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Community Highlights 22

Hello Soldiers!

Soooo yeah. I'm late for this Community Highlights. The new character system took up pretty much all of my time these past few weeks so I was really excited to see what you guys have been creating. You didn't disappoint! Let's get to it!

Due to the high volume of creations, I have to curate the content displayed here. So if for some reason your creation was not included, and you would like to have it in the next post, please PM me on Discord and it will be considered for the next post. Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Sunday, June 11, 2017. Any content submitted after this date will be considered for the next one.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Foxhole Sketch by MrRaTmAn


Colonial Tank Destroyer T13 Tomahawk by MegaMikey75

color version by __S__i__r__


Warden wallpaper by TheMightyDerpz


Colonial Propoganda Poster by Tycoh


Among The Wardens by Timberwolf


Funny Videos

Highlights from Community War #1 by Sethfire


DUL: Driving Under Lag - Foxhole by I Saw A Bear


Foxhole Fight Club Part 1 by Morocco

Foxhole Fight Club Part 2 by Morocco


R.I.P. xxdareyxx by __S__i__r__


The Capture of The Well by Sethfire


How to cross the bridge (Guide by Wardens) by August Bebel


War Stories

Let us unite by Desert_Combat

Long we live, short we fight! May we drink to unite! Father, please, don’t swear . Brother, please, let’s pair. Mother, please, give a fluffy bear.

Long we live, long we fight! May we try to unite! Father, please, don’t leave us all together. Brother, please, can’t we be together? Mother, please, I want for us to stay all together.

Short we live, long we fight! May we survive to unite! Father, please, let me write the letter. Brother, please, let me send the letter. Mother, please, accept the letter.

Short we live, short we fight! May we die to unite! Father, please, tell me which is better. Brother, please, stay with us forever. Mother, please, I already send the letter.


World Conquest News Report - UN 3rd Edition

by Lightning

Harsh Winters Hit The Frontlines

Colonials Overrun Northern Warden Territories

PUG Reporter, Lightning Reporting. 28/05/17

Note: This is all based off of UN reports made by UN members and Officials and can not be taken as one hundred percent accurate.

The World Conquest starts off with a sizeable force of Wardens and Colonials on either side, Weathered Expanse reaching the limits of soldiers almost instantly as the new front is opened.

10CCE Move into Weathered Expanse rushing towards the Fool’s Gate Southern scrap yard meanwhile PUG move rapidly to Abandoned Ward and over into Warden territory towards Callahan’s Belt and Irons End.

82DK move into Weathered Expanse in great force and EDGE take control of all entrances to Callahan’s Passage by building ‘The Great Wall Of EDGE’

11:48am EDT - Saturday

PUG have taken Liberation Point and Abandoned Ward, Partisans squads move into Callahan’s Belt and other PUG forces move into Brine Glen.

11:50am EDT

10CCE and other forces on Weathered Expanse have taken Spire, Dullahan’s Crest and 10CCE are holding out in North Eastern side of the unclaimed Crow’s Nest. By this point Wardens have taken Wightwalk and 10CCE plan on moving South towards Foxcatcher

12:15pm EDT

PUG have moved into The Spine and Callahan’s Belt and begin to place fortifications.

12:35pm EDT

10CCE are outnumbered and are drastically losing ground but not losing Town Halls on Weathered Expanse, morale is low.

12:48pm EDT

EDGE move into Callahan’s Belt to counter PUG.

2:12pm EDT

UBGE representative Léo Freitas promises the movement of UBGE to Weathered Expanse from the fortification line of Endless Shore.


read the whole report: here

original like: here


Project Landship

by Vader

Chapter 07

When they heard the noises from the woods around them, everyone looked around warily. The officer slowly crept his hand toward his pocket.

Then chaos erupted.

Gunfire suddenly rang and Penguin heard battle-cries. “FOR HB!”

