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Community Highlights 32

Hello Soldiers!

It's getting hard to keep up with all your great submissions! I suppose that should come as no surprise given how quickly the community seems to be growing. There's even the addition of a whole new Russian Community that has been making waves. Actually, they've been around a while. We just haven't seen them around a lot because of the timezone difference. So for this Community Highlights, I wanted to do a special highlight section to showcase all the things they've been up to, but maybe has been falling below our radar until now. Take a look!

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Introducing: The Russian Community

Beach Party Event Poster, by: 500XaTka

I love that I don't need to be able to understand Russian to know what this event was about!


D-Day Landing Event Poster, by: 500XaTka

Check out his twitch channel for all the footage on this event.


Foxhole Ball Characters, by: PhantomRU

Some of the most intimidating Foxhole Ball characters we've seen to date.


Foxhole Vodka, by: 500XaTka

Of course....


Propoganda Posters

82DK Propaganda Posters, by: Der Kommsisar

One of these posters is not like the others...


Join RCL today, by: Marin

Talk about a high-pressure sale.


NNF Poster, by: ATGolden

Lookin' goood, NNF.


Flags, by: Foolz

You're a flag-printing machine, Foolz!


Warden Navy Poster, by: Padfoot

Anyone else have the urge to abandon life ashore and travel the high seas?


Faction Propaganda, by: The Amerikano

Not to seem biased, but that Warden doesn't seem as friendly as the Colonial one.


Warden Propaganda, by: Spooky Boogie

He's not wrong, folks. Logistics wins the game everytime.


Combat Medic Poster, by: Padfoot

His first mistake was being shot in the head.


Wardens Arise, by: Colt Bolt

I wonder if this worked, and the Wardens had a came back...


Sickle Hill Surrender, by: Padfoot

We're Paratroopers. We're supposed to be surrounded!


Unmask, by: Padfoot

Great, original poster!


Gasmasks, by: Padfoot

I've always got mine handy, just in case.


Medics needed, by: Thor Destroyer

Sign me up!


Artwork and Cool Stuff!

Eating Lunch, by: Insane Katrina

This piece is truly inspired. Well, it inspired Foolz, who created a colourized Foxhole Ball version! (below)


Eating Lunch redux, by: Foolz

When I put them side by side I can hardly tell the difference!


Warden Fox, by: Blizmore

What a Fox!


Ambush, by Passionate

This is incredible! I love the bullet holes in the side of the truck.


Combat Screenshots, by: Outlaw6ohjr

I have no idea how you managed to get so many great action shots. Good job!


Warden Soldier, by: Wuandune

That man looks way too happy to be hailing down a taxi with an unholstered pistol.


Portrait Pic, by: Padfoot

Only five kills, tsk tsk...


Female Warden, by: Der Kommissar

Calling in that airstrike, and lookin' good all the while.


Thanksgiving, by: Sir

Kamikaze turkey!


Foxhole Doodles, by: Bubbatanno

This is pretty much what the inside of my math notebook looks like.


The Gears of War, by: Bolt Colt

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.


Warden model, by: Cmdr.Friendly_Engi

I love seeing this 3d modelling stuff. Looks great!


Happy Thanksgiving, by: Passionate

I really like Passionate's art style. Its very distinctive.


Warden grid drawing, by: Gugulu

This is how it starts. Next step is radio tower art!


Funny Stuff

VIBE fixes bayonets, by: Thot Destroyer

One of these pictures is an extremely accurate representation of Foxhole tactics.


RCC Charge, by: Amarikano

You know things are bad when you're sharing a rifle.


Imminent Death, by: Timberwolf

Don't stack more than 6 guys into an APC. Trust me, it's a bad idea!


Wheelbarrow Tank, by: Lioncide

The investigation is ongoing. We're still trying to figure out who leaked the new vehicle.


Wheelbarrow Tank 2, by: Lioncide

Here it is in action!


Discord loading screen, by: Marin

We'll get there one day, lads!


Gib Surrender, by: Marin

Never give up... Never surrender!


Foxhole Ball Clan Characters, by: Turtle and Rabbit

This is pretty much how I imagine every war goes.


QM builds mines, by: Foolz

Could be worse, he could have built sticky bombs!


Discord Moderation, by: Gamma 27

Very, very accurate.


Quiet Sunrise, by: Foolz

Don't get used to them, my dear Warden compatriot


Mon petit, by: Konrod

Seems like a good comic for Christmas... Less than a month away now!


Tank attack, by: Foolz

Pretty brave to rush a tank crew with a bayonet!


Marin Card, by: Marin

This one got missed from last week so here it is!


Foxhole Movie Poster Adaptations, by: Padfoot

Someone get Spielberg on the phone...



