. Keep it coming.

Until next time!


By: Lightning


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