He saw the Collies shouting and firing into the woods. There were blue-uniformed Wardens in there! He recognized 82DK, 501st, at least five different units in there. As he watched, he saw the Wardens charging the Collies from the woods, using bayonets and melee weapons, viciously chopping them up. Meanwhile the halftrack began firing at the Collies from behind them, throwing them into confusion and causing even more chaos.

The officer pulled out his radio and Penguin seized his opportunity. He pulled out his pistol and shot it at the officer's head, but he whipped around and dodged it. The officer pulled out a revolver and Penguin barreled toward him, knocking both of them to the ground along with their guns. Penguin stabbed downward with his knife but the officer rolled over and pulled out a spare pistol.

It was at this moment Penguin realized he fucked up.

“Who are you!?” The officer demanded, his face full with rage, his arm shaking,”A traitor? A spy?”

Penguin thought for a moment,”I'm your worst enemy.”

He saw the officer’s hand whiten, cocking the gun. Penguin closed his eyes.

“Precisely correct.” He heard a different voice say.

He flinched when he heard the sudden gunshot. But...he was still alive.

He opened his eyes. Holding another revolver, triumphantly standing a few feet away was Noble.

“You need to improve your hand-to-hand combat дете.” He remarked


read the whole report: here

original link: here


by ClockwiseSpiral

part 01:

I was born in war. Let me say that again. I’m not a soldier who went to battle and saw death and somehow found his way to the living after seeing hell. I was born during war. Mercenary soldiers found me, just born, barely alive in a town plaza. The aftermath of a firefight between the soldiers and whatever faction they were fighting this week. They thought it was a strange sight to find corpses without a uniform since all civilians were given sanctuary on both sides before the fighting even began. Stranger still, a baby not crying just lying in the arms of its mother who had a single red hole on her forehead. They gave me a home. Since it was policy to turn in all non-combatants to the Department of Refugee Services where the survival rate of orphans was less than that of front-line infantry, they hid me. Yet, before I could have gained the ability to remember the DRS found out. My new home was to be the scrap mines. Not as a punishment but as an example for what happens when you lie to HQ. I don’t know how old I am. I just count the years from the day when I was found. The detachment that found me was designated PUG. Therefore, my name was Guppie, a variation of PUG backwards. I’ve worked 19 years, I think, in the mines. First, I brought food and water to the miners, then I fixed their sledges, then I buried their bodies when they died of exhaustion and, now I am a miner. My birthday is a lie. My name a joke. My purpose trivial.

part 02

“Who’s still gone?” said the Commander of the tank. Not fresh from battle, quite the opposite. Weary of combat, of another day, another night of explosions, screaming, murdering. He was no longer fazed from such acts, such death. “Thought you were dead KrazyFlyingChicken. Everyone else came back hours ago. We even checked the battlefield and confirmed KIA’s. Where have you been?” said the Captain. Annoyed but relieved that they had made it back. “Wrong intel again Captain. It wasn’t a hole in their line. It was a strongpoint, they had two tanks zeroed on the road and RPG’s and Artillery ready and burning. I got the tanks. After they got everyone else.” “Damn, I thought this operation would have finally broken their lines.” “By the way Captain, I got another KIA for ya. The price for taking out their tanks. Gresliebear’s gone. He loaded the very last shell I needed before an RPG got lucky and punched a hole in the tank and him. I’m going to need a new gunner.” “Please, call me Aelix. We’ve known each other long enough. Hell, your team was the one I thought was actually going to make it to the end of the war together.” “I’m also going to need a repair job and a drink for my driver. Dukesalt has been quiet ever since it happened but if he stays like that he’s going to bite his own bullet.” “I don’t know about a gunner, most of them died back there. I can get you a body which is the best I can do right now.” “Do I know him? What’s his name?” “You don’t. He’s green, just recruited from the Lochan mines. Guppie.”