Silent night at medlab in foxhole, by: Marin

Sneaky beaky! Marin attempts to sneak out of enemy-occupied territory.


How 2 drift in foxhole, by: Marin

Drifting practice on the new lobby server.


Draw-Bridges & Lobby World (Update 0.7), by: I_Saw_A_Bear

Another great installment by I Saw A Bear


Component Field Companion, by I_Saw_A_Bear

Some crazy Special Forces stuff from a Foxhole veteran!


Special Forces Escapades 8, by: Kopono

Kopono can put out videos like Square Enix can put out Final Fantasy titles. Check them all out!


Special Forces Escapades 7, by: Kopono


Special Forces Escapades 6, by: Kopono


Special Forces - 'Al Pacino', by: Kopono


#Foxhole: "Weekly War Games", by 500XaTka

Language: Russian. Join in as XaTka talks about the state of the game (I think).


Lag Plays Presents Foxhole I Am Machete!!!!!, by: Lag

This man is scary good with that Bayonet.


Drunk Drivers In Foxhole, by: TheyCallMeBrute

I think the title pretty much sums it up. Excellent!


Goodbye Little Howitzer, by: Fiqrie

A man, three HE grenades, and a mission.


Foxhole Behind The Enemy Lines, by: Hollywoodandcoexperience

The amount of damage these guys do to the colonial supply line should be criminal...


Great Tank Battle 2, by: Sunchips

This looked like a heck of a fight! 45 tanks spent blasting each other through the town of Eidolo.



Surrender, by: Padfoot

This guy sounds legit. A shame he's walking right into our trap...


Royal Warden Decree, by: Patchouli

I love the detail put into this one. Looks great!


Into the Foxhole Land, by: Donnerfox

'Logistics wrath unleashed' indeed. I've seen some seriously scary supply officers out there..


Truck number №4 or Logistics adventures of John Finkin and Georg Carlingian. Johnny was sitting in the Truck and yawning while his mate Georg was putting tech parts and other stuff that he found in a truck. It was 7 A.M at Borderwatch, and the sun was only starting to shine. “Remind me. – Said Carlingian as soon as he sat in Truck and opened map. – Why are we in Logistics crew not in the engineering one? By the way we must get this crate to Thunder.” “ That’s simple… “ Finkin yawned and started his way to the West exit from Borderwatch. “We are Engineers aren’t we?” “Almost graduated…So… I wouldn’t say that we are.” Georg answered and put the map on his knees. “We don’t have full education… We aren’t geniuses. Do you know the guy from Dimiourg that developed H5 Hatchet?” “ Well… I… - Carlingian lingered.” “ He was even younger than you!” Laughed John. “ Hey!!! I’m 23! I still have time develop my own tank! “ Georg said slightly irritated as he took his Sudoku. “Yes, Yes, Yes.” The Road was clear, of course it was. It’s Colonial territory for now, but who knows what it will be in the next few days? John was a good driver even when they were at the university John was excited with cars, trucks and all things with wheels and a engine inside of it but Georg…Well he was a little bit different . He was more concern about practical knowledge than falling in love with mechanisms. The only noise was the radio in the truck. -Enemy spotted near Adze Crossroads! Enemy spotted in Sentry! Enemy spotted on the North of the Sentry! Enemy spotted at the Crossroad near Foundry! -Jeez! Georg make it a little bit lower! – Said John when they were riding on the road at cell E8. Georg didn’t even react. When driver turn his head to the partner he saw that Carlingian was sleeping and his long pony-tail was lying on his left shoulder.

«It looks like I am the only one in this Truck who has sense of responsibility…» - On this thought John opened his window and started smoking that’s was sometimes the only thing that he could do while driving a truck except annoying Georg. But soon they arrived to the Thunder John gave all crates to QM and sat back to the Truck. Georg was already awaken. - Finally, where do we go now? – Carlingian while he was trying to make his black pony-tail. - A6 we should check Sulfur… Do you think our guys is safe there? - I don’t know…I think so it would hard for Wardens to get there through our territory. - Ah, don’t worry we have a radio! – These words made Georg relaxed so they started their trip to A6. They go to Adze crossroads. They were lucky that Colonials already defened this point so they could safely go to A6…

The road was easy so John and Georg decided to smoke again. -Ah… What a nice day… - Yes, John you can say so… - Black-haired partner agreed while expiring smoke from the lungs. - And the road so quiet…. -Quiet as…. Wait! – Georg started to think about Finkin’s words. The road was so quiet and relaxing and there were no messages about enemies- John do you remember when the last time you heard the news about enemies’ position?! -Georg…What are you worrying about… It was when we left…. – John understood and opened his mouth. – When we left… - When we left Thunderfoot! You’re id