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Community Highlights 21

Hello Soldiers!

The development of Foxhole continues at full steam ahead, but we can still find time to appreciate the amazing passion you guys have been putting into your creations over the last two weeks. Here today, we have some funny videos, an impressive amount of fan-fiction stories and even our first community stream! Let's take a look!

Due to the high volume of creations, I have to curate the content displayed here. So if for some reason your creation was not included, and you would like to have it in the next post, please PM me on Discord and it will be considered for the next post. Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted until Friday, May 26, 2017. Any content submitted after this date will be considered for the next one.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Concept Progress by Tycoh


Foxhole Eternal Empires AD 2350 by DrunkRussianBear


posters by SirGraveson


propaganda posters by Timberwolf


Colonial units defend against Wardens assault in the fog by Bubbadeej


AT Gun by Katrina the Insane


Funny Videos

Banzai Charge by I Saw a Bear


Soviet March of the PUG and 10CCE Army by Sethfire


Incoming! by Ravenheart


Special means to tow a half-track with a truck by Africandave


War Stories

"The King"

by xGugulu

By the raise of his Hand, his armies stand. By his thunderous voice, we got no choice. By the faith he sends, his Empire never ends!

With our brothers strong united, we see our enemies frightened. By the silhouette on his steed, we fight for our lands,until they´re freed!


The Lost Platoon

by Lightning

This story is based off of true events of Endless Shore

Endless Shore, Day 45:

Lieutenant Lightning and a platoon of around sixteen men began the reconstruction of The fallen bridge, located East of The Well. Sergeant Bartex manned the mortar and was accompanied by Lance Corporal Goroshi.

The men began to move along the newly rebuilt bridge as enemy howitzer fire rained down upon them.

“HMGs suppress those soldiers, Lance Corporal take your privates along the south side of the rock face, the rest of you move up along the walls” Lieutenant Lightning commanded, pulling out smoke grenades from his side belt.

“Half Track, Half Track Half Track!” A distant voice screamed across to the platoon, a rush of men scrambling to cover as the two Lance Corporals fumbled out RPGs to take out the halftrack.

The shadows of the halftrack inched towards the men, the engine echoed across the waterfront sending the men into disarray, as the halftrack moved past the walls it was instantly propelled by two rockets to the left side, causing the vehicle to be demobilised and soon to be a burning corpse as a third rocket bombarded the rear of the vehicle.

“Move up, keep spread out and take the beachfront and cover the gate with some more man power.” At the sound of the command for Lightning, the men sprung into action and by nightfall the beachline was taken, the odd Warden would run into the firing line of the HMG gunners but the line was relatively secure.

“Sir, when are reinforcements arriving, we are low on ammunition and we have lost a few men, morale is not too high either Sir,” Sergeant Bartex reported to Lieutenant Lightning,

“It can’t be far off now, they’ve been firing the artillery piece at something so they must know we are over here, get the men behind the sandbags and take this wrench and remove the barbed wire blocking the gate” Lightning handed Bartex the wrench and pat him on the back as he sprinted back towards the gunfire.


download the full story here

source link: here


Tales of War

by 4darkling4

Part 1

The distant sounds of gunfire and mortar shells, the high pitched sounds of shells falling from the sky to rain death on the unknowing victims. A Warden soldier stands at an outpost in poor, torn clothing, shivering in the cold. He was feeling bored, being posted in a far corner of the war zone, to spot any enemies flanking the HQ. It has been 32 days since command has given the order and nothing has happened. He again sat down on his rickety old chair and prepared for another uneventful day.


The soldier stood up, he knew he heard a sound coming from the dark forest, he tried to scout the area with his binoculars but due to the harsh cold, it froze the binoculars and made it too misty to see. He cursed himself for not cleaning it, grabbed his rifle and climbed down from the outpost.

As he stepped down from the final steps of the ladders and onto the snow, he heard a loud crack from the left of him, he immediately brought his rifle out and aimed down the sights at the direction of the sound. It was silence, he was shivering more now, part of him telling himself it was due to the cold, but down inside he was feeling the fear of the unknown surrounding him.There were no more sounds, he could hear his own breath freezing in the cold.

