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Community Highlights 3

It's been way too long since we've done a community post! We'd like to do these more regularly in the future. We appreciate the patience! We've been really impressed by the creativity shown by the community over the last few weeks. We would have never expected in a thousand years that we'd be seeing things like fan art and fiction at this point in the game's development. Thank you for inspiring us to work even harder on Foxhole!

There has been so many community creations over the last few weeks that we've had to exclude a lot of great content to keep this post at a sane length. If we've missed your work and you'd like to see it on our next post, please PM me on Discord.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in awhile we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!

Faction Posters

A couple of weeks ago, DrunkRussianBear created the first faction propaganda poster for Foxhole.

By DrunkRussianBear

This set off an explosion of community made poster art, some made for the promotion of factions and others for guild advertising. Here are just a few of the many amazing works you guys have produced:

By AliceTheGreat

By Remlly

By Carmain

By Exionas (& Trench Gun as a contributor)

By NobleCode

Visit the #creative channel on Discord to see the rest!

Pixel Art!

We never expected to see pixel art for Foxhole. What a neat, creative surprise from you guys!

By Chatty

By MeowMajor

Fan Fiction

Pfc. Dondergod published the first piece of fan fiction. While the backstory of Foxhole has yet to be revealed, we truly appreciated and enjoyed this piece.

1923 - The Border incident

No one truly knows what happened that day, all we know is that the firefight at town of Ward (now known as Abondoned Ward) sparked a war that would continue on for decades. The two faction already had a long history of distrust and even hatred. This was mostly caused due to the great oil shortage of 1887. Where the colonists, due to the rapid technologic advances developed a massive shortage in oil. They repeatedly asked the Warden and their allies for trade. The colonists offered many exotic goods from their colonies from all corners of the world. Yet the Warden, fearing that the oil would be used against them, refused every offer.

The people of the Colonist faction became angry at their leaders, which reached a boiling point in the year 1894 when an uprising stormed the capital. The gouvernment managed to defeat the rebels, but they knew they had to do something to change the position of their people. In the years that followed the Colonists build, in secret, a massive army mostly consisting out of infantry. In the year 1908 they started their assault on the oil-rich allies of the Warden. The rapidly took many miles of grounds and within just a year, more than half the allies of the Warden had been defeated and taken over. The Colonists, fearing a counter attack, quickly started to develop vehicles that could be used in combat. The first few so called 'tanks' were poor and could hardly be used in combat, but as time progressed they slowly became better. In responds the Warden reïntroduced conscription and build up a large force to counter the Colonist army.

A cold war between the two faction started where both factions would show their military force without it ever coming to a real battle. While the Colonists supported a war against the Warden, who had failed to help them in their hour of need, the leaders of the Warden now had an unstable country under them. Many people felt they should have helped the Colonists in their hour of need and this whole situation was their own fault. Therefore the Warden decided to deploy a stream of propaganda to try and get the people on their side.

In the early 20s both parties meeted several times to try and put the past behind them. Diplomatic discussions started and some agreements were signed to ensure a peace between them. Then, in the late winter of 1923 both factions were shocked to hear about a firefight at the river crossing in the town of Ward. The men of the opposite checkpoints had opened fire on one another and there were casuallties on both sides. The Colonist people were outraged and demanded a responds from their faction. Unlike the beginning of the cold war, after years of propaganda the Warden people too demanded war upon their rival. The leaders on both sides tried to calm their people down, but the damage had been done and after only 72 hours, only 12 minutes apart, both sides declared war on another. Another four days past until both factions opened artillery and mortar fire across the river, that for so long had been the natural boarder between their countries. The town of Ward was hit the hardest along the front-line, in the first 24 hours the town, on both sides of the river, was completely laid to waste. Many soldiers, but mostly civilians lost their lives. The civilians then fled the town until it was completely abondened.

Tank Concept

This amazing Tank concept was created by Aliliel. We love the attention to detail in this image, including the convincing shadows and ambient occlusion effects. Even the user interface stays within the existing design principles of the game. Well done!

On a related note, we are working actively working on vehicles for Foxhole.

Operation Turn Around

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to be a part of a well organized operation that turned the tide of the war (and ultimately lead to a Colonial victory). Remlly documented the entire operation in this screenshot tour.

Game Design

Private armory

This suggestion by Dondergod was to allow players to control access to items created at the Armory or Workshop. When creating a new item, it would be private by default (meaning that only the creator could access it). However, the creator can choose to make it public by clicking on a lock icon on the item. Here is the mockup:

Vehicles, Weapons, and Items Spredsheets

Here are some content ideas proposed by the community in Spreadsheet format. We've actually thought about a lot of these ideas for vehicles and weapons which means that we're just as excited about having these things in the game as you guys are.

The system proposed here involves having items, weapons, and abilities unlocked at certain levels. There is also the idea of optimizing material gathering as the player progresses through the game.

By Dondergod

The vehicle system proposed here includes multiple seats and vehicles for both transport and combat.

By Carmain

Map Ideas

While the map has changed drastically since these community map concepts were created, we're still really excited about the effort put into these and wanted to make a mention of them.

By Carmain

By Dondergod


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