Community Highlights 32

Hello Soldiers!

It's getting hard to keep up with all your great submissions! I suppose that should come as no surprise given how quickly the community seems to be growing. There's even the addition of a whole new Russian Community that has been making waves. Actually, they've been around a while. We just haven't seen them around a lot because of the timezone difference. So for this Community Highlights, I wanted to do a special highlight section to showcase all the things they've been up to, but maybe has been falling below our radar until now. Take a look!

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!

Introducing: The Russian Community

Beach Party Event Poster, by: 500XaTka

I love that I don't need to be able to understand Russian to know what this event was about!

D-Day Landing Event Poster, by: 500XaTka

Check out his twitch channel for all the footage on this event.

Foxhole Ball Characters, by: PhantomRU

Some of the most intimidating Foxhole Ball characters we've seen to date.

Foxhole Vodka, by: 500XaTka

Of course....

Propoganda Posters

82DK Propaganda Posters, by: Der Kommsisar

One of these posters is not like the others...

Join RCL today, by: Marin

Talk about a high-pressure sale.

NNF Poster, by: ATGolden

Lookin' goood, NNF.

Flags, by: Foolz

You're a flag-printing machine, Foolz!

Warden Navy Poster, by: Padfoot

Anyone else have the urge to abandon life ashore and travel the high seas?

Faction Propaganda, by: The Amerikano

Not to seem biased, but that Warden doesn't seem as friendly as the Colonial one.

Warden Propaganda, by: Spooky Boogie

He's not wrong, folks. Logistics wins the game everytime.

Combat Medic Poster, by: Padfoot

His first mistake was being shot in the head.

Wardens Arise, by: Colt Bolt

I wonder if this worked, and the Wardens had a came back...

Sickle Hill Surrender, by: Padfoot

We're Paratroopers. We're supposed to be surrounded!

Unmask, by: Padfoot

Great, original poster!

Gasmasks, by: Padfoot

I've always got mine handy, just in case.

Medics needed, by: Thor Destroyer

Sign me up!

Artwork and Cool Stuff!

Eating Lunch, by: Insane Katrina

This piece is truly inspired. Well, it inspired Foolz, who created a colourized Foxhole Ball version! (below)

Eating Lunch redux, by: Foolz

When I put them side by side I can hardly tell the difference!

Warden Fox, by: Blizmore

What a Fox!

Ambush, by Passionate

This is incredible! I love the bullet holes in the side of the truck.

Combat Screenshots, by: Outlaw6ohjr

I have no idea how you managed to get so many great action shots. Good job!

Warden Soldier, by: Wuandune

That man looks way too happy to be hailing down a taxi with an unholstered pistol.

Portrait Pic, by: Padfoot

Only five kills, tsk tsk...

Female Warden, by: Der Kommissar

Calling in that airstrike, and lookin' good all the while.

Thanksgiving, by: Sir

Kamikaze turkey!

Foxhole Doodles, by: Bubbatanno

This is pretty much what the inside of my math notebook looks like.

The Gears of War, by: Bolt Colt

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Warden model, by: Cmdr.Friendly_Engi

I love seeing this 3d modelling stuff. Looks great!

Happy Thanksgiving, by: Passionate

I really like Passionate's art style. Its very distinctive.

Warden grid drawing, by: Gugulu

This is how it starts. Next step is radio tower art!

Funny Stuff

VIBE fixes bayonets, by: Thot Destroyer

One of these pictures is an extremely accurate representation of Foxhole tactics.

RCC Charge, by: Amarikano

You know things are bad when you're sharing a rifle.

Imminent Death, by: Timberwolf

Don't stack more than 6 guys into an APC. Trust me, it's a bad idea!

Wheelbarrow Tank, by: Lioncide

The investigation is ongoing. We're still trying to figure out who leaked the new vehicle.

Wheelbarrow Tank 2, by: Lioncide

Here it is in action!

Discord loading screen, by: Marin

We'll get there one day, lads!

Gib Surrender, by: Marin

Never give up... Never surrender!

Foxhole Ball Clan Characters, by: Turtle and Rabbit

This is pretty much how I imagine every war goes.

QM builds mines, by: Foolz

Could be worse, he could have built sticky bombs!

Discord Moderation, by: Gamma 27

Very, very accurate.

Quiet Sunrise, by: Foolz

Don't get used to them, my dear Warden compatriot

Mon petit, by: Konrod

Seems like a good comic for Christmas... Less than a month away now!

Tank attack, by: Foolz

Pretty brave to rush a tank crew with a bayonet!

Marin Card, by: Marin

This one got missed from last week so here it is!

Foxhole Movie Poster Adaptations, by: Padfoot

Someone get Spielberg on the phone...


Silent night at medlab in foxhole, by: Marin

Sneaky beaky! Marin attempts to sneak out of enemy-occupied territory.

How 2 drift in foxhole, by: Marin

Drifting practice on the new lobby server.

Draw-Bridges & Lobby World (Update 0.7), by: I_Saw_A_Bear

Another great installment by I Saw A Bear

Component Field Companion, by I_Saw_A_Bear

Some crazy Special Forces stuff from a Foxhole veteran!

Special Forces Escapades 8, by: Kopono

Kopono can put out videos like Square Enix can put out Final Fantasy titles. Check them all out!

Special Forces Escapades 7, by: Kopono

Special Forces Escapades 6, by: Kopono

Special Forces - 'Al Pacino', by: Kopono

#Foxhole: "Weekly War Games", by 500XaTka

Language: Russian. Join in as XaTka talks about the state of the game (I think).

Lag Plays Presents Foxhole I Am Machete!!!!!, by: Lag

This man is scary good with that Bayonet.

Drunk Drivers In Foxhole, by: TheyCallMeBrute

I think the title pretty much sums it up. Excellent!

Goodbye Little Howitzer, by: Fiqrie

A man, three HE grenades, and a mission.

Foxhole Behind The Enemy Lines, by: Hollywoodandcoexperience

The amount of damage these guys do to the colonial supply line should be criminal...

Great Tank Battle 2, by: Sunchips