Another sound came from his right, he frantically swung his way there and met his eyes with a young lad in a colonial outfit. The lad was looking shell shocked, and his clothes were torn up, barely showing the bright golden star of the Colonials. As they both saw each other , both sprung into action and raised their rifles at each other and pulled the trigger.


Nothing came out of the gun to bring the world of death to the enemy, both of their guns were frozen from the cold weather. They quickly dropped their rifles and brought out their pistols. The Warden soldier, sensing he was slower, quickly ducked behind a tree for cover just as bullets hit where he was standing a moment ago. Adrenaline pumping, the Warden soldier cocked his pistol and checked if it was working. Six bullets.Six shots.Make it count.


download the full part 1 here

part 1 source link: here

Tales of War

by 4darkling4

Part 2

download the full part 2 here

part 2 source link: here



by Janus

chapter 01

Captain Timothy's Memoirs of a Journey to the New Land.

Chapter 1: Of tea, biscuits and dirty knob heads knocking at my door.

It was a beautiful Monday morning, the hot spring air gently brushing through the five o'clock shadow that Timothy hadn't bothered to shave yet, the sweet orange flavored tea combined with crumpets being far more important to him than his personal hygiene. It was good luck to drink tea early in the morning, after all. He slowly sat down on the folding chair situated on his house's balcony, adamant on making sure the cup wouldn't spill its contents and began enjoying himself.

"No one around puking on me due to seasickness, total lack of saltwater in the air and not a single goddamn enemy vessel trying to ruin my career." The man remarked before taking a big sip. "What a grand day indeed."

It was a nice change from his usual routine of waking up to Colonial Battleships bombarding his humble cruiser on the deep waters of the Crimson Ocean for weeks on end. But it was part of his job as a captain of Warden Navy, and he'd be damned to try and change it. Dangerous or not, the job still paid the bills without much problems, not to mention the thrill of it. The sound of heavy guns sending payloads of explosives towards the enemy coast defenses, the sights of enemy vessels sinking into the dark abyss below never to return, the smell of smoke coming from enemy sailors that managed not to sink with the broken dreadnoughts.

Money and thrills were only two of the plentiful rewards.

But as it is, even the nicest jobs can become dull after enough time, and it was important to find balance between wasting millions of Colonial taxpayers money and simply unwinding after a long time spent on the seas.

His time of leisure, however brief, quickly disappeared upon hearing someone knocking on his door. On Sunday. This could mean that someone was in need of sugar… or another bastard wanted to give him a coupon for processed potatoes.


download the full chapter 01 here

chapter 01 source link: here


by Janus

chapter 02

download the full chapter 02 here

chapter 02 source link: here


The hunt for Krazy

by Remly

The endless shore battle.

It’s been 2 days since we’ve been shipped to endless shore. It’s all gone to hell. We lost the front on day one, what are we supposed to do against a force two times as large.

The current front stretches from Saltbrook channel to enduring post, we have been understaffed from the past. The entire east side of the front fell within hours. Our target used to be krazy flying chicken, a high profile warden soldier that will have to wait to bite my bullet.

For now we have taken up the task to defend Saltbrook and prevent it from falling, we secured the only supply road but it was not enough. we soon heard a detachment of warden soldiers broke through at the bridge. The only supply road had fallen. We couldn’t get supplies through to Saltbrook. That’s their plan, send krazy through to sever the supply lines and massacre our meagre defence of Saltbrook, I know it for sure.

We shipped out to push them back and secure the road north of enduring post. That night was hell for all of us. Machine gun tracers flew through the night, a crossfire by two friendly HMG’s was fiercely met with a counter barrage of warden HMG’s. Naturally we applauded the efforts Mladyleander when she fired on her own soldiers that night, I can only imagine one of them should’ve been krazy flying chicken.