War Footage

Highlights from World Conquest #5 by Sethfire


Community War 1 - "Battle for Crow's Nest Ridge" - Colonial Perspective by KrazyFlyinChicken


Night Firefight by Lioncide (FFL Clan)


In the garrison (Community War #2) by Vadim Grishchenko


Interesting things

frat-sheild by Harry Rousington

NWTO flag by LCmdrM.DrunkRussianBear

T1BWR flag by General Phanter


EDGE testament by Stronk Communist


Update & Tutorial Videos

Weathered Expanse & Conquest Restrictions - Foxhole (Update 0.0.30) by I Saw a Bear


Sulfur Resource & Faction Revamps - Foxhole (Update 0.0.31) by I Saw a Bear


How To: Foxhole (PT. 1 General Overview) by Jakefox84



Lots of cool (and some really big) streamers got their hands on Foxhole recently.



New Clans

More clans join the war!

This time we welcome:

  • The Fraternity

  • Nagger Squad

  • 115th Militia

  • 271st VC Regiment

  • Imperial Warden Army

  • Task Force Hawk

  • Red Colonial Company

Once again, there are way too many new clans to describe them all in this blog post, so check them out on our #clan-recruitment channel on discord.



Foxhole Achivements

by Jakefox84


Stop! Hammer Time!: Collect Scrap for the first time (Dif. Easy)

The First of Many: Kill your first Enemy (Dif. Easy)

Commendable: Receive your first Commendation (Dif. Easy)

Hey Friends: Join a Clan (Dif. Easy: If and when the Clan System is implemented)



Mass Production: Build over 30 crates of Munitions (7.62/12.7 MM, 7.62 Carbine) in one day (Dif. Med)

I think Im getting the hang of this: Kill over 25 Enemies (Dif. Med)

Juliet Uprising: Capture a Townhall in an overran region (Dif. Med: If and when the World Conquest System makes a comeback)

Accident Prone: Die to fall damage (Dif. Med)



Boom Goes the Dynamite: Get over 100 Kills with Grenades (Dif. Hard: HE Doesn't Count)

Did you hear something?: Destroy over 25 Half-tracks (Dif. Hard)

Moderate this!: Kill a Community Moderator/Helper/ or Dev. (Dif. Hard)

No Life: Get over 1,000 Kills with any weapon (Dif. Hard)


download the full suggestion here

source link: here


Planes plan suggestion

by Derpislav

Airfields are now a thing. They're placed somewhere 2/3 in the side's territory, located to the side of the map. Planes take off in the direction opposite to the enemy’s side, ideally. Let's take Callahan's Pass.

That would be The Stern and Solas Gorge.

They contain a hangar, armament station and a fuel station. Also a workshop.

Hangar is where planes are constructed. This happens in two stages, first the frame is built out of refined materials, then the rest out of basic materials.

Armament station is like an armoury, but makes bombs and aircraft-specific ammo. Planes can be loaded with standard 7.62 and .50 (where applicable) in a pinch, but it forces frequent reload

and sacrifices accuracy.

Fuel station converts normal fuel into plane fuel. Planes don't accept unrefined fuel.

Now here's the deal. The air battle map is separate from, but connected to, the ground map.It uses the ground map as "background", but it's in fact just a still picture of it, upon which player-made structures are overlaid (in very small scale to represent the altitude), and soldier locations are roughly shown as tiny black dots. The game now checks if a building/soldier is in an area with dense foliage or in a building, and does not show them on the air map if that's the case. Explosions and long periods of gunfire are represented by flashes and smoke.

Planes are limited to two classes of biplanes, transport craft, gliders and bombers. They always fly level and turn with A and D, and change speed with W and S. So essentially like ground vehicles, but maintain momentum. Turning prevents gunners from firing in the direction they logically wouldn't be able to fire at. Plane pilots can look around with right-click like you do with mortar/binoculars, but with less range. As the plane gains speed, their view slowly, automatically moves forward, requiring them to manually look what's behind them.

download the full suggestion here

source link: here


Some extra things

WARDEN moonlanding by Stronk Communist


foxhole jokes by __S__i__r__


Colonial Army Holding the Line by Timberwolf


first Foxhole rule34 by ApertureAwesome


HB logging off

Are we good for this highlights post?

We good.


HB emojis by __S__i__r__ and Lightning


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