Eventually we pushed them back that night but Saltbrook had fallen that night too, dozens of colonial bodies littered the outskirts of Enduring post when the reality set in, we ran out of supplies. Bullets where running dry.

My company shipped out that night to another front, my encounter with Krazy flying chicken would have to wait, I am sure we will get another chance at him. As far as the details from the last days of enduring post go, they haven’t been pretty…

download the full story here


World Conquest News Report - UN 2nd Edition

by Lightning

Pyrrhic Colonial Victory Over Warden Regions

Colonials Overrun Warden Territories

PUG Reporter, Lightning Reporting.


Note: This is all based off of UN reports made by

UN members and Officials and can not be taken as one hundred percent accurate.

On Saturday an invasion of neutral territories starts a full scale World Conquest by both Wardens and Colonials.

3:22pm EDT - Tuesday

10CCE Rapidly move into Deadlands, pushing almost instantly towards The Spine, leaving PUG in Umbral Wildwood, rushing to The Foundry with UBGE, FU and Krieg rushing to Hermit’s Rest.

EDGE stayed in Endless Shore, creating ‘The Great Wall Of EDGE’. 82DK Contested The Deadlands, opposing 10CCE.

Rouge 10CCE and PUG members began fortifying Brine Glen, over the the next few hours and well into Wednesday morning the project took place.

4:02pm EDT

Colonial forces have moved North and East, 10CCE rushing The Spine and other forces rushing The Salt Farms and Brine Glen.

4:13pm EDT

10CCE begin fortifying The Spine, getting the town hall up relatively quickly.

During this time PUG and other mentioned clans are taking all of Umbral Wildwood fairly uncontested.


download the full report here

source link: here


Project Landship

by Vader

Chapter 06

Krazy realized they were in deep s**t.

He counted 20 men, 10 per group. They were made up of ordinary prisoners, not POWs. They sneered at him and called out insults.

“Where are the damn guards?” He wondered. Then he realized they were probably turning a blind eye, seeing as how he was a Warden.

He couldn't take them all. Poor Mark was pulled away by two large prisoners who held him captive. These thugs were large and muscles bulged under their jumpsuits.

“Hey you ****s!” He shouted,”Why don't you pick on someone your own size you ****s.”

They shifted uncomfortably and looked at one of their own, their leader. His biceps literally burst out of his uniform and his hands were about twice as big as Krazy’s. He wore a gold nose ring. The name tag on him was crossed out. With blood. A name on his biceps read,”H. B.” Krazy's blood boiled at the sight of this. It was one of the most heretical and disgusting acts to even dare impersonate Him.

“Well,” he sneered,”It seems that the Wardens haven't gotten any better over the years.”

“I'm not a Warden.” He retorted, and let his tattoo show,”You insult HB by bearing his holy name.” He snarled.

He raised an eyebrow,”Typical cultist eh? Eh, your false god can't protect you.” He sneered.

“Then prove it!” Krazy spat.

“You aren't worthy to fight me. I'll let you take a shot at Mercer first,” he nodded his head to a beefy man, who had a scar running down his face. “You win, well, you'll fight me and die but we might spare your friend. You lose, you both die.” He smiled,”Let's get to it.”

The other prisoners formed a ring surrounding him. Well, looked like he would have to fight.


download the full chapter 06 here

source link: here


Soldier Recollection by Mr. Classified


War Footage

Midnight Patrol by I Saw a Bear


Highlights from World Conquest #4 by Sethfire


Highlights from World Conquest #3 by Sethfire


Brazilian Expeditionary Force [in Portuguese] by Léo Freitas


Dame got BLOWN UP | Foxhole Funny Gameplay moments ep 5 by Rippleleadz


Interesting things

The first unofficial Foxhole Community Media by __S__i__r__, Stalltt, Lercas, Stranger Days and Dukesalt

they talk about:

• Foxhole Devstream #13 • World Conquest • Devblog • Game mechanics • New Logos • Ramblefest

You can follow these guys on Twitch every other Thursday (opposite of Devstream weeks) at 8PM ET


LogiHelper by Zlackzor

A little tool to help people (mainly logistics players) optimize their orders at Weapon Factories, Workshops, etc

You can download the latest version here if you want to try it yourself: link


artillery spotting logic by Sethfire

and the equivalent spot coding by Seadee


Update & Tutorial Videos

Weathered Expanse & Conquest Restrictions - Foxhole (Update 0.0.30) by I Saw a Bear




New Clans

A few more clans are showing up for battle!

This time we welcome:

  • 51st Mechanized Infantry

  • The 11th Regiment

  • The 13th Siege Battalion

  • Psycopath United

  • Krieg


  • ATT

  • Pinoy Gamers United

Once again, there are way too many new clans to describe them all in this blog post, so check them out on our #clan-recruitment channel on discord.



On tanks and their relationship with infantry

by Timberwolf

Tanks are the behemoths on the battlefield, the cavalry to create and exploit breakthroughs, the steam train that rolls over the opposition. But tanks are also the scared little tin cans that run away at the first sight of a can opener.


Many a gamer knows the tank. Some know it as the unkillable behemoth that spreads death and destruction, while others know it as a score pinata. Knowing both extremes, from Red Orchestra 2 and Heroes and Generals respectively, the tank is a tool that is hard to balance against infantry. In this document, I hope to present a concept in which tanks are neither too easy to kill, nor too hard to kill. Admittedly, this concept is complex.

The concept will follow a set of guidelines: ⦁ A tank cannot be destroyed, only knocked out or rendered inoperable. ⦁ More than 1 player is required to effectively use a tank ⦁ A tank does not have an overall health pool. ⦁ A tank is made up of modules.


download the full suggestion here

source link: here


Clan System

by Selicity

Integrated Clan-System

In-game clan system: Players with rank WO2 or higher can create a clan by filling out a short form (Example: Name, Brief Description, Clan Tag, Faction Choice).


Options: Colonial, Warden, Neutral LIMIT: There will be an initial limit on the number of neutral clans allowed (limit may be adjusted/removed - possibly based on overall game population or activity of Warden/Colonial.). Clan faction will ONLY matter for World Conquest (WC). Players who belong to a Warden clan will NOT be able to join the Colonial side in WC, and vice versa. Neutral clans will be able to join one side for the duration of each WC. (Optional: Developers may limit the number of neutral clans allowed on each side; for example, limit of 5 clans per side). Clan faction is irrelevant in single map wars – regular faction selection rules apply.

Recognizing Clans

Clan members will be identifiable by the tag attached to their name – the game will automatically add the clan tag once a player joins (name no longer attached to Steam account).

For example: [82DK], [EDGE], [75th], [BLD] The game will not allow players to have square brackets [ ] in their name unless it is part of a registered clan tag. This will let other players know if a tag is not official / does not belong to an officially recognized clan.


download the full suggestion here

source link: here


Several general suggestions about the game

by Rhino

[originally in Russian]

I suggest If it's brief.

Need flashlights with the button on and off.

You can add different types of shells (gas, lighting, high-explosive). The lantern must deactivate the disguise of hostile and friendly players. This will give a new opportunity in the night patrolling of the base perimeter.

Character Customization

I already wrote about the fact that the game needs a complete, from what does not depend on the customization of characters. Clothes should be given to the player for certain actions, and he can easily change his appearance from the main menu of the town hall from the things available to him.

I see the following groups for changing the appearance:

- Head

- Torso

- Legs

- Weapons


download the full suggestion here

[English version at the bottom of the document]


Some extra things

Sandbag messages

new warden logo by Attano

sign by ApertureAwesome

LION by Lioncide

message by __S__i__r__


3D logos by Katrina the Insane


early war tank design by Mr. Classified


meme calendar by Queen


The Nooba Rebellion has started by Aliliel Improved HB by ApertureAwesome Seems like the holy dev wars have started! Hahaha!

HB logging off

Thank you all for the great creations these past two weeks. Keep the content flowing! Now back to work. These new characters are not gonna animate themselves!


If google says so..... an HB meme by Kyleli


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